The Great Entropy Machine

I wonder if somewhere in the labyrinthine bowels of the US government, there resides some grand scheme. A sort of Schlieffen Plan that by design, must fail. Though it must be followed…because it exists. Perhaps it is a Rube Goldberg-esque contrivance of alien intelligence unfathomable by the tiny ganglions residing in our thick skulls. A process from which all of this country’s ceaseless global flailing aligns in the final thrash. Like a random Rubik’s cube that turns solid on the last twist.

I doubt it. Though if true, we may be assured of an unpleasant solution.

Though just to imagine the breathtaking consumption of lives, property, wealth, and stability in our wake. America, the Great Entropy Machine.

Because life is short, some examples of just recent vintage…

* Toppling Mubarak in Egypt

* Toppling Queuedaffy in Libya.

* Drone strikes in Somalia, Pakistan, and Yemen.

* Frothing to attack Syria, Iran, and Russia.

And of course the grievous results of our interminable occupations in Iraq and Afghanistan. And for those who have yet been spared…Hey, we’re gonna get you too.

And so it is with the resignation of fate that we now watch the first unwinding of those great misadventures in Iraq. Afghanistan will, of course, return to nature some few months after our departure–if not sooner.

But in the fertile crescent…

Mosul and Tikrit fallen to Sunni/Al Qaeda.

Beheadings and other customary pleasantries

Formations now moving toward Baghdad

Perhaps full collapse of the government.

And now, world’s wealthiest ululaters. Hopefully they will not discover how many congressional seats those funds will purchase.

Though surely there’s someone in this miasma America can bomb? Let’s ask a seasoned statesman, Marco Rubio:

As much as it may be popular, declaring wars over prematurely and playing down the threats posed by hardened terrorists has not made us safer. It has made us less secure. After significant sacrifices in American lives and financial support for the future of the Iraqi people, we have squandered the gains in that country. We need to ensure our assistance programs to Iraq are adequate to deal with the threats to their stability.

Who’s “us” senator? Could Iraq could use a few million hard-working hispanic laborers? Though it’s really quite amazing. No sense of circumspection. No reflection as to the cost/benefits. Just the certainty that nine years, 4,500 lives, and $2 trillion wasn’t nearly enough.

And so we have Africans swarming through the debris of Libya en route to Italy. We have a Syria-turned-abattoir producing only corpses and future Swedes. We have a remade Iraq: from a secular Sunni-dominated state into a soon Sunni-dominated caliphate. We threaten Russia, we threaten China, we threaten Iran. We deploy American troops and military assets everywhere in the world…but America. We bomb, we break, and we are hated for our freedoms. For America to intervene, there is no conflagration too large, no squabble too small. If you like your traditions, we’ll provide new ones. We turn conflict into chaos.

And we do more of it before 9:00am than most dictators do all day.


9 thoughts on “The Great Entropy Machine

  1. Another, amusing it must be said, angle of the desert fiasco: The USG armed a wing of jihadis to topple the government we didn’t want in Syria. Having failed in that appointed endeavor, they appear to be succeeding in toppling the government we did want in Iraq.

    From somewhere in the state department/CIA, the keening lament…Goddamn sand pigeons can’t stay pointed in one direction for more than two fucking seconds!

  2. Entropy machine is a good name for it. US foreign policy has found the most wasteful way to spend $6 trillion, the estimated final cost of Iraq and Afghanistan. Then again, as the most likely purpose of all this is to beggar America, it’s a model of efficiency from that point of view.

    • It always seemed from a cynical anti-humanitarian perspective of state that entropy is precisely what they wanted in other countries as a competitive advantage for themselves. Though the USG generates an equal measure domestically–thus rendering that thesis inoperative.

  3. Obama Dumpty today assured rapt reporters that ever more American tax slave treasure will be pissed into the Tigris shortly:

    “We do have a stake in making sure that these jihadists are not getting a permanent foothold in either Iraq or Syria, for that matter.”

    We have a stake in making sure the jihadis we arm and support do not get a foothold? That’s a visionary perspective. Most hoi polloi can’t conceptualize geopolitics on such a four-dimensional plane.

    And when a US supplied insurgency attacks its own puppet regime, the USG describes it in words that mean exactly what they want them to mean–neither more nor less.

  4. From the Guardian:

    “Not all Mosul residents condemned the Isis rout. Ali Aziz, 35, a humanitarian worker, said: “We got statements by them confirming that they won’t cause harm to anyone and all the minorities will be protected by them. They are really welcomed and we are so happy to have them rather than having Maliki’s bloody, brutal forces.

    “I feel we have been liberated of an awful nightmare that was suffocating us for 11 years. The army and the police never stopped arresting, detaining and killing people, let alone the bribes they were taken from the detainees’ families.

    “Me and my neighbours are waiting for the news that the other six Sunni protesting provinces falling in the hand of the Isis fighters to declare our Sunni region like the three provinces in Kurdistan.”

    Susan Rice, Obama’s national security adviser, said the US would “ramp up” its support to the moderate Syrian opposition, Isis’s ostensible rivals for control of the Syrian resistance to Bashar Assad. Assad’s sponsors, the Iran government, hold significant influence over the Iraqi government that the US also supports.”

    Like food, shelter, and sex–humans yearn to live among their own kind. The desire is depressed in some areas through intimidation, fear, or agitprop. But it is never extinguished. It will always reemerge. It is on the right side of history–because it is on the right side of man’s fundamental nature. And no hissing hypocritical denunciations will ever erase it.

    That mulkul will fail is certain. That we will survive it is not.

  5. Of course, if Iraq had been partitioned along ethnic lines in 2003, none of this would be happening. But of course, that might have given people in the USA ideas, and we can’t have that. So Iraq was handed over to possibly the most inept puppet “democratic” government since the Soviets put that joker in Afghanistan back in ’79, and now, thanks to Bush and Obama, the world is going to get what as recently as three years ago seemed impossible – an AQ run country. Interesting times, indeed.

  6. Thrash about blindly long enough and you’ll eventually fall into bed with interesting partners.

    The USG is now tacitly allied with Iran against their own Sunni insurgents. Perhaps Pyongyang can also be enlisted.

    The cosmic scope of this fuck-up is now blossoming into immortality.

    Veterans ask what was the point of all that? The point was for you to suffer death and maiming so intellectual and moral homunculi could have a global platform for their preening, blank-slate theater of abstractions. You and all of those recalcitrant Iraqis had to die so that “freedom” and “democracy” could have a stage. A stage that must be rebuilt periodically with hellfire missiles.

  7. America readies to evacuate Baghdad’s $750 million embassy. Aside from the blood disgorged, imagine how many years of man/labor was consumed in the taxes to fund this exquisite reminder of man’s eternal folly.

    As for the final disposition of that formidable edifice…

    Two vast and trunkless legs of stone
    Stand in the desert…

    Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
    Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare
    The lone and level sands stretch far away.

  8. Ozymandias…How appropriate…God knows we don’t need a $750 million construction project here…that would be wasteful.

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