That’s Just Wrong

Like most of you, I was reading Your black world yesterday. That being the website proudly sponsored by the “corporate values” at Windstream and Microsoft, among others.

Your black news.
Your black life.
Your black world.

The latter directive is the one we’ll want to take notice of sooner rather than later. Though for the moment, this “who” organization turned its gaze from “whom” for a moment to lament the unwanted incursion of competing marketplace “whos.”

Compton was once a mostly black area in California, but now there are violent Latino gangs there who have declared certain areas off limits to blacks. If black families move into what the Latino gangs declare to be their city, then the blacks are driven out by being intimidated or beaten.

The Los Angeles police department says there have been attacks on several black families over the last decade, most of them by Latino gangs. The Los Angeles Times details one such attack:

“The black family—a mother, three teenage children and a 10-year-old boy—moved into a little yellow home in Compton over Christmas vacation. When a friend came to visit, four men in a black SUV pulled up and called him a “nigger,” saying black people were barred from the neighborhood, according to Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies. They jumped out, drew a gun on him and beat him with metal pipes.”

Compton has population of about 97,000, and was predominantly black for many years. It is now 65% Latino and 33% black, according to the 2010 U.S. census, and the Latino gangs intend to keep the city mostly Latino.

Law enforcement officials say the attacks on black families are being ordered by the Mexican Mafia prison gang. Leaders of the Azusa 13 gang were sentenced to lengthy prison terms earlier this month for leading a policy of attacking African American residents and expelling them from the town. Similar attacks have taken place in Harbor Gateway, Highland Park, Pacoima, San Bernardino, Canoga Park and Wilmington, among other places.

Many African-Americans are leaving the city because they don’t want to be targeted by the gangs.

We can spend from now until Kwanzaa in lachrymose apoplexy over this injustice. And perhaps we should.

* A once racially homogenous area invaded by hostile aggressive aliens who declare the territory now off-limits to the former residents.
* Remnants of that original community driven out through beatings and harassment.
* A state apparatus indifferent to the predations, or tacitly siding with the aggressors.
* And finally bitter capitulation and flight.

I have only one question: Who lived in Compton before the blacks?

Irony can be pretty ironic sometimes

Irony can be pretty ironic sometimes

This notion pulls attention to another part of your black world: Africa. As we know from extensive media coverage, whites were eradicated from the country they founded in Rhodesia. As a result, Zimbabwe has blossomed into a modern Athens or Alexandria. This obviously didn’t escape the notice of colleagues to the south, who have initiated their own beautification program.

And all was going swimmingly–until there was no potable water.

Cape Town (AFP) – South Africa’s policy of race-based affirmative action is “killing babies” and must be scrapped, the country’s Institute of Race Relations said Friday.

The institute, which spoke out against racial discrimination under apartheid, said black empowerment policies had seen unqualified people appointed to positions where their incompetence hit poor and vulnerable communities.

It pointed to the deaths of three babies aged between seven and 13 months in Bloemhof in North West province this week, apparently caused by drinking contaminated tap water. Scores of others were also hospitalised.

“The Bloemhof municipality ‘lost its capacity’ to maintain the sewer plant,” the independent think-tank said in a statement quoting its Chief Executive Frans Cronje that accompanied its paper entitled “Killing Babies”.

“There is no doubt that the officials responsible for these deaths were appointed, at least in part, on grounds of race-based affirmative action and that a direct causal link therefore exists between the policy and the deaths.”

Cronje said that in all the commentary on the deaths there was no mention of affirmative action, because that would “cross the barrier of political correctness forced on our country by the ideology of race-based empowerment”.

The governing African National Congress implemented affirmative action when it came to power 20 years ago to redress the injustices of apartheid, under which the black majority were denied access to political and economic power.

But the IRR said the policy had created a “very small black elite” that used the system to perpetuate its own advantage over “the masses of desperately poor people”.

The ideology was “a veil behind which to conceal corruption and incompetence”.

South Africa needs to break down the barrier of political correctness that has shielded affirmative action and talk about alternatives, Cronje said.

vulnerable communities

vulnerable communities

While almost grimly amusing in its schadenfreude, blacks are engaged in nothing beyond the imperative written into every creature’s DNA: acquire resources, create habitat, and defend boundaries. For them, this entails a migration from fleeting first world back to a native third world existence. Though we would be fools to imagine that fact being sufficient to stay their inclination. And while of course being titanic hypocrites, they are at least adaptively so. Through programming, whites have become masters of maladaptive hypocrisy: a phenomenon that we have likely invented from whole cloth like so many other modern novelties.

And so ever more starkly we come to realize: natural selection favors not the most intelligent, but the least deluded.


4 thoughts on “That’s Just Wrong

  1. Thanks – you read Your Black World, so we don’t have to.

    People talk about white liberals’ death wish, but blacks are probably at least as unfortunate in the people that end up representing them. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the Congressional Black Caucasus all eagerly support the mestizisation of America, knowing full well it can be nothing but a disaster for blacks. The only possible explanation is that hatred of whites trumps loyalty to their own race.

    • I think the whole left-wing menagerie operates under a “get rid of them first and then deal with each other” doctrine.

      And an immigration restrictionist Al wouldn’t get a 600 viewer platform on MSNBC.

  2. I think the whole left-wing menagerie operates under a “get rid of them first and then deal with each other” doctrine.

    Get rid of Whitey first – and by some feat of magical thinking, they seem to expect that the golden eggs will keep dropping from the dead goose’s rear end.

  3. Ha! Blacks cannot run a water plant, or a power plant, or a police force, or a …..

    In other words, the very founding ideology of apartheid being tacitly legitimised : the very opposite of the multicult being legitimised.

    But the Jews on top will stay there until the bitter harvest and then flee to Israel, and fuck the consequences to future White generations, to whom the Jews have no loyalty. Why would they? (Except as future hosts for their parasitic offspring.)

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