War of the Saints

It seems our time to luxuriate in heedless oblivion is soon drawing to a close. I’m certain that many have quite enjoyed the morally gratifying narcotic of living in a first world civilization without ever having to defend it. That languorous warmth of denouncing racism from the safety of one’s own race. Of preening conspicuously to peers while chiseling away at society’s edifice. Of the juvenile churlishness of a teenager cursing his parents, while living comfortably under their roof. How invigorating it all must be. To discuss white privilege over lattes in a safe sidewalk cafe. The vainglorious rectitude and petty posturing toward every maladaptive fashion…without ever understanding that one’s own face may soon be ground into the results. It’s the emotional whimsey of children who want to eat their society and have it too.

Well a decision point is coming…in long human waves over fences, rivers, and seas. Through action or inattention, profound decisions on our children’s behalf are being made right now. The saints are marching in.

For those who don’t care to read what their sense and intuition already reveal, I’ll ease your suffering by capsule: From Guatemala City to Managua, the justifiable rumor has spread that El Norte’s backside is now open. And so hundreds of thousands, a huge number of whom being unaccompanied children, are now trekking by train-top to the land of capitated heads and free everything. That includes free lawyers as well bigots. And once they emerge from our southwestern desert like an ocean of sandcrabs, the adults are given a hearing date, released to their own recognizance, and told to kindly report at the date and time indicated. To the non-Americans reading, that is not a joke. One might be tempted to ask why they aren’t released onto the side of the border from where they came rather than the one on which they have no right to reside. But that question would be racist and so asking it is a temptation to which one does not succumb.

As for the children, it is my understanding that they become wards of the state. The American state. A multimillion dollar and decade per capita obligation that became the unquestioned moral responsibility of say Indiana taxpayers the moment a Mexican coyote ushered dirty feet across the dribbling Rio Grande. And certain duties may not be shirked. It is as if a pod of gypsy urchins were dropped upon your doorstep. As a man faith and goodwill, it is your duty to then raise those children as your own to adulthood. It’s simply understood. And so it is in America.

But of course, decision points are not only now being pressed upon America’s founding people. The saints are camping in Europe as well.

Spain Migrants



More than 1,000 sub-Saharan migrants rushed the six-metre razor-wire fence that marks the border of Spain’s North African enclave of Melilla early on Wednesday morning, with some 400 managing to make it over the towering fence, yelling with joy as they touched Spanish soil.

“There were waves [of people], they were quite difficult to stop,” Juan José Imbroda, the mayor of Melilla, said in a radio interview. Despite efforts by Moroccan and Spanish police to push back the migrants, he said the pressure was so great that “a chunk of the exterior fence gave way”.

On entering Melilla, the jubilant migrants kissed the ground and congratulated each other on making it to Europe. Many of them had spent years travelling across north and sub-Saharan Africa followed by months of living in rough, makeshift campgrounds on the Moroccan side of the border, waiting for an opportune moment to rush the frontier.

The migrants will now probably be held at Melilla’s temporary migration centre while authorities decide whether to grant them asylum or send them back to their countries of origin.

As news of the border crossing spread, officials in Melilla expressed concerns about overcrowding at the migration centre. The centre was built to shelter 500 people and is currently housing more than 2,000, said Imbroda. “Imagine the huge problem we will have with 400 more on top of the 2,000 people already there.”

The centre is “at its limit,” admitted Spain’s minister of the interior, Jorge Fernández Díaz. After a decade of relative calm, the number of migrants attempting to cross into Spain’s two autonomous north African cities, Ceuta and Melilla, has risen in the past few years.

In 2013, some 4,200 undocumented migrants crossed into Spain from the two enclaves, a 49% rise over 2012 figures, according to the ministry. Several members of the ministry are expected to travel to Melilla in the coming days to assess the situation.

As Spain ramps up security along its coastlines, an increasing number of migrants are choosing to try their luck at the three rows of fences lined with razor wire that mark the border between Morocco and the enclaves. Desperation has also bred creativity; migrants have been caught recently trying to elude border police by hiding in suitcases or in the undercarriages of cars at border crossings.

The Spanish government recently responded to the increased pressure by announcing it would spend €2.1m to fortify the borders of Ceuta and Melilla. Spain has also appealed to the European Union, arguing that the increasing number of migrants is a European responsibility.

Tensions between the EU and the Spanish government over the border crossings flared earlier this year after 15 migrants drowned in the Mediterranean after dozens tried to enter Ceuta by swimming from a nearby beach.

Human rights groups and migrants said the Spanish police tried to keep them from crossing into Spanish territory by firing rubber bullets and spraying them with tear gas. The Spanish government has since said that its guards are now banned from using bullets to repel migrants

These are profoundly unserious people. Authorities will ruminate now on offering them asylum? So that their record of success might induce millions more to follow suit? And guards may no longer use bullets to repel invasion? I can conjure no understanding of why any hostile force would bear arms against a western army. The only required military formation is an unarmed human wave, against which we fall prostrate lunging at bare toes with our pink tongues. For what purpose are these laughably pathetic nuclear warheads, stealth fighters, aircraft carriers, and futuristic immigrant-firing railguns? These weapons systems costing some figure written in scientific notation, purchase us what defense exactly? None I can discern. We are bare as babes. We can denude Earth of life multiple times over in glorious fission fury–but we can not halt a phalanx of bedraggled Hondurans and Sudanese. A battalion of revolutionary war musketmen would offer far more formidable defenses of our countries than the ridiculous floating death stars now impotently idling in harbors 27 time zones away.

I am certain there is a reason that the federal reserve was compelled to print $592 billion dollars in fiscal 2014 for defense of this geography called America. Though I am just as certain I do not know what that reason is. The neocons reliably advise that it is to repel invasion from Russia and Iran, though I see neither the armed forces nor citizens of either as I am attacked during midnight strolls through “minority” neighborhoods. Surely theirs is the most subtle invasion ever conceived. And one I can almost bear with stoic composure.

Though obviously a much less subtle invasion is quite underway. And if the union of liberal pieties and non-white tribalism is consummated in the loss of our countries…many leftists will come to learn the agony of their victory.


6 thoughts on “War of the Saints

  1. LOL at “years travelling across” Africa. Like we’re talking about the freaking Magi or Israelites instead of the bottom of the barrel of human flotsam.

    Also, note that these are surplus men streaming out of a polygamous culture. They are the absolute last thing a K-selected, monogamous society needs in its midst.

    • AG I composed a somewhat lengthy comment at your site recently, and after about a dozen failed captcha entries I just closed the browser out in a fit of pique. Whether the failure was one of my eyes, monitor, or cognition, I do not know. But that screening function has entered a state of complexity beyond my reckoning.

  2. I have a litter of guard dogs to sell these officials. I will, of course, have their teeth removed prior to sale.

  3. The only actual “defence” people are allowed to approve of is a fratricidal bloodbath of 70 years ago. I hope these nonagenarians they’ve been wheeling out over the last few days are too senile to take any notice of the world they fought for.

  4. Pope Francis got super popular on Reddit when he said Europe should let them all in to mack on our white women. He did not actually say that last part.

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