Saturday Night’s All Right

It’s Saturday. And that means it’s BOHICA.

We’ll begin with our continuing observance of BLT month. The Kakistocracy offers a pride parade all its own…

Church of England to bar clergy from joining parties seen as homosexual

Well, that wasn’t exactly what they said. But then again the Church of England isn’t exactly a house of God at the moment.

The Church of England may dismiss clergy if they back political parties promoting the “sin of racism”, its bishops agreed on Tuesday in an unprecedented move by the mother church of the world’s 80 million Anglicans.

William Fittall, secretary general of the Church’s General Synod, said they would be disciplined if they joined or sought support for the British National Party or National Front, whose views the Church considers incompatible with its teachings.

It was the first time Church of England clergy have been banned from joining a political party.

The move is likely to be welcomed by many congregations in the worldwide Anglican Communion, particularly in Africa.

Outlining the reasons for the ban, the Church quoted from statements by the two parties published on their websites.

The BNP, a far-right party set up in 1982, said it would do all it could to stop immigration driving “indigenous British people” into a minority and halt “Islamic immigration … as one of the most deadly threats yet to the survival of our nation”.

The National Front described its mission as being to “ensure the survival and advancement of the White Race and the British Nation”.

“The Church is more interested in putting out politically correct platitudes than following the lines of scripture and what is in the Bible. You can understand why people don’t go to church any more,” Darby said.

The sin of racism, yes. How Jesus proselytized with such inspirational passion against this malign wickedness. When Moses bore the Decalogue from Mount Sinai, it came inscribed with the Heavenly Father’s own injunctions: Thou Shall Not Be Racist…written 10 times. Here is what Leviticus 18:22 had to say on the matter.

Though it was heartening to see the move welcomed by Africa’s ecumenical congregants. Just as in years past when they welcomed European colonists with open arms as brothers in Christ.

I don’t write much on religion, as I have little insight into planes beyond our own. Though I think it’s worth noting that the Church of England, and many other like institutions, are openly stating that the mere desire to survive as a discrete people is a sin. Wanting a place in this world for your children…is evil.

These counterfeit clergymen allege to offer respite in Heaven to the same flock they would damn while on Earth. Life was never meant to be Hell’s prelude. And I will only entrust the stewardship of my soul to those who also care for its mortal vessel.

The Face of Anti-Racism


One macroaggression at a time.


Singapore for Singaporeans (this notion may not be extrapolated)


A dynamic inconceivable in the West: state not completely aligned against nation. Here’s the article.

The people there spoke as ours so often have, saying “no more.” Though what was fascinating–in the way that a rivulet is to a man in the desert–is that the state and its orbiting media remora didn’t ignore the will of the people outright. It didn’t eructate the same gaseous tripe of “racist” and “xenophobes.” It listened. It listened to the people it exists to serve. Something we might wish to consider one day emerging from the rubble.

(Reuters) – Singapore is willing to accept slower growth as a trade-off for social stability as it aims to keep down the number of foreigners working in the city-state, Finance Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam told Reuters.

Over the past decade, Singapore’s economy has expanded by a 6.4 percent annual average. Tharman said that he would be happy if Singapore grew 3 percent a year, as long as growth was driven mainly by gains in productivity.

“Three percent growth is good growth,” he said during an interview on Thursday.

High past growth has brought rising numbers of foreigners to work in wealthy Singapore, which in turn has spurred discontent among citizens angered by the strains put on infrastructure and services.

Between 2000 and 2013, Singapore’s population rose to 5.4 million from 4 million, with foreigners accounting for the bulk of the 35 percent increase.

Unhappiness about inflows of foreigners helped an opposition party gain ground in the 2011 general elections as the People’s Action Party, which has ruled Singapore since independence in 1965, won only 60 percent of votes, its worst showing to date. The next election must be held by January 2017.

Tharman, who is also a deputy prime minister, said the government accepts a slower growth rate as the cost of ensuring the country retains its national identity.

Now of course this may be the same fork-tongued fastidiousness about “national identity” we enjoy in the West. Our national identity is to be the Immigrant People. Perhaps. Though strangely enough not a word from the Singapore state in the article about “dark nationalist tendencies.” It seems nationalist tendencies are never so dark as when the skin is ever so light.


English out of England!

Speaking of skin so light, and eyes so blue…your lands to forfeit, your children to rue…An English school is too white. I’ll just repeat that for those old enough to appreciate the anvil falling-on-head aspect of such a statement. An English school is deemed too white. I wonder what RAF pilots think of their sacrifice to hear that where once there were no schools but white, now there are only outliers in need of remediation. They fought like lions to die like sheep.

But I suppose their sons will have a chance to repeat the glory–on land this time. Muslims put out the “whites not welcome” sign.


To honest naive liberals, this must be as surprising as the sound of two fish barking. Wait conflict? Diversity is a strength, right? Though of course those leading the left are hardly honest or naive, and so the inevitable territorial marking and skirmishes will be settled as human nature dictates they always will: with dominance and subjugation…or removal.


Finally, enough levity. Now to acknowledge the inexorable march of scientific progress. Expanding awareness of our physical surroundings, surging through boundaries, guiding a forlorn humanity to its destiny in the stars…one plaster dildo at a time. And through science we now comprehend, not Beal’s Conjecture, but the penis circumference preferred by British trollops.

Remember guys: stump trumps spear.



6 thoughts on “Saturday Night’s All Right

  1. “The sin of racism”?? Is there a new Eleventh Commandment that I haven’t heard about? It would seem to contradict #2 (placing diversity above God) and #5 (dishonoring your parents by promoting cultures and entities foreign to them), as well as the general pentateuchal theme of preserving the purity of the race by slaughtering hostile tribes and outcasting their own deviants; so I’m guessing it hasn’t been added yet and the clergy have simply drank too much sacramental wine.

  2. You could have found more apposite texts in Leviticus 19:19, which is all about not mixing with outsiders: don’t crossbreed animals, don’t plant a field in two crops, don’t make cloth from two types of fiber.

    Curiously, mistreating foreigners is verboten – “the foreigner residing among you must be treated as your native-born” (19:33-34), but on the other hand selling foreigners as slaves is fine, while selling Israelites isn’t (25:42)
    Other prohibitions less often brought up: tattoos (19:28), selling land permanently (25:23), showing partiality to either the poor or the rich (19:15), holding back the wages of an employee overnight (19:13), touching dead bugs or snakes (11:41-42), using dishonest measures (19:35-36) (a biblical prohibition against phony statistics and metrics?)

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