The Oz Wars Cantina

These are the droids you're looking for

These are the droids you’re looking for

For our Australian Bureau Chief:

Aussie Leftists furious. Losing your country is one thing. But offending those taking it from you is something else altogether. Down with hate speech!

About 500 protesters opposed to the changes brought a Sydney high street to a standstill.

The protesters, of different ethnic backgrounds and ages, marched together along Lakemba’s Haldon Street in Sydney’s southwest, holding banners condemning changes to the Racial Discrimination Act.

The proposed changes, announced by Attorney-General George Brandis in March, would see the stipulations in Section 18C replaced with provisions outlawing racial vilification and intimidation.

The march, organised by Labor, began with an Aboriginal smoking ceremony before being led off by a Chinese dance troupe and drummers, with hundreds of locals filing in behind.

The drums fell silent briefly as the march passed Lakemba Uniting Church, where a service was being held.

“We are here to encourage respect in all its forms,” Sheikh Yahya Safi, Imam of Lakemba mosque, told AAP.[The honorable imam respects that he has his countries, and that he has yours.]
Attorney-General George Brandis launched the government’s draft repeal proposals earlier this year, saying: “I have always said that freedom of speech and the need to protect people from racial vilification are not inconsistent objectives.[Obviously they are]

“Laws which are designed to prohibit racial vilification should not be used as a vehicle to attack legitimate freedoms of speech.”[He’s missed the point completely then].

Political commentator Andrew Bolt is among those to have fallen foul of 18C after he wrote a column questioning the motives of lighter-skinned Aboriginal people.[You can’t do that!]

Meanwhile, Labor says it has begun negotiating with cross-bench senators and is confident it can get the numbers to block the proposed reform of racial discrimination laws.

The government has said removing section 18C – a 2013 election promise – would restore freedom of speech laws to their full power, with other existing legislation capable of tackling racial vilification.

Shadow Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus said on Sunday Labor has been negotiating with sitting and incoming senators about blocking the proposals, which have not yet been tabled in parliament.

“They’ve been very fruitful discussions and I’d be hopeful that in the new Senate, changes to 18C will be blocked,” Mr Dreyfus told AAP.

“We don’t yet know if the Abbott government are going to proceed with it – they should actually abandon what they’re doing.

“But if they go forward, I’m hopeful it’ll be blocked in the new Senate.”

I don’t know if the apparatus of reprehensions works the same in Oz. In America, anything that offends a non-white is “hate.” While anything that offends a white is state policy.

Though that was quite some ensemble: smoking aboriginals, gamboling Chinese, and sententious imams. All trailed by a clutch of chanting programmed droids. The band’s all here.


Somewhat related: For those who have forgotten–and really how could you–only two days remain to celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. May I suggest perhaps with an Aboriginal Smoking Ceremony?



16 thoughts on “The Oz Wars Cantina

  1. The sad thing is that a demonstration like that would be virtually all white were it not for the fact that the knaves and fools behind it cajoled a few enrichers into turning up. Whites are the most enthusiastic supporters of their own annihilation. Most of the immigrants would be content to grab what’s on offer from the stupid natives without worrying about the implications of free speech laws.

    • Great point. To what extent are blacks and Amerindians acting out due to whites abandoning their position as responsible adults, leaders, and maintainers of civilization? Much in the same respect a child with a mollycoddling mother and a weak or nonexistent father throws tantrums and makes demands.

      Many first generation immigrants seem grateful to whites for maintaining a civilization where hard work is rewarded, law is enforced, and they can make a decent living. Other cultures have traditionally emulated their white leaders, bleached their skin white, and encouraged their children to marry light-skinned or white people (India, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Mexico, New Orleans, et cetera). And many blacks eagerly joined whites in lynchings against what were seen as violent criminals (one third of lynching victims were whites), as documented in Collins’ “The truth about lynching and the Negro in the South.”

      The full text is available here fwiw:

  2. The only consolation is that every comment I read on that Yahoo article is more or less saying what you said. E.g. one (presumably American) commenter: “Hey, the French can have all our illegals if they want more”.

  3. The march was in Lakemba, the historic centre of Leb land in Sydney.

    The pricks shown in the photo were visiting on a day trip – middle class white people avoid the Leb SW of Sydney like the plague. Perhaps they want to avoid little fracas like this one (in nearby Auburn) –

    “But when, days after his son was released from detention, the teen came home and told him he’d been bashed at Auburn Railway Station by three local boys who hung around Hamze, he got angry.

    Father and son then took a baseball bat each and drove to a nearby block of units where Hamze lives.

    They parked in the front driveway where they confronted about 20 men, the man said, including one of the youths who had attacked the teen earlier that afternoon.”

    Nice place to visit for these devotees of the multicult but they sure wouldn’t want to live there.

  4. Welcome to Country!

    That will be $200,thanks. If you want a Didgeridoo show, that’s another $400. Dancers? $500 each.

    Smoking ceremonies don’t come cheap, what with the dearth of wood and all, so if you are prepared to shell out $16 to $20K I’ll see what I can do.

    • We had an acknowledgement of traditional owners at my kids’ school a few months back – think it was before the Easter Bonnet parade.

      No idea how they come up with the tribal names. I mean christ we’re talking about Sydney – the accurate knowledge of land ‘ownership’ (when of course there was nothing of the sort) going back to aboriginal times must be pure fucking guesswork. Just a stupid paternalistic fantasy-fiction.

      I fantasised about ringing the school the next day and saying –

      “Ovva day yu nowledged Dharruk tribe at ya skool. Well bruvva I’m Garingal mob. Real owners of that land. Not bluny Dharruk land, brovva. Wares our service ? Fukin whitefella bullshit. Next time yu schoolfellas have a holday there you fukkin ring me first and I’ll bring me possum skin cloak and me fukken didge and I’ll give youse a fair dinkum weclome to country – only costya a blagon or two”.

  5. As Podsnap points out, Lakemba is one of the satellite suburbs of the heart of Gang Rape Central, aka Bankstown, or “Bunkersdown” to the locals.

    Bankstown was originally named Irishtown, and is the area I grew up.. The name was changed to honour Sir Joseph Banks, “an English naturalist, botanist and patron of the natural sciences.” Naturally, as the English like to do, the Irish were put down by introducing all sorts of exotic fauna and flora selected to plant there and replace the natives, both Aboriginal and White.

    You can take a guided tour of Lakemba here:Lakemba, Australia’s unofficial Muslim capital, is between two worlds

    Bankstown is the hub of what the media refer to as “Sydney’s south west” in all the crime reports. Home invasions, stabbings, shootings, drug wars, drug slayings (lol, he died on Arab Road), Syrian jihadists, gang rapists, schoolyard violence and jihadi bookstores.

    Oh….and halal butchers. Oh the multiculturalocity!

    To place the place firmly in your mind, here’s a picture of Sydney with gun crime stats: Sydney Gun Crime.

    Lakemba is that little shit stain just south of Greenacre. Only 2 shootings, 0 fatalities and 1 injury since 01/01/2012. Happily, Greenacre is manning shop with 11 shootings, 2 fatalities and 3 injuries.

    The good thing about all this is that the virus is spreading. Places once wealthy and untouched by the malevolence of the White Man are now getting their dose. Strathfield, once home of the WASP with attendant Jew, has closed down their Synagogue of [malign entity].

    Won’t someone think of THE HOLOCAUST SURVIVORS!

    Eddy Neumann, President of Strathfield & District Hebrew Congregation, told SBS that the Synagogue didn’t have enough members to keep it running, and that the site didn’t hold enough historical significance to warrant maintaining without community support.

    He dismissed suggestions the site should remain whole for the benefit of the wider community.

    “If [local residents] wanted to learn about the Jewish heritage of Sydney or even this area, go to the Holocaust Museum,” he said.

    “If you want to go to a Holocaust memorial, go to Rookwood, where the Martyr’s memorial is.”

    Strathfield was once home to a thriving post-World War II Jewish community, but over time, the suburb’s cultural make-up has shifted.

    It sure has! The White is dead, long live the MultiCult!

  6. Oh, Irishtown, Irishtown, wherefore art though Irishtown?

    All we got now is Moe of Bulldogs, the pride of Punchbowl and Bankstown. In his own words: “I eatd, I breeve, I sleep, an I do uva fings.”

    • I wonder what Warren Ryan thinks of the new breed of Dogs fan. The fans weren’t like that when he was coaching the Hughes and Mortimer brothers or when they were the Berries.

      As you say this was te phrase tat caught my eye when I read the first report –

      Morrow was being investigated as to why he found Ryan’s narrative to be humorous.

      Fuck Me Dead.

      And this little titbit from the Annadale Enquirer –

      Ryan was warned by management last month to be more thoughtful after he rebuked a female colleague, former South Australian netballer Shannon Byrne, on air after she expressed an opinion in her role as a sideline eye that contradicted his.
      “It’s interesting, a netballer telling me about frontline defence. Fascinating,” Ryan said.

      Reminds me of poor old Julia Roberts in Notting Hill –

      “You really don’t get it. Newspaper stories are filed. Every time someone writes a story about me, they’ll dig up this story. Newspapers last forever. I’ll regret this forever.”
      “I will feel the opposite,” he says, sadly, “and will always be glad that you came to stay.”

  7. All our leaders are venal pricks, unfortunately.

    Once we were British to the bootstraps, as PM Menzies said. Then the Poms flicked us in WWII so we hitched our wagon with the Yanks. Now we are thoroughly Judeo-Americanised.

    Two interesting chapters in modern Oz life:

    1) The veteran ABC radio commentary team of David Morrow and Warren Ryan have both been suspended from calling games as their station’s management investigates allegations that a racist remark went to air last week.

    The 74-year-old was heard to say: ”There’s a line in a movie where the old darky says, someone says, ‘quittin’ time’.

    ”He said, ‘it’s not quittin’ time. I say quittin’ time.’ Then he yells out, ‘quittin’ time!’

    ”In other words you mustn’t do that, that’s our job.”

    ABC management released a statement on Friday to confirm the pair had been stood down.

    Morrow was being investigated as to why he found Ryan’s narrative to be humorous.

    No amount of smoking ceremonies is gonna get Morrow out of this one. “Why did you find Warren Ryan’s racist joke humorous, Morrow?! Huh, huh!!? Are you some kind of racist!”

    2) Lazy Aussies just don’t want to work

    “I’m just not gonna hire Aussies anymore,” says the proprietor of a successful cafe/restaurant worn down by the unreliability of his Australian-born staff.

    “If I was starting a software company,” says an experienced software engineer, “I would employee only Indian-born coders.”

    At a push, she says she would employ coders with immigrant parents saying their children are “still hungry”. She admits she’s guilty of “positive racism” but “I’ve experienced this problem so many times, I just don’t know how to couch it in politically correct terms anymore,” she says.

    Yes, this is the new Positive Racism. Please note, the blogger, Sam De Brito is a raging anti-racist, but now we find he actually is pro Positive Racism, i.e. White people can fuck off and die.

    Journalists, as a class, are scum. If there were a revolution tomorrow I’d happily put my hand up to administer [severe corporal punishment] to the lot of them.

    Here’s an old clip from a current affairs type show. The journo, from the self appointed Anti-Racism Flying Squad, has gone to out some poor hapless Ozzie for having the temerity to not want to sell his home to Asians. How dare he!

    Turns out, the journo got it wrong, and everyone laughs, shakes hands, and slaps each other’s back. The message was imparted loud and clear though. We are coming for you racist Ozzies. We want your welfare, your homes, your land, and now your jobs, because you are lazy. Lazy!

  8. Yes, I am aware we haven’t anything like your madhouse, yet. But, the thing is, only 30 years ago there was none of this. A stabbing was a rarity. Kicking a man on the ground was the lowest thing one could do.

    Now you’d be lucky to come out alive, in some parts of Sydney.

    Btw, to keep ourselves up to date with all things Judeo-American we are importing black Africans at a rate of knots. They get dumped, ironically, in Blacktown, which is fast becoming a ghetto.

    When I went to the USA in the early 90s this Vietnam Vet, who is the father of a close family friend, was perplexed by my shock at your ghettos. He didn’t believe we didn’t have any. But it was true. At the time.

    Now we have them though. Villawood, for instance.

  9. Isn’t it true that they’re now starting to apologise for the famous White Australia Policy, much as other places are apologising for slavery or the Holocaust?

    • Rob, haven’t heard anything really about officially apologising for White Australia, though SBS has been trying to drum up shame over the whole thing.

      Wednesday 15 November @ 8:30pm, SBSONE

      When the Commonwealth of Australia was founded in 1901, the very last thing the nation wanted to be was multicultural. The measures taken to ensure this would be the case not only caused great human suffering, but in a supreme historical irony, actually helped create the very threat Australia feared the most – invasion from the Asian north.

      The “great human suffering” was from the fact that asians had to stay at home. Apparently, if the show’s premise is to be believed, the fact that we stopped asians from coming here made asians determined to officially invade.

      We pretty much just apologise to Aboriginals constantly. And admit that we are all racists.

      It’s not a good idea to note that since Oz was determined to be White and was exactly that till the mid 1970s this still didn’t stop non-Whites from wanting to transfer here in massive waves of immigration. I mean, if the place was such a racist and economic shithole who would want to come here? Such thinking is classified as “ignorant”.

      • Yes, it’s funny the way Third Worlders clamour to to get into the lands of the evil white racists. Africans are cramming into leaky boats filled to twice their capacity on the chance of making it to Europe. Some observers say it’s only a matter of time before they head for the US too, with the advances that are taking place in cheap GPS technology. So, while brain-dead white Americans apologise for slavery, a surreal repetition of history will be enacted by the descendants of those Africans unfortunate enough to be left behind by the slave traders.

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