Look Upon Our Works

I have only a few thoughts on the murderer Elliott Rodger. The story has been amply ground to sawdust elsewhere. Though it will almost certainly not be the last obscenity to emerge like larvae from America’s multi-kult stool. Here a white-asian hybrid, a product of miscegenation (dutifully now defended by conservatives), matures into a narcissistic psycho-sociopath. Though one boiling with multifaceted racial antipathy–precisely of the kind this society now produces in predictable abundance.

As an individual, his pristine solipsism offers a case study in the horrors of living solely in the solitude of one’s own filthy little life. He was a spiritual hoarder, who never left the house and was furious to have no visitors.

But an obvious aspect of his inner shrine to self, was that he had–and could find–no place to belong. His family appears a wreck, with a thoughtless man-child father far more interested in black-and-white images of ass than his own morally itinerant offspring. And with nuclear family foreclosed, he sought belonging elsewhere. But with whom? Who were his people? With whom did he belong? He had no answer. He seemed to view himself as aspirationally white. Not white, but more so than those who plainly were not. And he hated those who had, in his mind, leapfrogged his own fractured racial category to date up to the one he held in greatest esteem. If he had been conservatively colorblind or possessed of his own discrete pedigree, then his tortured racial roulette wheel wouldn’t have continually stopped on zero.

But isn’t this rank social milieu another of the left’s proud offspring? Miscegenation. Atomization. Envy and hatred of whites. It follows a million Hollywood scripts–perhaps his father directed one.

Though enough on this homicidal lunatic, let me discuss those of a true mental infirmity. Can we guess what the lights of the left have to offer on the subject?

From something called “Daillykos.”

When an “Arab” or “Muslim” American kills people in mass they are a “terrorist”. When a black person shoots someone they are “thugs”. When a white man commits a mass shooting he is “mentally ill” or “sick”.

Whiteness and white privilege are the luxury to be an individual, one whose behavior reflects nothing about white people as a group.

There will be not be a national discussion of a culture of “white pathology” or how white Americans may have a “cultural problem” with their young men and gun violence. The news media will not devote extensive time to the “social problem” of white male violence and mass shootings.

Elliot Rodger, a rich, white, entitled, young man allegedly shot and killed (as he apparently hunted them down) six women while driving his BMW around Santa Barbara, California late last night. Like Adam Lanza, this would appear to be a case of aggrieved white male entitlement syndrome, one which has led to a murderous and tragic outcome.

Is there a term to reflect multiples of malign audacity? A racially mixed man sets out to explicitly slaughter white women…and does so. The story: “white privilege.” I think the term evil has become banal through overuse. Though from sheer indolence I’ll situate it here. Evil. That’s Elliot Rodger. And that’s the Left. And if any of us were to meet a similar fate, just remember: we have only our “privilege” to blame.

I’ve said before–as should be obvious to all–that white leftists are playing as cavalierly with their own lives as those of their kind they despise. To think that the anti-white enmity they have assiduously helped foment will somehow never come to sting their own loved ones is quite a leap of faith.

One they will eventually come to rue.


6 thoughts on “Look Upon Our Works

  1. The stupid bastards at “Daily Kos” can’t even get the facts remotely right. The kid wasn’t white, four of his victims were men, half of them were killed with a knife, and it was an anti-white racial hate crime, because in his youtube video he specifically stated his intention to kill blonde white girls. But of course, the Left never lets the facts interfere with a useful lie.

  2. That clip is from a norwegian tv show called “Normal Galskap” (normal madness),the failed jumper is actually a surgeon. A clip from a different angle here http://www.nrk.no/mr/_–jeg-skal-slett-ikke-hoppe-igjen-1.8385706 As it says in the article he is married with five children and not a complete idiot but a daredevil.It also says that he has no intention of doing that stunt again. Greetings from North-Norway bye the way!

  3. The guy on the swing is a great metaphor for all the gambles the west has taken over the last 50 years.

    We gambled on a lot of things not mattering – religion, the family unit, sexual identity, race, culture. Whereas the experience of the previous thousands of years was that they were crucial.

    But if things turn to shit (and in my book they already have) and your country turns into a disaster then all libs do is redefine ‘disaster’. Just first world problems.

    Over the cliff we go.

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