Europe Stirs

For years we have been ground under the morter and pestle of Fear and Football. Dissent has resulted in ruination and penury. While consent maintains the languorous narcotics of comfort, diversion, and contrived virtue. The sibilant suggestion from our states and their institutional syndicates never varies:

Sleep and you’ll feel no pain.

And as insensate narcoleptics we have lied. Though now it appears those Europeans who have not yet been decapitated in the street by an African muslim are growing a bit discomfited by what’s entered their house during that long slumber. It seems some eyes are now opening.

Europe’s voters lurched towards the political fringes on Sunday night as early European Parliament election results showed gains for parties ranging from the populist to the neo-Nazi, with France’s Front National (FN) leading the Eurosceptic surge in a calamitous defeat for mainstream. [Communist=populist : Nationalist=Nazi. The media poltroons only insult who they think can not retaliate. Watch their language when they believe power has shifted]

Marine Le Pen’s FN topped a nationwide poll for the first time in its history, with the anti-immigrant party predicted to take 25 per cent of the vote and as many as 24 seats in the European Parliament, a dramatic gain on the three they won in 2009.

Ms Le Pen said France had “shouted loud and clear” that it wanted to be run “by the French, for the French and with the French” and not by “foreign commissioners” in Brussels. The French Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, said the victory was “more than a shock – it’s an earthquake”.

The outcome was a stinging humiliation for President François Hollande’s Socialist Party, which looked likely to emerge with its lowest-ever score in a nationwide vote with only 14.5 per cent.

Early results also suggested a backlash in many struggling eurozone nations against the austerity measures which have sent unemployment soaring and decimated social spending, with parties on the far left and right performing well. Greece’s neo-Nazi Golden Dawn will be sending MEPs to Brussels for the first time.

As in France, populist parties in Britain, Austria and Germany have also benefited from concern about migration and distrust of the EU.

For many people, this disillusionment meant not voting at all: turnout was estimated at 43 per cent, a tiny increase on the last European election in 2009, but a gain unlikely to convince the growing number of Eurosceptics of the democratic credentials of Brussels.

Overall the European People’s Party – the alliance of centre-right parties from across the 28 EU member states – retained the most MEPs in the 751-seat assembly, with early projections giving the bloc 211 seats, compared to 193 for the Socialists and Democrats. Early projections showed that protest parties could win around 129 seats.

This means pro-European parties will still dominate the Parliament, the EU’s only elected institution, which works with the European Commission and the 28 governments to debate and pass laws. But they will be battling a stronger dissenting bloc than ever before, especially if Ms Le Pen succeeds in her goal to form a new political group specifically aimed at curbing the EU’s powers.

She has allied herself with a number of populist parties across the EU. Like the FN, which was in the past accused of anti-Semitism, most of them are trying to shake off the far-right tag and appeal to the more mainstream voters. But there have been slip-ups.

One candidate for the far-right Austrian Freedom Party was forced to withdraw after he called the EU a “conglomerate of Negroes”. [Forced by whom? Someday a stern man will simply say “go to hell” when he is tried to be “forced” out.]

Despite this, exit polls suggested the party doubled their showing in the European Parliament, winning four seats, which will help boost Ms Le Pen’s ambitions.

But her key ally – Geert Wilders of the Dutch Freedom Party – has seen his party drop two seats in the Parliament, after a xenophobic outburst in which he asked his supporters if they would like “fewer Moroccans” in The Netherlands. [It’s interesting how only xenophobes survive to be called that. Xenophiles only briefly suffer the sting of unkind words]

She is also unlikely to be able to count on support from a new German anti-euro party – the Alternative for Germany – which won six seats.

Its leader, Bernd Lucke, said: “We won’t work with right-wing populists.”

Some exit polls suggest the National Democratic Party, a radical far right German party with neo-Nazi traits, may also scrape the threshold to send a lawmaker to Brussels for the first time. Golden Dawn – whose supporters perform Nazi salutes and have been arrested for assaulting migrants – managed to get around 10 per cent of the vote, sending at least two MEPs to Brussels.

The far left and anti-establishment parties also did well, with anti-bailout Syriza party in Greece winning the vote in a blow for Prime Minister Antonis Samaras’s New Democracy party, which came second. Italy was the last country to close the ballet boxes, but the Five-Star Movement led by the comedian Beppe Grillo is also expected to gain as many as 19 seats in the parliament.

Frogs growing displeased with temperature of pot
While the Syriza ascension in Greece is disappointing, and the mainstream opium pellets remain entrenched overall, there is no question that a healthy, vigorous fury is gathering. Perhaps the sons and daughters of Europe can be lulled back into their final rest. Or maybe they are now stretching to later stand. If they do…if they take back their countries with extreme prejudice, I will promise this: nothing can exceed the universal joy…

The following headlines appeared in the French newspaper Moniteur in March of 1815.

March 9 The Monster has escaped from his place of banishment.

March 1o The Corsican Orge has landed at Cape Juan

March 11 The Tiger has shown himself at Gap. The Troops are advancing on all sides to arrest his progress. He will conclude his miserable adventure by becoming a wanderer among the mountains.

March 12 The Monster has actually advanced as far as Grenoble.

March 13 The Tyrant is now at Lyon. Fear and Terror seized all at his appeaance.

March 18 The Usurper has ventured to approach to within 60 hours’ march of the capital.

March 19 Bonaparte is advancing by forced marches, but it is impossible he can reach Paris.

March 20 Napoleon will arrive under the walls of Paris tomorrow.

March 21 The Emperor Napoleon is at Fountainbleau

March 22 Yesterday evening His Majesty the Emperor made his public entry and arrived at the Tuileries. Nothing can exceed the universal joy.


5 thoughts on “Europe Stirs

  1. This just might be the combination of things that lead to Europeans taking their countries back: bitter recession, recent surge in invaders from Africa and elsewhere, people more clued-in than in previous crises thanks to the Internet. It might just be beyond the powers of the banksters to lull the people back into complacency with another cycle of Ponzi prosperity.

  2. If you want an idea of how terrified Farage is of being branded with the dreaded R, check out the picture that greets you when you click on the UKIP home page. And here’s how far they’ve succeeded in appeasing those who hate them.

  3. That’s what I’m hoping. But some politicians “reach out so far, they fall in”, as someone put it. I think a lot of conservatives started out just adopting the PC stance as a means to an end, then found it too good a racket to give up. But UKIP deserves the benefit of the doubt.

  4. Well, if nothing else, a bunch of politicians got elected in the face of furious Establishment opposition. It’s a start.

  5. That these people are slime is no secret, but the fact that they fell that they have to resort to this sort of stuff tells us just how desperate they are. The elite cannot win a fair election anymore, and they most certainly couldn’t win an armed confrontation. No wonder they resort to trickery – it’s literally all that that they have left.

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