Born in the Uese

That's not how ethnic cleansing is supposed to work

That’s not how ethnic cleansing is supposed to work

European readers may not clearly perceive the general demographic strata here in America. Some may think that there is a festering, violent black underclass; an exploding population of meso-American helots; a smaller, but quite vocal cohort of ululating Mohammadean mosque builders; a growing group of mercantile asian colonists; a large but shrinking population of politically un-represented white tax slaves; and a film of jewish plutocrats to manage the whole jenga game. And well, perhaps your perceptions aren’t so off-base after all.

And while it is perfectly fine and proper for whites to suffer in any conflict, it seems in some instances there’s not enough of them to blame. Oppressed minorities are having to take up the slack to oppress other minorities. This petri-dish isn’t just going to sit peacefully, even without whites. And if you can’t take from the ones you hate, honey hate the ones you’re with.

Fanning racial tensions at a Watts middle school, several African American parents asserted Wednesday that Latino administrators are unfairly targeting their children and unofficially suspending them from classes.

One parent, Tyronda Farley, said her sixth-grade daughter was sent home from Markham Middle School in March after school officials told her to change into more appropriate pants. Farley said she was not called by the school — and her daughter, Toniakay Lascaries, showed up at home “hysterical and crying” because she was bumped by a car on her way home, causing bruising on her leg.

It’s extremely clear there is a racial thing going on. You have a Mexican principal suspending all African American kids. You can’t lie about it. Marcelo Martinez, Markham’s assistant principal, acknowledged the school’s action in that case was a mistake but denied that administrators were sending children home without parental consent or discriminating against African Americans. He said, however, that students were at times sent home without being officially suspended because their behavior did not meet legal grounds for suspension.

“There are times when some kids, we need their parents to help them reinforce what the expectations are,” Martinez said.

The practices at Markham Middle School, parents said, contradict directives by the Los Angeles Board of Education and L.A. schools chief John Deasy to seek alternative ways to discipline students in order to keep them in school. The school board last year banned defiance as grounds for suspension amid mounting national concern that removing students from school imperils their academic achievement and disproportionately harms minority students, particularly African Americans.

Former Markham Middle School teacher Janice Brooks joins a protest of alleged discrimination against African American students by Latino administrators at the South L.A. campus.
Markham is one of 17 schools run by the Partnership for Los Angeles Schools, a nonprofit started by former L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa to turn around low-performing campuses. In a May 6 email to United Teachers Los Angeles representative Ingrid Villeda, partnership official Sofia Freire said there was no evidence Markham Principal Paul Hernandez was using off-the-books suspensions. She wrote that administrators were “working hard to find alternatives to suspensions.”

Villeda disagreed. “It’s extremely clear there is a racial thing going on,” the union’s South area chair said. “You have a Mexican principal suspending all African American kids. You can’t lie about it.”

At a protest at the school Wednesday and in earlier interviews with The Times this month, several parents described their experiences.

Shawnte Augustine said her son, sixth-grader Traeveon Cohen, was sent home at least five times this school year after being told to “cool off.” She said her son entered Markham with A’s and Bs, but after missing many classes and constant bullying that she said school officials did nothing to stop, his grades plunged. He also got so frustrated with his tormentor, she said, that he hit him with marbles in a sock and was officially suspended.

Since switching to nearby New Designs Charter School in March, Augustine said, Traeveon’s grades are back up and a tense relationship with another boy was effectively defused by administrators there.

“If [Markham administrators] had listened to my son, this all could have been nipped in the bud,” she said. “But they didn’t do anything.”

Talia Slone said her daughter, Aaniyah, was also bullied at Markham and sent home at least three times in February and March for what school officials called “protection.” But Slone said it was unfair that her daughter was forced to miss class and others weren’t. Aaniyah’s absences contributed to a drop in her grades.

She said she believed African Americans were being mistreated at Markham. “When it’s Hispanic kids, [administrators] take the time and call parents but do not take the time with African Americans,” Slone said.

Another mother, Keshia Wilson, said administrators sent her daughter, Robin-Nae Johnson, home a few times without calling her. In one case, Wilson said, Robin-Nae was officially suspended for fighting and was brought home by a friend’s parent without her prior consent or knowledge. Another time, her daughter was sent home only because of rumors of a fight, Wilson said.

“Why are they sending them home?” Wilson said. “Their grades drop. These kids need to be in school. They get into a lot of trouble by being sent home early for nothing.”

People like Tyronda, Keshia, Robin-Nae, Aaniyah, and Traeveon are going to be very disappointed in the lack of promptness from mexicans, Asians, and muslims to leap into a supine position upon hearing the designated trigger word. I could have perhaps advised that only whites are sufficiently conditioned for that response, and it might be more felicitous to keep them as a well-trained majority. Though my counsel wasn’t sought. And the boys of La Raza just don’t seem as interested in the searing pain of Ta Nahesi Coats.

And this is where America will actually grow amusing. Violence, tribalism, and racial conflict, all without whites. Who could have ever predicted that?


9 thoughts on “Born in the Uese

  1. The chances of an all-out race war in America are high if the present demographic trend continues. I know there are lots of South American countries whose racial composition is similar to what’s in store for America, and they haven’t ended in anarchy and genocide. But these seem to be hierarchical societies where racial differences are accepted, even though their constitutions might give lip service to egalitarianism. Non-whites in America, on the other hand, have been conditioned to scream, rage and riot at every perceived injustice or instance of discrimination. The isn’t so much rosy as blood-red.

    • Lost in those kids’ ridiculous names, is the fact that each one has a different last name than his mother. And of the subset of ghetto kids who do (proudly) have the same name as both parents, I wonder how many actually share the father’s DNA.

  2. Wow, that’s strong stuff, pretty much what you’d see on any HBD or white nationalist site. I suppose somebody is going to rush in and delete the comments, but at least we know what people are thinking.

  3. Villeda disagreed. “It’s extremely clear there is a racial thing going on,” the union’s South area chair said. “You have a Mexican principal suspending all African American kids. You can’t lie about it.”

    That sort of unbreakable chain of syllogistic super-logic used to work fine on guilty whitey, not so effective now……

  4. Much like that black “gentleman” who has engaged in litigious action against a mestizo McD’s manager for not providing enough napkins which in turn hurt his feelings and was therefore racist. The manager unfortunately did not agree with the conceit merely saying…

    “I gave ‘im de right napkin I theeeeennk”

    “Minorities” fighting over the ruins in the gladiatorial arena of a slop house doomed to idiocy and mutual destruction without the parenting of the White race.

    Bada ba ba baaaa I’m lovin’ it.

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