New Vistas


We should lavish great admiration on the people who meticulously constructed western civilization through the centuries. The brilliant minds that catapulted society forward in a series of wondrous arcs, but also the more humble yeomen carving out inches of quiet progress. The effort, lives, and love invested in creating our inheritance was orders of magnitude greater than that expended by the goblins now squandering it. Much in the building, little in the burning…literally.

Though that ember of creativity and ingenuity still glows. And its light is often put in service of equally remarkable acts of self-delusion and abasement.

Recently in Middletown, Ohio a white single mother of two living in one of Tyler Cowan’s bean-based communities was being persistently harassed by nearby youths. Apparently aggrieved by her obstinance, the neighborhood association offered a more direct appeal: Burning her house down with she and her children still inside. Fortunately they escaped this gesture of racial harmony and so lived to observe the requisite protocols for when such events transpire…

1) Immediately forgive all parties who want you dead and took pains to see it happen.
2) State unequivocally that race played no role whatsoever, despite periodic contradictions from the assailants themselves.
3) Denounce any “racists” who offer aid or defense.

This doesn’t seem to be from the quite successful playbook deployed by other peoples when attacked, though the mother, Jennifer Chitwood, understands–at least implicitly–her obligation to accept victimization stoically. She further understands that to avoid triggering societal obloquy that would make a residential inferno look like a marshmallow roast, she must drone “raysis” when any tribal lymphocytes happen to make an appearance. Here’s the story.

Middletown police say they have “concerns” about a flier that began appearing around town Monday from the “White Guard,” a group claiming it would protect white people from black criminals.

The flier, obtained by the Journal-News, references the May 13 arson in which a group of neighborhood juveniles allegedly set fire to the Roosevelt Avenue home of Jennifer Chitwood, a white mother of two children.

Thaddeus Shields, 18, of 1327 Woodlawn Ave., and a 17-year-old male were both arrested and charged for the crime a day later. But Shields had the charges against him dropped because an eyewitness lied about seeing him at the scene, and police said there was credible evidence he was not involved. However, the 17-year-old, who police said is bi-racial, remains in custody charged with unruly to wit aggravated arson.

While the flier’s author did not attach his or her name to the document, a phone number and email address for the White Guard, which described itself as “a sort of pro-white neighborhood watch,” was listed. The Journal-News called the number on the flier and also emailed the group. In response to a request seeking comment, the Journal-News received an email stating the group does not believe it is racist for white people to stand up to black on white crime.

Middletown police Lt. Scott Reeve said he has never heard of this group before, and that a detective has been assigned to investigate the issue.

“We’re concerned someone is spreading these fliers that are racially motivated,” Reeve said. Chitwood told the Journal-News she was unaware of the flier and said what happened to her was not about race. “It was a bunch of teens not having good parents and not being respectful. It wasn’t about black or white,” she said.

Mike Soule, who owns a business along Crawford Street, showed the Journal-News surveillance video of a man walking along the street around 12:34 a.m. Soule said the video shows “a white man putting fliers on people’s cars.” He said he found one on his car’s windshield Monday morning.

“I threw it in the trash where it belongs,” said Soule, who is white. “I think they’re morons. There’s no point in it, absolutely no point. I don’t understand the purpose of it.”

Dr. Dora Bronston, president of the Middletown unit of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, said her organization will be keeping an eye on the White Guard. She said she plans to work with Middletown detectives.

“In 2014, we don’t have groups prevalent like that,” Bronston said. “We have white, blacks, Hispanics and Asians, who are all linking together, standing together against prejudice.”

Isn’t that precious? Whites and blacks standing together against prejudice…on the sidewalk outside a burning home. Not to worry, police are investigating…a man who distributed fliers. And the NAACP, a racial advocacy group, is going to be keeping its eye…on a racial advocacy group. Finally “we don’t have groups prevalent like that?” Well allow me to introduce Shomrim. Racial vigilante patrols just got kosher.

Of course this entire societal role play is no less dadaesque through repetition. Buildings fall, weeds grow, cities crumble, and cemeteries burst.  Yet the question that piques every mind…Who’s Raysis?

If you want to know at least a partial reason why the state is at war with the nation…the latter demands it.


2 thoughts on “New Vistas

  1. White proles are on the frontier, so the conflict the rest of us have comfortably postponed at least until our grandkids is a little more immediate with them.

    Some are fighting back. Jennifer Chitwood has surrendered. To the extent her genetic line survives in Ohio, it won’t look much like her.

    It really is all about blood and soil.

  2. So many cases for the national restoration truth and recrimination commission, so little rope. #futurebureaucracy

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