Making a First Impression


In prior comments discussing France’s Front National I wondered whether they are the cynical analogue of Republicans simply using and discarding their constituency for power until they can feasibly pivot to one more fecund; or whether they are the equally cynical analogue of democrats who draped a gauzy ghillie-suit of false racial harmony over their actual program of anti-white hatred and disembowelment.

As for Front National, there’s obvious cynicism. But of what? Are French nationalists being used for nothing more elevated than vote harvesting?

Or is this something more pleasantly cunning? Consider the so-called American civil rights movement. It was sold to a 90% white society as an end to racial antipathy and a beginning of a colorblind harmonious society. And while extraordinarily foolish even at face, Americans were intoxicated by a virtue purchased with their posterity’s blood.

They bought the goods.

It was a top-to-bottom lie.

They thought they had purchased anti-racism. They received anti-whiteness. They thought they were getting a colorblind society. They received a country of hyper racial awareness and hostility. No used car salesman has ever gulled a dupe so badly.

And this is what I wonder about outfits like FN and UKIP. Are they cynical like republicans or democrats? Perhaps only Chinese museum curators will be able to say for sure.

Obviously that question is long from being answered, though in a cosmic comedy routine where we are the eternal punchline, this has to send a hush through the crowd.

A month after their victory in French municipal elections, the 11 far-right National Front mayors have implemented their first policies – and some of them have already caused quite a stir.

In the southwestern city of Béziers, Robert Ménard has established a curfew for minors under 13, who will need to be accompanied by an adult if they wish to be out from 11pm to 6am during the weekends and school holidays of the summer months (June 15 – September 15).

In the northern city of Villers-Cotterêts, meanwhile, one of Franck Briffaut’s first decisions was to cancel a planned commemoration of the abolition of slavery on May 10. It will be the first time since 2007 that the ceremony will not take place in the town, where the biracial General Dumas (the father of Alexandre Dumas, famous author of “The Three Musketeers”) – born a slave in the former French colony of Saint-Domingue – died in 1806.

Briffaut told the news agency Agence France-Presse that he saw the commemoration as “part of a permanent and systematic process of making France feel guilty, while slavery still exists elsewhere in the world, unfortunately”.

Elsewhere in northern France, in the city of Hénin-Beaumont, the administration of newly elected mayor Steeve Briois cut a 300-euro annual subsidy for the Human Rights League, a French NGO dedicated to the defence of civil rights throughout France. Briois has also declared that the group will no longer be able to occupy their local headquarters rent-free, as was the case before. The organisation had openly opposed Briois’s candidacy, but the mayor has said his decision was made because the benefits afforded the Human Rights League in Hénin-Beaumont were “illegal”.

The association’s branch in Mantes-la-Ville, in north-central France, may also see a reduction in municipal subsidies. The town’s mayor, Cyril Nauth, has also opposed the construction of a new prayer room for Muslims, which had been planned last autumn by the formerly Socialist mayor. Nauth has called the initial plan for a new prayer room a ploy to win the “Muslim vote”.

The association’s branch in Mantes-la-Ville, in north-central France, may also see a reduction in municipal subsidies. The town’s mayor, Cyril Nauth, has also opposed the construction of a new prayer room for Muslims, which had been planned last autumn by the formerly Socialist mayor. Nauth has called the initial plan for a new prayer room a ploy to win the “Muslim vote”.

The new mayor of the southern city of Fréjus, David Rachline, also opposed plans to build a new mosque when he was campaigning, and has promised a referendum on the matter. In keeping with the generally anti-EU views of his party, Rachline has also removed the European Union flag from the front of the city hall building.

The majority of the new far-right French mayors have decided to increase their own salaries, as well as those of their deputies. The move is controversial, given the widespread budgetary difficulties many French cities are facing.

But Philippe de la Grange, mayor of the southeastern city of Luc, defended the decision, telling reporters: “The deputies still earn less than a foreigner who comes to retire in France without ever having worked there.”

Did you know the party’s name is officially “Far Right Front National?” The media droids are so laughably transparent. Though that’s quite an opening salvo from the slate of new mayors:

* Curfew for “youths”
* Cancellation of slavery ceremonies
* Cutting stipends for “civil rights” NGOs
* Ceasing construction of prayer rooms and mosques
* Defenestrating the EU flag
* And even taking my advice on purchasing the bureaucracy’s loyalty–and making a cutting quip in doing so.

Aside from curfews, none of these items could ever be conceived within the sanded mind of a republican. Perhaps these NF politicians are imbued with just a tincture of salutary malevolence: What’s puzzling you is the nature of my game.


Though time is relatively short before the French, like us all, will either lose their country forever or be obliged into war to reclaim it. And this is probably where my disdain for our nations match that of the states they elect to rule them. Within the privacy of a voting booth there are no shrieking harridans, no employment termination notices, no social pariahs. One can even be adorned in empty leftist slogans before closing the curtain to think “fuck that, I’m voting to save my children’s future.” And stroll right back into the sunshine to shout “down with racism!” It is a sanctuary where expression is granted within the confines of candidates.

And still they quail.

Why is BNP a non-entity? Why is Golden Dawn only at 12%? Why are stories on Front National discussing 11 measly mayors? Why is Tom Tancredo out of office and McCain, Graham, and Mcconnel all into their second centuries? Ultimately if a people insist on exiting the planet, there is not a force in the universe that will stop them.

Perhaps stories like this will build the courage and momentum needed to plant feet. On the off chance, I’ll be ready.


5 thoughts on “Making a First Impression

  1. That’s what I can’t understand either – why are people afraid to vote for pro-white parties? There is as yet no penalty for doing so. I can even understand timid people not telling pollsters they’ll vote BNP or whatever, but once they get inside that booth their vote is their own. I suppose it’s testimony to the almost hypnotic power of the media and the general anti-white propaganda machine.

    • Just had a look at Lucas’s archive. The guy seems to be a slobbering monomaniac. I think I’d consider a rabies jab if I was going near him. It is richly ironic that he describes Edward Snowden as a “useful idiot”.

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