Around the Bend


Ukraine Played?
I’m trying to think of exactly what the Ukrainian nationalists have achieved for themselves. Very little is coming to mind. We are a people highly adept at killing each other to secure the right of others to rule over us.


Europe out of Fuel?
A report from something called the Global Sustainability Institute says Europe is down to fumes. As a caveat, I know nothing of the source, though suspect lavish sinecures are the item they find most critical to sustain. Though that aside, here are their reported findings:

* Russia has more than 50 years of oil, more than 100 years of gas and more than 500 years of coal left, on current consumption.

* Britain has 5.2 years of oil, 4.5 years of coal and three years of its own gas remaining.

* France has less than one year of all three fossil fuels.

* Bulgaria has 34 years of coal left.

* Germany has 250 years of coal remaining but less than a year of oil.

Of course coal and oil power two different aspects of The Economy: providing electricity and moving vehicles, respectively. But if these figures are correct, what is the future socio-political impact? Increases in inflation, Russian wealth, and the strategic importance (and vulnerability) of shipping lanes. Perhaps the German taxpayers will want to actually see Dolphin submarines built for their own navy rather than provided gratis to their Israeli friends.


Nationalism’s Multicultural Future?
There must be some point to nationalism decoupled from a nation–and hopefully it is one of salubrious cynicism.

The French National Front appears to be dressing their party in pleasantly darker hues.

“You can be French by birth or French at heart,” said a man marching with his Taiwanese wife at the front’s May Day rally, their young mixed-raced daughter waving a tricolour on his shoulders.

The defence of national identity, one black FN supporter shrugs, has nothing to do with race.

Over the past two or three decades, however, the front has sought to shed its xenophobic image and turn itself into a mass party. “De-demonisation” has been the watchword under the current leader, Mr Le Pen’s daughter Marine.

She remains virulently opposed to immigration, but has directed her ire at Europe’s open borders. Her message that the influx of Romanians or Poles is destroying jobs has resonated with French workers of all races.

The same is true of her claim to represent the struggling people of France betrayed by “globalised elites”.

Jean-Philippe Virapin, a Paris municipal employee from the French Caribbean island of Martinique, says that what drew him to the front was “the defence of the modest, forgotten people”.

Another FN member, Elie Chabot, a 22-year-old of Aramaean (Syrian) origin, says: “People of foreign origin suffer all the ills highlighted by Marine Le Pen – insecurity, mass migration and poverty.”

In the old days, he notes, the French far-right used to frown upon any group that deviated from country’s white, Christian, patriarchal tradition. Religious, sexual, or ethnic minorities were treated as suspect.

Now, Mr Nitkowski says, the FN has only one scapegoat: radical Islam. “They champion the rights of Jews, women, homosexuals and others by presenting them as victims of Muslim fundamentalists,” he says. “The image of a single mother at its head is also a powerful symbol of openness.”

Under Marine Le Pen, the FN has projected a more inclusive image
Nour, a 27-year-old Henin resident of Moroccan origin, also doubts that the front has cast aside prejudice. “I don’t feel I fit their idea of a French person,” he says. “In recent years they have tried to sound moderate, but I think this is just a facade.”

This is fiercely denied by the FN. Laurent Brice, a senior figure in the new council, insists it is working for all residents regardless of religion or ethnicity.

Regarding school meals, he says, the front’s stress on secularism simply means canteens will offer a choice of dishes. “We will neither ban pork nor impose halal food,” he says. “This is not a problem.”

In Henin-Beaumont, as elsewhere, politics is driving the FN towards a moderate stance. As one African-born resident puts it: “The front cannot afford to antagonise immigrants. If it wants a majority, it has to be inclusive.”

France’s National Front will never be as multi-ethnic as its national football team.



So, you can be French by imagining it is so.

France’s pain is in being swamped by Eastern Europeans.

Africans are chaffed at the notion of not being fully accepted as French.

And the party of nominal French nationalism should strive to match the demographics of an 80% non-white soccer team.

We need to take whatever millimeter victories are achievable and always strive to shift the frame toward a mindset less psychotic. Thus National Front is cleared to crow proudly of my endorsement. Though even in their victory progress would move slowly–as demographics are moving quickly. Every birth requires a cradle–though our available time to lie there is brief.


What price wealth?
One too high by my estimation. Though you must respect the unparalleled determination of Frenchman-at-heart Chamangeni Zulu.

A man allowed a hyena to attack him and eat his genitals after being told it would help him to become rich. Zulu said he was mauled by the animal in the African bush.

As well as eating his genitals, Zulu also said it ate three of his toes.

It happened after he arrived in Chipata where he says he met a witchdoctor who told him that sacrificing body parts was the best way to become rich.

Speaking to the Times of Zambia, Zulu, who is aged between 20 and 24, said: “I came from Malawi and when I arrived in Chipata I met some business persons who told me that the best way to become rich was to sacrifice parts of my body.

“…..I went to a bush where I was instructed to be naked and a hyena came to me and started eating my toes and eventually my manhood was eaten.”

After being attacked he crawled to a road and was taken to hospital by passing police officers.

He is now being treated at Chipata General Hospital, who confirmed he had lost his genitals following the incident on March 24.

Is that the method by which Sheldon Addelson vets his republican toadies?

And while the causation may not at first seem obvious or meriting the excruciating cost, Mr. Zulu has almost certainly saved himself a fortune in emotional disappointment and sexual dissatisfaction. Wealth comes in many forms than mere money. So here’s to you…and your surgeon.



14 thoughts on “Around the Bend

  1. “De-demonisation” has been the watchword under the current leader, Mr Le Pen’s daughter Marine.

    They are “de-demonising” themselves to extinction, like the leaders of political parties everywhere. Front National=Republicans+20 years, unless the former starts taking a principled stand on these matters.

    Someone on another site assured me that the African story must be false – something to do with the eating habits of hyenas or something. It doesn’t ring true anyway. Africans are fond of their genitals, unfortunately, as evidenced by their dizzying population growth.

  2. Our civilisation, culture, art, science – all for nothing if our genes don’t survive with them. As things stand, with the declining population and Third World invasion, all whites are doing is preparing their countries to be inherited by Africans and Asians. I don’t believe the extreme pessimists among us, but if I really thought we were going to continue down this road to extinction, I’d sooner see us exit with a scorched earth policy.

    • Samson option as deterrent has sense. I see no other reason for it.

      The whole bit exists to serve us. Civilization is our harsh-weather gear. We keep it in good condition for purpose, viz. to keep us going.

      If we fail and don’t keep going, who cares about the suit one way or the other. It is then an indifferent matter. If it gets stolen off us after we die, it is no greater loss than has just occurred, which was total loss.

      As a stratagem, as a deterrent, that is a different matter. If that is the intent, let it be so said. But who gives a codpiece about the culture itself, if we go defunct. Agree Rob all for nothing if we don’t survive, but I wouldn’t sooner see us exit in any way, one over the other.

      “There are no good ways [to die].” — J.T. Kirk

  3. Why would a Frenchman care what culture his replacements adopt? For that matter, why would he care to maintain a pristine environment only to bestow it onto the meticulous stewardship of others? We’ve got our civilization running as best we can. She’s all yours now.

    Yes, that’s the key. It’s obviously ridiculous to appeal to some greater sense of a specific culture, and assert the superiority of that culture, all the whiles as you lose the very people who created that culture, and even go so far as to pretend that peoples anathema to that culture, will maintain the culture, as *you* set about eradicating your own people for that Other.

    The simple fact is that White people are no longer in charge of their nations and haven’t been for several decades now.

    In Oz we have a variant on this: The Liberals (so called “conservatives”) value The Economy as the highest virtue. The Economy must be maintained at all cost. Should we lose the nation, that’s one thing, but we must never lose The Economy. Our inheritors must inherit a great and mighty Economy. This is imperitive and something we will sacrifice our own for it’s cause.

    The Left (Labor and Greens) damn The Economy and hail The Compassion. The Compassion is ever loving, ever soothing, always caring, and comes with a free roadside assistance package. The great Compassion welcomes all Others as it goes about finding sin in the uncompassionate ones, the Greatly Stained, sons of Cain, the Evil Whites. All Australians must work in community for the eternal Welfare (literal welfare) of The Great Compassion.

    It is our job as citizens to choose sides in this argy-bargy between the two modern religions.

    What comes to mind is Mark 8:36:

    For what shall it profit a man, if he gain the whole world, and suffer the loss of his soul?

    Without a firm foundation in nation (a large aggregate of people united by common descent, history, culture, or language, inhabiting a particular country or territory) then neither The Economy or The Compassion is of any utility to us, and is, in fact, suicidal.

    • What a tool that O’Toole woman is. And even Mitt Romney chimed in:

      “the vile epithet used and confirmed by the commissioner has no place in our community.”

      Why doesn’t it have a place? According to the article:

      About 20 black people live year-round in Wolfeboro, in the scenic Lakes Region of New Hampshire, a state that’s 94 percent white and 1 percent black.

      Should that be reversed you can guarantee that the 94% black population wouldn’t have any problems using racial epithets against the 1% White population. Where will Mitt be then? Off to greener pastures, no doubt.

      “I feel it was the right thing for him to do to stop this incredible train that had been blowing through our town…

      O’Toole got one thing right; there *is* a train blowing through our town but it’s not what she thinks it is. None of her sainted “niggers” will give a damn when their train arrives whether her name is O’Toole or Romney or McCain Whiteness is all they’ll see, something which O’Toole refuses to see.

    • I’ve for some time now been dazed by this “The Economy” for which no matter how badly each individual person in the nation is doing, if It does well then that is total comfort even to those dying without progeny, or with progeny not making their own progeny.

      Where pretty clearly “The Economy” doing well simply means some certain people doing well, whose names will not be mentioned in the newscast.

      The supplanting of a notion of “health of the nation” with “The Economy” is flabbergasting.

  4. I don’t know why people resign in these situations, and apologise in some cases, even though they must know that non-whites and liberals will despise them all the more for it.

  5. Has anyone come up with a rate of exchange between microaggressions and murders such as the ones above? How many massacres would it take to generate the amount of outrage expressed by Romney at an octogenarian saying “nigger” in a private conversation?

    • It’s a good question, Rob, but the answer is that there is no rate of exchange. Romney is busy in the business of all white leaders: throwing other Whites to the wolves.

      What I want to know is: where does Romney think he and his kids are going to get refuge when that train really does arrive in town? There are no greener pastures to go to. Sure, Mitt may not live to feel the full effects but his kids, and their kids, will.

      Oh, except the adopted black one. That kid sure is gonna hate being surrounded by all that White privilege. There’ll be hell to pay, and Mitt will make sure the adopted one gets full recompense.

      He sold out his people, may as well sell out his own kids.

    • Maths (or math for you Yanks) has never been my strong suite but I do believe the answer, after all that, equals zero.

  6. The only historical parallel I can think of is Christian heresies like Catharism that banned procreation and were vigorously suppressed by the Church. If they had been allowed to spread unhindered, none of us might be here now. Everyone in mainstream politics is now in the grip of an equivalent death cult, except that it allows procreation of whites at a moderate level, as long as it poses no threat to their eventual replacement. The trouble is that it’s not a heresy anymore, but the orthodox faith.

  7. I appreciate your attack on the French.

    For too long have they be given a free pass on the right for what amounts, in Anglo terms, to cultural conservatism.

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