Celebrate Good Times, Come On!


Periodically the more perceptive readers may notice an infinitesimal faltering in my naturally sunny optimism and faith in the future. I am certain to have company. There are some days all of us nearly succumb to a furrowed brow as we contemplate The Shape of the Curve. And while there is much perhaps to even elicit a frown, imagine for a moment our opponent’s task in this existential conflict.

They must maintain dozens of airborne chainsaws in a ceaseless juggling act. They must keep a highly intelligent, intrepid, and martial people in a state of docile hypnosis…tranquillized while in line at a glass abattoir. We can see our own termination approaching and must continually be cajoled into shuffling forward while chanting It’s good that we’re being replaced in all our homelands. A really good thing!

This isn’t easy–no matter how it may appear. The innate drive to persist, to prosper, to provide for posterity is not readily smothered. In a great many it appears extinguished. Though in significant numbers, the impetus merely lies dormant under the weight of fear, football, and social conformity. All of these must be maintained as the only people capable of doing so are ushered off the planet. Keeping Western civilization comfortable as it is being lowered into the grave is no trivial task. As such, this enterprise is an elephant perched on a pin. And all of the nationalist and independence movements are updrafts and crosswinds. If even one finds purchase, the pachyderm will be tilted precariously. That is why the states at war with their nations scurry like rodents to gnaw at every dissident movement. But can they keep them all hobbled for sufficient duration?

And of course there is never to forget the factions openly competing over a still-living corpse. None of whom share any mutual affection or strategic alignment other than to finish off the meal. Keeping snouts down until it’s over is going to prove increasingly difficult as each begins to encroach on staked territory. It’s quite possible one or more may even seek alliance with the exsanguinated hosts as former confederates begin to bar fangs. If anyone actually believes jews, blacks, mestizos, muslims, and asians are going to come to some ecumenical living accommodation on our former soil…well U HATIN CHAVALAS CAN LICK A DIRTY CULO.

I mentioned the millimeter fraction that bears the entire baleful edifice. And of course everyone knows it well. If those two syllables buckle under the weight of so many empty skulls…


It doesn’t matter if by ridicule, scorn, or loving hatred. If by the heat of so much condensed hypocrisy, or the cold of hostile indifference…

If Raysis falls, our children win.

And on that day, my friends…We dance.


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