Voter Suppression Goes Back to Basics

The extent to which right-wing extremists have systematically suppressed the citizens of many different countries from voting in American elections is well documented. It is RepugnantReprehensibleRaysis. Minorities, who comprise 90% of the world’s population, have been so egregiously offended in this regard that up to seven different individuals briefly considered not attempting to migrate here last year. That’s how vile the situation has become. We all know this. But how many are aware of its true depravity? I sought answers at this site. As fair warning, the points that follow are not for children or those without an iron constitution. Caveat Lector.

* Ohio republicans charged a county for mailing absentee ballots.
* Some polling stations have had hours shortened.
* Others have reduced early voting.
* Some localities have restricted same-day registration.
* Some felons have been purged from voter roles.
* And finally, some voting locations do not feature bathrooms.

Now take a moment to compose yourself if caution went unheeded.

Of course, one doesn’t experience such atrocity in areas that are 100% minority. In the (unembedded) video below, a group of ANC supporters in South Africa gently accommodates the election day concerns expressed by a competing party member from COPE. Issues are resolved in an indigenous manner. No shortened-hours, no purged rolls, no missing toilets. Just the wholesome fundamentals of our emerging Law of Rule.

Given demographic trends, voter suppression is definitely on the Right Side of History.

This song comes to mind.


In other news…

President of debate association says any debate about debate must not be tolerated. It’s Triple R, you see.

The debate, about which no debate may be tolerated, can be viewed here.

As one will clearly note, the gentlemen in Dashikis–whose formal position was Black Power–were clearly bested by the gentlemen in black shirts who cogently argued the opposing perspective: More Black Power. As an aside, parts of the debate were carried out in English.


8 thoughts on “Voter Suppression Goes Back to Basics

  1. A negro will continue to hoot and/or holler the same thing over and over unless snapped out of the pattern by a very intense external stimulus – strings of “Wooooooooo” or “Niggaaaah wat” 20-30 times over are not unheard of. The same principle applies during higher education debates and dirt road wildings alike. Note the indigent African using the blunt side of the axe repeatedly on his target. Even this simple tool of the White man has regressed in application to accommodate the thoughtlessness of the negro. True to form, the axe is forgotten immediately after it’s dropped: punches and kicks reemerge as the murder weapon of choice because picking up the axe requires a complex future time calculation. Indeed, it was pure misfortune that the victim was receiving her beating as a lumberjack-philosopher just happened to be walking past on his way to batter down some trees with his foreign object.

  2. President of debate association says any debate about debate must not be tolerated. It’s Triple R, you see.

    The most PC-whipped man in the world.

  3. You really can’t make this stuff up. The above footage is like a White Nationalist recruiting video…

  4. Or, as John Derbyshire would say,

    “Blackity-black-black-black, black, black blackity black black black (repeat)

  5. We need to get Eradica to enter a team. Firepower could out gibber that gibberish any day of the week.

    What’s more, Firepower don’t GASP. He doesn’t even stop to draw breath. Go the White Man!

  6. This contest reminds me of the Miss America contest maybe 25 years ago. The contest organizers thought the pageant was too white, and that they needed a black winner. They must have told the judges to strongly favor anyone with a darkish skin, because that year both the winner and the first runner up were black. With this debate contest we see the same thing: both finalist teams were all black. Clearly the fix was in, and the organizers weren’t going to take any chances.

    Presumably, now that the contest has had a black winner, they will go back to judging the contest on merit.

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