Men do what they may, not what they must

Do you know how 90% of the population sufficiently aware to have a political position, comes to assume it? The process is barely conscious, but for most the foundational questions are “What may I advocate? What is acceptable? What will bear no cost in friendships or finances?” Following the establishment of these narrow rails is a generally vacuous mental derby where a scrum of barely dissimilar ideas race for a bouquet of moral rectitude.

How many staunch advocates realize that the philosophy underpinning their purple-faced apoplexy is almost entirely driven by externalities? That if the rails of acceptability were shifted suddenly from 10-20 on the left to 70-80 on the right, they’d abandon their cherished liberal ideals with the enthusiasm of a straight man who just felt a bulge in the crotch of his make-out partner.

It is true that most people are idiots. And most are also cowards. That’s why he who controls the narrative, controls. People will generally espouse not what they believe, but what they are permitted to believe. And this is why we have a mainstream political spectrum that ranges from liberal all the way to neocon. That these two groups, who agree on practically every fundamental of society, manage to summon the energy for even lethargic combat is a testament to the power of propaganda. That simple preservation of our civilization and its people is a topic unfit for discourse is a better testament still.

But there’s no point whining about it–at least more than once per week. We’ll either establish control over some significant element of the media, or it’s Dawn of the Dumb…forever.

Though I wonder how many mainstreamers–liberals even–sometimes take a surreptitious peek under the skirt of our lewd philosophy. I like to think a few of the semi-lucid ones are beginning to see the hideosity they’ve brought home from the bar. Not that an inchoate awareness or even rapid sobriety will cease their forward “progress.”

It will continue for now because it may do no other. As we have discussed previously, madness has its own momentum and traces a common route. Race replacement has been cheered for years as the only acceptable opinion in the West. And who dares stop applauding first? Richard the Lionhearted Lowry?

Even if there were sober men of the ascendant left who realized the enormity of their mistake, what may they do now but continue clapping? It’s possible some may even be sweating along with their betrayed countrymen…a horrified rictus where the smirk used to reside. And still they continue clanging palms like an organ grinder’s monkey. From their perspective, what else is permitted?



2 thoughts on “Men do what they may, not what they must

  1. A study of the Stockholm Syndrome helps makes sense of most of what’s going on in politics today. Some people quietly support their enemies for want of choice, others are that little bit more demonstrative in it, while those whose chosen vocation is politics are the ones who who’ll extol the benefits of their own extermination from the rooftops. In ten years’ time, you’ll probably see “conservative” Republicans proudly challenging anyone to show them that part of the Constitution where it states there are only two sexes.

  2. Those pictures in the last post I need ever compose are not the best fit for that essay, but they show the awful consequences that come from embrace of the Other, which is one of the points I was trying to make.

    You get that Kakistocratic rictus, because you really are terrified, as million-year old instincts warn you about the serious threat to your life, or you go insane from the cognitive disconnect.

    Look at those pictures in my link: Adriana Ford-Thompson and Pippa Bicca (first and fourth photo’s) are insane. Amy Biehl and her parents are clearly terrified.

    Jason Russell, anti-Kony campaigner–he went insane:

    Here’s the AltRight article, for posterity:

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