In Order to Form a Less Abject Union

Because they are so cosmically inept, Republicans are continually offered advice. From the constituents they despise to the ones they so futilely covet. Everyone has an asshole…and a plan. Even Democrats offer a genuine, earnest blueprint for how the republicans may best depose them. There are none more magnanimous.

Well this commenter comes not to counsel the party, but to bury it. And from the ashes, perhaps some ideas of how an opposition might conceivably find purchase in the labyrinth of American political intrigue and hypocrisy. Obviously no platform amenable to this august readership could land more than three basis points of the drone majority. And so the art is to trade tactical concessions for strategic advantage.

What follows are a series of ideas that may be palatable to a plurality when swallowed in whole.

A succession of presidents–each more malign–have utterly gutted border enforcement. And given evolving legal interpretations of vast discretion, it seems almost quixotic to expect a sterner law to enforce itself. I would give them the amnesty…for a price:

* As a result of persistent executive recalcitrance, create an office of immigration enforcement with an administrator nominated, funded, and reporting to a house sub-committee overseeing the effort.

* Reinstate and codify the no public charge doctrine. Divest new immigrants of welfare qualification.

* Establish onerous immigration processing fees. Make the process costly and painful.

* Obviously a hugely more extravagant enforcement apparatus including crippling fines on employers.

* End birthright citizenship

* Reduce the annual quota by any means or amount possible.

Offer reparations in exchange for a defenestration of the so-called civil rights apparatus. The price tag will be very high; pay it. Every black citizen as of some prior date receives a large cash payout. In exchange, affirmative action is outlawed along with the concepts of disparate impact and “protected classes.” Most importantly the civil rights act is modified in the legislation to explicitly enshrine freedom of association protections.

Four trillion pays $100,000 to every man, woman, and child. That would be difficult to refuse–and would be spent by next Friday. A value at almost any price.

Finally, regarding crime: make every interracial violent crime automatically attach to “hate” enhancements. Take away prosecutorial discretion except for determination of intent. I think the effects would be profound. And is the Left going to fight against expanding hate crimes? Let them commence with the argument.

Foreign Affairs
This would be the easiest to sell from a populist perspective. End foreign entanglements. Cut foreign aid. Close military bases and bring home the troops. McCain and Graham could be comped a private suite for a year at The Wynn to assuage the anguish of nuclear war averted.

The Economy
Dramatically cut financial incentives for underclass fecundity. Especially negative taxation provisions like the earned income tax credit. Match this with crushing taxation on the super-rich. Ease the burden on the middle class and offer substantial inducements to family formation with much higher income phase-outs for child tax relief.

Productivity and relatively high earning should not be punished. Parasitical plutocracy that seeks to undermine the nation for another endless dollar certainly should. And as an apt corollary–blanket Hollywood and the media (both public accommodations) in a blizzard of regulation and taxes. Would the Left dare to publicly complain about taxes on the rich? Let them.

Return the 10th Amendment from exile. This is not just a right-wing Easter basket. Leftists could plant a thicket of gun control and environmental laws in their states and localities. They could abort 27 year old children and walk nude with scrotums attached by chain to nostrils. They could same-sex bugger each other over a lunch of legal drugs and teach those values to their African, Cambodian, and Ecuadorean schoolchildren.

May they craft the environment best suited to their own disposition.

As an aside, I believe the eradication of Federalism by the Left has been perhaps the greatest undiscussed source of American misery. If we could all just live peacefully in communities of our own fashioning, we would harbor so much less enmity for those who make that impossible. But alas, the Leftist mind boils at the notion that somewhere others are living differently.

Require all instances of judicial review to go before the Supreme Court. This doesn’t eliminate the concept, but makes it far more unlikely and less common. One can overstate the baleful effect of judicial review only with a full quiver of adjectives. How many laws and referenda would now be comfortably ensconced if it weren’t for a battery of judges telling states and communities that their considered protections are incompatible with the constitution’s many unmined penumbras. California would still be an American state to give one slight example.

Because as we now know, the constitution–that defiled document–was nothing more than a suicide pact.

Offer protections. Raise tariffs. Punish corporations that outsource production or insource labor. Be outspoken in your defense of American workers. Republicans at some point came to view a dollar of wage as an unholy affront to profit. No sin has been committed when a man earns a living to support his family.

I will conclude with a proposal anathema to conservatives everywhere. It is counterintuitive to deeply held convictions…but you are being routed and course adjustments are necessary. Because Republicans are prohibited by their own cowardice from openly bidding for the votes of their natural constituency, they compete from a hugely disadvantageous position. Democrats openly bid for the votes of their disparate menagerie. Republicans have tried, and continue, to bid on the rich. Though with very little success. I’ll offer another choice far cheaper strategically…

Bid on government. Go to war for government. The vast majority of people have no idea of the difference between laws and regulations. Legislatures write the former; bureaucrats the latter. That is where tire impacts pavement. And the bureaucracy hates Republicans. Thus hostility is embedded throughout the entire leviathan. Hostility that thwarts practically every attempt to effect any meaningful change. It is sailing into a 50 knot headwind. And doing so for no victory other than pennies and rhetoric. Democrats use the bureaucracy. Republicans tilt at it.

Here is my advice: Outbid the democrats. Whatever you pay, will be returned tenfold in victory. Tell government functionaries scurrying about their mazes how highly they are valued. Tell them you want to raise their salaries dramatically. If the democrats agree, demand to double the raise. Keep demanding more until the democrats balk and then very loudly proclaim that it is them that is keeping your contributions from being recognized. Watch how long before it is liberal organizations being audited by the IRS. Before regulations are being written in a way that most benefits their political patrons. Government effects nearly every aspect of our lives. A canny politician is willing to pay more of other people’s money to purchase its loyalty.

A party may consider these ideas…or outreach offices in Detroit. Who can really speculate on which would be more effective?


6 thoughts on “In Order to Form a Less Abject Union

  1. It’s you who must find a way to effect change. You find yourself in the shoes of the founders. How to do this is a challenge, to say the least. But one thing must be remembered from history – who controls money controls all. It is no accident that the founders sought freedom from the Jewish central bankers that took over the British Empire by means of the Bank of England Act. It is no accident that on Christmas eve 1913 that weaklings and traitors sold the USA to those same Jewish Bankers, and subsequently into the financial slavery of a fiat currency issued as debt misleadingly called income tax and inflation.

    You will get no funding to effect the change that will save America from the Kalergi plan, because your enemies, my enemies, control the unconstitutional currency called the Federal Reserve Dollar. But those standing against you will have unlimited funds as a result of this treason.

    It will come to the gun, when all else fails. But they have anticipated this, and thus are breeding a proxy army of non-Whites around you, at your expense. If you haven’t yet read The Gulag Archipelago then I suggest that you do so, in order to fully understand the enemy mindset, and how utterly evil they are.

    Rise Caucasia. I can see no other way out for the generations to come.

  2. At least some of these reforms could be brought about easily by Republicans, in theory. But what people don’t realize is that they’ve long since stopped being the party that might save something of America. Political parties are now just the same poison in two flavours, which the voters have to drink every two years. The real power that decides the country’s future resides outside of the electoral process.

  3. God help those conservatards who think the Constitution is their rock-solid foundation – ghost shirt is a great analogy. Any erosion of the freedoms that document was meant to bestow is self-perpetuating. Ending freedom of association was probably the turning point, after which it should have been obvious that the Founders’ “posterity” could say good-bye to the “blessings of liberty” promised to them in the preamble.

  4. WTF is that about? I can’t see any suggestion as to the purpose of these weapons in news reports. They must be expecting a population explosion in some niche of the American ecosystem, one that hunting rifles can’t cope with. Has anyone tracked the birthrate among cows lately?

  5. By the time conservatives succeed in slowing down the gay marriage juggernaut, liberals will have succeeded in erasing the concept of sexual differences. So if two featherless bipeds want to form a union, the question of whether it’s “gay” or “straight” will be academic.

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