This Way Comes

As mentioned previously in these pages, I find evolving contemporary rhetoric from the Left to be quite bracing in its candor. Bracing because only men whose time horizon is too brief to buy a green banana should be unconcerned. Rhetoric creates mental frames…mental frames create permissible ranges of action. Ultimately, thoughts produce motion; and substantial signaling of that motion is underway. Current leftist language–crowed openly, unreservedly–is becoming overtly exterminationist. And is accelerating without the friction of dissenting temperance.

Go to any Left forum and express a desire for whites to perish–and feel secure in knowing the sentiment will be warmly received. In contrast, there is no opprobrium like that reserved for whites who prefer respiration and a vertical posture. This is not a mental milieu about which to be sanguine. And obviously the cosmos-spanning hypocrisy of saying the exact words about other peoples hardly bears mention. But there is a resolution to the WQ–they are now openly discussing it. And doing so with hearts hardened to task by love.

We want you and your kind dead.

I don’t want to die.


An exquisite example of loving eradication can be viewed in a recent facebook thread concerning a League of the South protest of the SPLC. There hundreds of comments accumulated featuring open racial antipathy interspersed with pristinely unselfconscious congratulations of left-wing tolerance and grace. These are minds sanded clean.

Some examples…

John McCarter: The Director of Business Development at Soluble Therapeutics, Birmingham, Al
“They will be dead soon. Just like their stupid ideas. Fare well, old scared white people.”

James W. Hess
Old white guys for sure. A dying breed that I wish would just hurry up and die already.

Chris Good Eagle from Denver Co
They are old and hopefully will be dead soon

Scott Richardson from Chicago, IL
Keep up the Support for equal rights, these dinosaurs above are dying but not fast enough

Anma Ingeana:
Don’t worry these guys will be dead in a few years

Patricia Hamilton of Lancaster California:
Sadly, all those old boys, and many of their children, may have to die off before they are silenced.

Tom Cleary:
Apparently you don’t read very much history. If you did, you’d understand that most of the hate, bigotry and injustice in America begins with white society, white organizations and white individuals.

Al Bloomy from the Sheridan Technical Center:
These white bigots need to die off

Barbara Bales from El Camino College:
old white men. pathetic old white men, that is. must suck to be standing on the wrong side of history

Linda Johnson, who works at Family Preservation Services:
Gross. Old White men.

Gloria Sofranko:
Old white men will die off soon.

Elijah Shalis from the Thomas M. Cooley Law School:
Take comfort that they are all old white str8 guys whom will die soon

Peter Gerstenzang:
Get the Black people out and burn that fucking state to the ground.

There are more. And the preoccupation with dead whites is palpable. Historically, people are well advised to take heed of others’ expressed desire for their deaths. And note, it is not merely elderly whites for whom their mortal yearnings are keen. But also “many of their children may have to die off before they are silenced.” Just let those implications marinate in your sub-conscious for a while. And as you are doing so, know this: that comment was upvoted.


5 thoughts on “This Way Comes

  1. Keep the post up. Hardly anyone mentions this obvious fact, that the Left and their assorted victim groups have the greatest hatred there is which they desire to fulfill in some Hollywood Nazi style mass gassing of Whites.

    What drives me crazy is our people saying “It’s PC gone mad!” or “these people are insane!” No, they haven’t gone crazy and no they haven’t lost the plot. The plot is as it has always been for them and they are going about its fulfillment methodically. The really, really, really do want you, and evryone related to you, dead.

    The Alt-Right is there for those who think they can pretend away the inevitable. Posts like this state the truth.

  2. “General Wesley Clark, then the supreme commander of the NATO alliance, said back in 1999. The subject was the NATO bombing of Serbia:

    There is no place in modern Europe for ethnically pure states. That’s a 19th century idea and we are trying to transition into the 21st century, and we are going to do it with multi-ethnic states.”

    Any resistance to the Jewish/Leftist Kalergi plan must ultimately face a prolonged bombing campaign by the USA. This is basically what the General said. I’m sure he doesn’t feel the same way about Israel. A Covington style revolution inside the USA would help immensely. American foreign policy, backed by the mighty US military, is essentially to turn every European city into Detroit.

    European nations need a secret police to commit low level “crime” under US ‘radar’ against Muslim and Negro immigrants to keep their numbers down until the USA collapses under the weight of it’s inevitable fall into the 3rd world. Only then would a much weakened US military be able to be defeated.

    Rise Caucasia.

    Quote from:

  3. There are very few real “lessons” in history, but here’s one that everyone on earth could take to heart;

    If someone says they want you and your people dead, believe them…

  4. looks like the contact email on the site goes to him – jnm@, john mccarter it seems. Someone would have to call the business.

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