There and Back Again

Just a few items of possible interest.

Those of you with the time and constitution will want to read this travelogue at your leisure. I have no idea what foreshadowing this may reveal to the world of our posterity. Probably best to focus attention instead on the NFL draft’s implications for the Dallas Cowboys’ secondary.


In 2008, we learned that detonating and ululating muslims were engaged in the foulest Anti-Muslim activities. The more infidel body parts they detach, the more Islam is victimized. Now we will be advised that rampant Israeli spying is just another despicable example of Anti-Semitism in the Levant. The more they steal, the worse we should feel.

And of course in America, where never is heard a non-racist word, it’s the lucid acknowledgement of ongoing macroaggressions that is the true tragedy.


12 thoughts on “There and Back Again

  1. Just hanging here with my mate listening to tunes, drinking stout and seeing as you got that vibe going on would share this one he just played:

    But, I won’t play it. Instead, here’s one that inspired me recently:

  2. I wish you great success in your nations annual slave auction tomorrow.

    Obviously us Australian nationalists regard your sport as played by faggots as your star players only play offense and refuse to take the field to get their finger nails dirty to tackle but in the interests of white solidarity I sincerely say may your province purchase the rights to many exceptional west african exports so you may bask in super bowl glory.

  3. We’re all Judeo-Americans now.

    Speaking of The Clash, did you know that Mick Jones is a Jew? One with extremely bad teeth. He, at least, unlike the others, *completely* bought into British sensibilities.

    Mick Jones wrote some pretty adept and scathing tunes of Judeo-America, very much unlike Strummer’s Communist leanings, like in his Straight to Hell and his worship of Ginsberg. Mick Jones, on the other hand, Jew and all, wrote Inoculated City, a scathing rebuke of our urge to rush into war all on account of TV advertisements (love the TV promo insert). This song, I contest, was stolen by Madonna for its bass beat on Material Girl:

  4. Note: Strummer has that One Eye Illuminati thing going on the album cover.

    Although Strummer got all the acclaim I would say that this is one instance where the Goy outdid the Jew in terms of talent to promotion. Mick Jones’ efforts with Big Audio Dynamite are second to none of The Clash’s solo careers (though Strummer’s work with the Mescaleros is sometimes worthy, notable “Global A Go-Go” and his cover of the Irish Traditional song for the film Black Hawk Down).

    One of the songs that got me through my late teens to early adulthood:

  5. Mrs always asks me “Why do you love these songs when you’re such a hating right winger”. Leaving aside the false terminology, I like the music and take the lyrics ironically. Like Pop Will Eat Itself’s “Ich bin Ein Auslander”; the most anti-Racist tune you will ever hear yet the whole thing sings to to the opposite.

    In concert with your post: Ich bin ein Ausländer (I am an outsider, a foreigner in my own land).

    • Mrs always asks me “Why do you love these songs when you’re such a hating right winger”.

      Sometimes I ask myself how I can continue to enjoy the Jefferson Airplane so much. Then again, we are all outlaws in the eyes of America.

  6. The wandering White. This is our diaspora.

    We will halt them at the Parramatta Bridge (who do you sing for?!):

  7. One of the most disgraceful threads in alt-right history, instigated by the gook marrying and mix-race kids bearing, jew-fetishisers that’s become the touchstone of all things Alterantive and not right.

    Note the White-American hating Laguna Beach Fogey chimes in several times.

    John Derbyshire • 2 days ago

    Evelyn Waugh scolded Irish-Americans for “dragging with them their ancient rancours and the melancholy of the bogs.” I second Waugh.



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    Reg Sipco John Derbyshire • 7 hours ago

    Why don’t you give up your “ancient rancour” Derbyshire?

    You easily “step over” the Irgun and all the vile things the Jews did to the Brits (see Sergeants Affair in Wikipedia if your philosemitism – more like fetish – allows you) yet you raise this ancient bile in a post.

    Ever read Buchanan’s “Churchill, Hitler, and “The Unnecessary War” How Britain Lost Its Empire and the West Lost the World”?

    Maybe you need to catch up on some history, mate. The Yanks sucked your nation dry and stole your empire.

    Yet, like the typical “dog in a manger” Pom you are you promote nothing but division and discord all on account of your miscegenating historical race hatred.

    Britain and the USA is going down the tubes, a forlorn and disastrous fact for all patriotic Whites, yet you have nothing but love for the Jews and hatred of the Irish.

    You are scum.


    Outside it’s Judeo-America!

  8. Noticed that the latest tour-de-farce masquerading as alternative-liberation-theology is writing posts shitbagging Sweden?

    Oh, yeah, Oz Conservative has fallen into a rut on the subject (though I must admit, I’ve never seen him post out of a rut).

    Why do bloggers post these point-and-sputter posts? Because they are contrasting themselves. (I like to answer my own questions.)

    You see this all the time: “Look over there! See that farce?! Now look at me!!!!!!” ///blogger says craving attention///

    Sweden is fucked. So what? Do we think it won’t happen to us sooner or later? Everywhere is fucked. Oz is fucked. America is fucked. Britannia is fucked and deserves it. Germany is fucked. France is fucked.

    Ever see that age old neocon joke: “But, what about the French?!!!”

    Surrender Monkeys!!!!!

    Lord save me from the vain, the neocons, the faux Whites. Lord save me from the Dark Enlightenment.

    Whites stick to these joke national identities and get to hating on some piss weak shibboleth of the other’s frailty. We all got royally arse raped throughout the 20th century. This is the truth. We fucked each other.

    No Anzac Day march can erase that. No Veteran’s Day. No VE Day. These are all tombstones on our blood, our soil, our flesh. Forget what was our nations. We are White. Unite.

    • See, what Mangan and Derbyshire are doing here is picking a White nation and going in for the kill. They say it to contrast themselves and their own imagined “success nation”, which they fantasise an association, with the latest news story. Mangan and Derbyshire, and their DE ilk, love kicking Whites and promoting themselves as above the fray.

      You won’t read Mangan or Derbyshire utter a word of similar scorn for the Jews, no sir. Matter of fact, Derbyshire even posted a link to a book about the English love affair with philosemitism approvingly when he got punted by the Jews who ran his magazine. Mangan, well, he’s HBD. Whatever is high IQ floats his boat. Give him a gook and he’s on his knees, worshiping, or whatever else comes naturally to lap-dogs.

      Sailer has been quoted approvingly recently by Mark Steyn. I suppose Sailer’s hits must have gone through the roof and his next pan-handling drive will be a big success. This, is the story of the alternative-right.

      Btw, did you see there’s a new HBD book released? It’s called “A Troublesome Inheritance”. The “Steveosphere” is all over it, but, alas, the mainstream isn’t, much to Sailer’s shock and sarcastic chagrin.

      Just the revolution we need. A 600 page opus to tell us what our eyes can see. Thank God we’ve got the Alt-Right fighting and publising books, posting blogs, moderating coments, etc etc all for us.

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