Something Wicked

The Fundamentals

The Fundamentals



South Seas Trading Company

South Seas Trading Company

Before continuing, I’d encourage any lingering readers to note the long historical price pattern of market mania in the examples above. And further to digest the fact that extreme market volatility is a function of human group psychology and not prosaic P&L considerations. And because these psychological patterns repeat throughout time and place, it is is incumbent on us to recognize where we reside in the crest of the wave.

This thought occurred recently in reading several expressions of potentially mortal hope littered about in online comments I have been futilely attempting to avoid. Sentiments paraphrased as…

* This cultural lunacy can’t last forever
* The Left is now just flailing about
* The pendulum has swung too far, it has to turn

All true enough, but none relevant. The question is not whether The Regime will expire–it will–but what is to remain of our civilization when it finally does. For us to predecease it will bring little mirth at its eventual dissolution.

In recent correspondence I expressed the belief that the odds are material that the US, and its Anglo remora, are entering a period of cultural frenzy. From a social perspective, “racism” is already a greater ostracizing agent than practically every actual crime. Raysis is the apogee of glittery-eyed zealotry. It is our modern societal cornerstone–somehow both novel and foundational. To clergy, it is the most malign affront to God’s grace–left strangely unmentioned by his own son. It is our totem. Our golden calf. And we are sanctified only through our Daily Reprehensions.

Denunciations of raysis have become so extreme that the language has been exhausted of terms to express the obloquy. But words won’t have long to await comparable actions. And if racism is the greatest evil in the world, then what should happen to racists? There’s a very unpleasant answer to that.


Though before reaching that disciplinary response, there is a well-trod path of hysteria to traverse. It reminds me of market psychology in every way. A long, flat period of nearly horizontal foundation laying. Followed by the beginning of an angled growth phase. This is where the battle is fought, where resistance is greatest, and skeptics are most outspoken against continued upward movement. Though once public dissidents (market “shorts”) have been destroyed, friction abates and price movement is determined only by the unanimous “longs” rushing in out of fear or greed to join the mania. At this point, the chart pivots to vertical: there are no sellers of The Regime, only buyers. And along this manic terminal trajectory is where the previously inconceivable is conceived.


To continue the market metaphor with the NASDAQ graphic above, I suspect the Left, taken holistically as simply a Western disembowelment project, is around Mid-1999 at 2,500. To traditionalists, the state of affairs already seems egregious given the doubling of the Left’s now cultural hegemony from just a few years prior. But millions of souls have suffered history’s greatest lament: failing to understand that it can get much worse.

An old value investing axiom holds that one shouldn’t go long the market until there is blood in the streets. I had hoped the indications wouldn’t be so literal.


8 thoughts on “Something Wicked

  1. Very interesting analogy. I think the worst thing that could happen would be that the powers that be could somehow freeze the situation at this level, so the graph would form a plateau – a slow, steady genocide stretching off into the future. If the situation exactly mimics financial bubbles, that’s obviously not possible. Also, I can’t detect any sign of the media taking a different direction at this point, which might indicate a belief that things have gone far enough. So it’s full steam ahead towards that precipice. We just have to do what we can to get our people to wake up before they’re slaughtered like cattle.

  2. I’d put us closer to 2000 or so, using the NASDAQ analogy, the greed and delusion phase, but there’s no doubt that the worst is yet to come.

  3. Phew- glad you haven’t hung up the cleats for good! White children need role models, too, without which they are easy prey to the rough streets and criminal underworld, err…Wall street and criminal mainstream. So please don’t burn out, my friend. We’ll take one post a month!

    Regarding the topic of this post … frankly I think we’re still very much in the “Awareness” phase — just a slow steady climb (sinuous, of course, as no market goes straight up), but we haven’t even seen a real bear trap yet. That may follow the next official recession/financial crisis (which could very well coincide with the 2016 elections).

    Consider these highly correlated assets (mid-cap, large-cap) … no bubble yet: note the steady money supply depicted at the bottom of the chart.

  4. …though I won’t contend it’s not overpriced even at free.

    Rest assured that anything you write always makes good reading, worth more than anything locked behind an MSM paywall.

    As for security, I’m sure everything posted online is recorded, stored, and checked for potentially subversive content by the various agencies using your tax dollars to keep America safe. One consolation might be that they’d have a job figuring out who’s on which side in the chaos that is the blogosphere, given the amount of trolling that goes on – there can be no objective proof that anyone’s expressed opinions are genuine.

    For a person to leave no trail, they’d have to have an Internet connection not registered in their name, (easy enough with prepay mobile broadband), exclusively for the expression of forbidden thoughts. If you used it even once for emails, online shopping etc., in your own name, the game would be up.

  5. Obviously, I understand your concerns. You have to do what you think is best for yourself and your family, and Lord knows that the dangers are real enough. Just know that your efforts are appreciated out here in the wild blue, and that anything you choose to post will be much appreciated. God be with you and yours, and remember, as Jerry Pournelle says, despair is a sin…

  6. This is also paralleled by the colonisation/decolonisation curve which is described as a sine wave detailing the

    honeymoon novelty of the beginning,

    the envious up-slope whereby the natives resent the more powerful and dominant colonisers,

    the betrayal phase whereby the guns and apparatus of the colonising power are turned upon them by a more numerous native upstart and somwhat miscegenated population,

    the subsequent “we dyin’ here” down-slope when the protective hand and technological luxuries of the colonisers, now hunted to extinction, are all but gone

    the come back Whitey phase,

    the initial honeymoon novelty of the beginning

    wash, rinse repeat ad nauseum

    Look at any ancient civilisation now in ruins. The Mayan, Egyptian and Chinese pyramids all bear striking similarities. It is as if a superior people landed there, interacted with the natives, taught them to build, perhaps integrated somewhat and were then turned on by the envious elevated natives and destroyed. The natives subsequently are unable to sustain the level of civilisation and regress. Much like the loss of capacity to maintain sewage treatment works in South Africa due to affirmative action hires.

    I wonder will future people look upon ruined skyscrapers in Detroit and muse on how the native tribal inhabitants were ever able to build those magnificent structures. It must have been from some golden age of their history, similar to the Mayans and the Egyptians of course.

    I suppose what is novel in today’s world is that there exists a sort of reverse colonisation whereby if the superior do not go to the inferior the inferior will be brought to the superior. Unprecedented in history. I can’t help but feel someone has an agenda in this.

  7. Administrator: Do you know that U.S. births of gentiles of European descent (“racists”, for short) also follow this same pattern? Steady growth and foundations; “baby boom”; drop off; brief spike (Vietnam deferment babies); continued drop; “boom-let”. I reckon we’re at mid-2001; NASDAQ 2500.

    Keiser: many tales among the Amer Indians of blue-eyed gods who brought agriculture, medicine, and peace.

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