Through a Weekend Quickly

Briefly today…

California House of Representatives is unanimous: Obama ManGodPig. He doesn’t require his subjects to fight, only to kneel.

A bill that passed the Assembly with unanimous bipartisan support Thursday encourages California schools to teach students about the racial significance of Barack Obama’s presidency.

The Assembly approved AB1912 with a 71-0 vote and no debate or discussion. It now heads to the state Senate.

The bill by Assemblyman Chris Holden, D-Pasadena, asks state education officials to include Obama’s election in history and social studies standards laying out what students are expected to learn.

High school history students already learn about recent presidents. But Holden says lessons about Obama also should focus on what his election meant for racial equality and civil rights.

He said on the Assembly floor that the 2008 election “should not just be a mere footnote within textbooks, but rather focus on the significance of Americans overcoming our nation’s past and acknowledging that Americans are moving in the right direction.”

The bill says the election was a “historic step in the effort towards equality in the United States” and that previous elections in the nation involved intimidation and physical violence that prevented millions of African-Americans from voting. It also commends Obama for his work as a community organizer who registered voters after he graduated from Harvard Law School.

The state Board of Education is expected to update academic standards during the 2015-16 school year and does not have to follow lawmakers’ recommendations. Textbooks could be updated within five years, likely after Obama leaves office.

I’m trying to recall a scenario in which a political party was unanimous in deifying an opposition president that was still in office. Nothing comes to mind.

The almost complete collapse of mainstream political resistance on the right is something to behold with terrible wonder. And to hear the term “equality” deployed in context of a countrywide anti-white preference apparatus is to ponder what they might mean by “inequality.” I fear our children will learn the answer.


John McCain regrets he has only two middle fingers to give conservatives.

My friend Hillary.

Clinton, a prospective 2016 Democratic presidential candidate, will appear on stage Saturday with McCain at the Sedona Forum, an annual ideas festival hosted by the McCain Institute for International Leadership at Arizona State University. Clinton is among the national and international business leaders, philanthropists and public figures appearing at the gathering, held in Sedona, the tony red-rocks oasis in Arizona’s Verde Valley.

In a statement released Thursday, McCain called Clinton “my friend” and praised her public service career.

It’s almost unfathomable to imagine that we were actually fortunate in the 2008 presidential election results, though I think the ledger is fairly balanced on the question.

John McCain truly deeply hates conservatives. The anguish of asking for their votes six years ago was nearly so debilitating that he practically refused to do it. Of course this in no way inhibited Arizona republicans from trundling to the poles to reelect him to the senate two years later.

We can only wonder at how many Mexicans he would have personally marched north over the border at gunpoint. Their piteous appeals to remain in Guadalajara breaking upon his cold countenance.

“Please senior, we want to stay here.”

There’s not enough buses for you to stay here,” he would growl ordering soldiers’ bayonets to the ready.

And of course, we would almost certainly be engaged in history’s first major five-front war. With simultaneous theaters of combat in Russia, China, India, Syria, and Texas.

What to call these times…Kakistocracy perhaps.


4 thoughts on “Through a Weekend Quickly

  1. Fifty or so years ago, there were certain basic beliefs that united both parties, many of which were considered so obvious that it would be ridiculous even to mention them, e.g. that there were some ineradicable differences between races and between the two sexes, that marriage could only be between a man and a woman, etc. Nowadays, the situation has flipped 180 degrees, and it’s the denial of these basic facts that unites all people in politics who wish to be considered respectable. Granted, there are some stalwart Republicans who say they’ll hold out forever against, say, gay marriage. But experience of “conservative” pusillanimity has shown that “forever” can mean the time it takes Sheldon Adelson to reach for his cheque book.

  2. Is it really a gaffe? Does anyone — even couch-potato, negro-worshipping fanbois — really believe the “N” in NBA stands for “National” anymore?
    I was going to mention this story in your miscegenation thread, wrt the first “interracial dating” jpg. Sterling, an old “white” jew, was dating a young blaxican, which, mournfully, was unable to cure his raycism. Maybe he was only half-trying, and needs to go Full Negro to have a real chance at it.
    I always got a kick out of seeing Sterling’s full-page “I’m Not Racist” ads in the LA Times… every… single… day, announcing he was giving “community” awards to some blacks, or some blacks were giving him an award [for giving them money to prove he’s not a racist]. I wonder if the grift will continue as if nothing happened, or if he needs to double-down on his NAACP bribes and ad purchases, or if it’s “just so bad” now that he’ll just give up the charade.
    And will anyone ask aloud, Why was his supposed-girlfriend recording a face-to-face conversation with him? If she was afraid of getting “domesticly violenced”, I could understand needing evidence for the cops. But since that didn’t happen, and he didn’t call her a half-nigger P.O.S. or anything outlandish, one can only conclude her main intention was to publicly humiliate him, following the example of Mel Gibson’s Russian whorefriend. Maybe she’ll use this to springboard to Kardashianish fame, by dating a series of n-words and recording a rap-hop album.

  3. Despite being a sports fan I’ve always had an instinctual hatred of the game of basketball. Probably this is due to it being an utter bludger of a sport, rivaling even Australian Rules Football in it’s ghastliness.

    Though I shouldn’t overlook the cultural reasons for my loathing either. For instance It’s no surprise that the black wigger Obama is a fan of the game. I once saw a ‘review’ of his style of play by Tucker Max. A more apt examination would be how basketball provided Baz with a sense of cultural connection to black Americans denied to a half-African Hawaiian raised by whites. The game itself is obviously rather girly too which would appeal to someone of Baz’s mindset. He doesn’t seem like the type who would like to get his fingernails dirty.

  4. The real outrage is that this cuckolded white boy thought he could avoid the public humiliation. Why was she even with him; she’s probably a racist herself. There should be some law like for that white boy that was lynched on Brokeback; we need to add some Christopher-Christian amendment to the Civil Rights Act.
    [אונדזער אַלט מענטשן מוזן זיין פּראָטעקטעד קעגן די ווישאַסניס פון פרעמד כאָרז]

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