Progressive Mating


When I was a young man it was scandalous. The solemn redoubt of a few wretched, ostracized,and spiritually broken girls. Fat, flat, and flawed…it seemed the last refuge for the long left flank of femininity’s bell curve. Miscegenation. Race mixers. It was a mark that never left some, with many young guys simply writing off those who committed this most visceral of betrayals. It was as if the girl had rendered herself anti-sexual. Men simply stopped seeing her as female.


But this was all just on the cusp of the mental pandemic that has since so devoured the West. It was in a seemingly ancient epoch when “raysis!” elicited not horror and cringing, but amusement and indifference. When grown men comported themselves with some honor and pride, rather than as groveling, effete courtiers.

But those days, much like heterosexual priests and boyscouts, are for a time that never again will be. I suppose one day soon in order to speed-up the process, the SPLC will launch a campaign christening the pejorative, “Food Devourer!” Within five years time starving and crazed whites will be ratting each other out for consuming an apple. “No, I swear I’m not a food eater. I mean, I love food and would never eat it. He’s the one who hates food…devourer!”


White women have been liberated to pursue their basest inclinations–apparently with the tacit approval of their own now gelded fathers. And this is exactly where the subverted societal phallus was always going to be plunged. Women will forever be the soft vulnerable fulcrum of a society. They bear its future, and a healthy one goes to every length to protect them both physically and culturally. In this our failure couldn’t be more manifest. Men are the guardians of a civilization and women are the spoils when they are defeated. We didn’t even fight.

And over time, impressionable, pliant young women–our least combative and most conformist– were told, with hardly a peep of rebuttal, that sex with other races was just as acceptable as with their own. The default was switched to neutral. But the left is now moving on from that anachronism.


The next stage will be in transitioning the white female default to non-white preference. The tool? What else…Raysis.

I won’t bother quoting the article penned by some covetous subcon. It’s pablum so predictable to readers here that any one of us could reproduce it with far more flair and persuasiveness. The content is irrelevant other than as an animal urinating on a tree. The Left are marking territory. They are laying foundation. At some point will begin admonishments in the media against “racist” dating. Talk shows will begin to feature cowed young white women before a panel of antagonistic anti-whites demanding she justify her decision to “hate date.” A great many will not possess the faculties or fortitude to do so. She will be scorned and ridiculed as a parade of eligible men-of-color saunter past. Desperate and confused, she will break and exclaim her wild attraction for one of the vibrant suitors as the audience explodes rapturously. The relief of her escape will be palpable.

And all of the women watching at home will soak up the subliminal like a maxi-pad. It won’t at all be necessary to move women immediately to vibrant oral genuflections. All that is needed is a pivot in the default mindset. To make non-whites the safe easy acceptable choice. One that will elicit no badgering or accusations…and white men subsequently the selection of defensive haters. Do this and the weight of numbers, already grievously unfavorable, will become our silent assassin. For how many women are truly so malign as to willingly bring racist white babies into this innocent world?


I’m sure to our enemies Haiti 1804 has a lusty appeal, though TFR is a tool so much cleaner. And how appealing must it be for them to simply talk those whose company is found tedious into walking off the Earth. As Uncle Joe once murderously mused: To choose one’s victims, to prepare one’s plans minutely, to slake an implacable vengeance, and then to go to bed – there is nothing sweeter in the world.

Cheers and goodnight.


7 thoughts on “Progressive Mating

  1. “And it doesn’t matter if it’s exactly what they wanted.”

    To whom does “they” refer in this sentence?


    What does TFR stand for?

  2. TFR = Total fertility rate. And yeah, why wouldn’t it be “raysis” not to date someone based on their race? I mean, free association was pretty much declared illegal back in 1964.

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