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What might occur within institutions erected by America’s founding population once those antique people have been subsumed and replaced? Will their works still remain round the decay…or will only a colossal wreck stand as ghettos stretch away?

Certainly no one manning these cultural parapets will wonder. Our institutions, our society, and our ethereal ballet of modern civilization do not live detached from their creators. Examples of this are abundant; yet comprehension remains a fugitive.

And so while still at-large, let us apply contempt with considered measure…to the education of urban treasure. Chicago public schools introduce new curriculum.

Chicago public schools are set to introduce a new Afro-centric curriculum, according to a closely-guarded copy obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

The curriculum covers kindergarten through tenth grade and is designed to align with Common Core. It includes a web link to TheAfrican.com, a website whose publisher decries “fake-Jews” and calls the United States a “Zionist-occupied enemy territory.”

The site also claims that the world will end sometime this year [pollyanna] and that President Barack Obama is “merely another trick of [the beast of the 4th Kingdom].”

“CPS has taken great pride in developing a yearlong, interdisciplinary African and African-American studies program that will enrich the understanding and appreciation of African and African-American history and culture to help build stronger and more cohesive student communities,” said Chicago Public School chief executive Byrd Bennett in an announcement of the curriculum, dubbed IAAAS.

CPS began developing IAAAS after a push last year from groups that wanted to implement a state law passed in 1990 that required public schools to offer one unit on African-American history.

But CPS went above and beyond, implementing the curriculum across all core disciplines, which include literacy, mathematics, science, social science, the arts, physical education and health.

“The law said it had to be one unit devoted to the history of African-Americans,” Annette Gurley, CPS chief officer of teaching and learning told the Chicago Tribune in 2013. “What we’ve done is we’ve taken it throughout the year for all subjects, not just one subject.”

But some of the subjects, including those discussed at TheAfrican.com, are heavily controversial. The Chicago curriculum topic discussed at TheAfrican.com is “The Black Athena,” a book written by historian Martin Bernal. Sixth and ninth grade Chicago students will discuss the book and an accompanying full-length Youtube documentary.

In the work, Bernal claimed that ancient Greeks stole much of its civilization from Egypt, which, Bernal asserts, was populated by blacks. The Chicago curriculum entertains rebuttals to Bernal’s theory but skews heavily in its favor.[Have you ever heard of Plato?Aristotle? Socrates? Thieves.]

Ron Fritze, a historian, the dean of Athens State University, and author of the book “Invented Knowledge,” says that Bernal’s theories are not historically accurate and have no place in Chicago schools.

Chicago fifth graders will be exposed to another controversial and widely-criticized theory in Ivan van Sertima’s “They Came Before Columbus.” Van Sertima, who taught at Rutgers University, theorized that Africans populated the Americas well before Columbus.

But critics largely panned the work. In a 1977 New York Times book review, archaeologist Glyn Daniel called van Sertima’s work “ignorant rubbish” and labeled it “myth and folklore.”

“I and most historians of exploration consider ‘They Came Before Columbus’ to be very wrong in its contentions about African voyages to the Americas,” he told TheDCNF.

Nevertheless, the IAAAS curriculum provides a unit on the work that includes links to seven-part Youtube video series.

Laid out in the curriculum are pictures with arrows drawn to help guide teachers’ lessons. One asks, “Is the water under the ‘boat’ telling us that these people traveled over the ocean from a place with pyramids?” [Are the dollars on the EBT telling us that we better hone our grievance peddling if we want to eat for free?]

The Chicago curriculum does focus heavily on well established history and events — including discussions on slavery, the histories of black inventors, the civil rights movement and President Obama.

But other sections also delve into controversial areas. The eighth grade literacy section unit, titled “Being an Advocate to Social Justice,” directs students to the website for the American Civil Liberties Union. It also includes a poem titled “Racism is Around Me Everywhere,” cartoons from the website LeftyCartoons.com, and it encourages discussion of Attorney General Eric Holder’s infamous “nation of cowards” quote. [We at the Kakistocracy remain committed to fulfilling Mr. Holder’s yearning for a discussion of race.]

The ninth grade literacy section encompasses a study of the Pan African Movement. Teachers are encouraged to engage their students in debate over voluntary segregation. “Have someone read the following resolution, Resolved: voluntary segregation promotes growth in a diverse community. Teams then participate in a graded formal debate.”

Tenth graders are introduced to “critical race theory,” which holds that institutional racism and white privilege are pervasive throughout society.

Of course to most whites all of this will seem tragic and absurd. A once cherished institution used to prepare young minds for adulthood, now a tool of Afro fantasy whoring. And, of course, you pay the bill. As whites are shunted aside, their societal magic evaporates as the mist.

Though from the perspective of these black Americans it is not preparatory work without utility. For when so much of their wealth, health, and simple eating is contingent on preferences and transfers, the young youths are far better served mastering the mechanisms of extracting these concessions than in muddling through differential equations. Math will probably not provide Goofname with a lifestyle to which he would like to grow accustomed; mau mauing whitey demonstrably will.

And so they educate their young according to their own temperament, abilities, and return on investment. Do we expect anything different with our money?


4 thoughts on “We Curriculum Now

  1. “Bernal claimed that ancient Greeks stole much of its civilization from Egypt…”

    Nearly spilled my tea! “Hey! You done stole my sibilization! Gibs it back!”


    • Shaun, the notion that whites “stole” civilization (or aspects thereof) is accepted wisdom among many blacks here. Left unexamined is the premise that knowledge evacuates one mind as it is acquired by another. So gleaming African civilizations fell to ruin as whites absconded with the ideas that were no longer conceivable to their black creators.

      For instance, as black Chicago educators teach their charges about white malevolence, the knowledge will be voided from their mental repositories as it passes to the pupils. And so obviously a carousel of black grievance holders will be required to maintain the curriculum as each one in turn is drained of his antipathy. The knowledge can not reside in two minds simultaneously and in this case being not stolen, but willingly given away.

      It’s a dilemma that no doubt consumes the best thinkers in the Chicago Public School system–that is until the concern is passed on to another party.

  2. Is the African psyche socialist in nature? The ‘zero-sum’ theory pervades in many facets of their subconscious. Outliers to the right of the curve are rejected as a matter of course. Babies, who are outliers in chastity and venereal hygiene, are raped to cure AIDS. Albinos are cannibalized to distribute their magic powers. Fauna are left undomesticated to avoid a cross-species societal pecking order. Did perhaps the Suebi peoples venture into Africa to steal the foundations of national socialism? Those thieving devils!

  3. As absurd as it is, this “curriculum” is probably not a whole lot worse that what is taught in most American schools today, and might be better in some ways. I mean, how many middle-class white kids get to debate the proposition ‘Resolved: voluntary segregation promotes growth in a diverse community” ? If this means that some cracks are developing in the lefty worship of “integration”, bring it on!

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