For a Minimum Rage

I have long advocated for a minimum acceptable threshold of resentment, scorn, derision, and rage from the American-American nation toward the treasonous state and its remora in the media and academia. Any state of complacency and composure below fury to be sanctioned by civil monetary penalties and public ridicule. And it is because a certain mental state must be achieved before resistance can be induced that I spend little time on specific policy prescriptions. Most public sphere debate occurs within absurdly narrow boundaries, with nearly all topics of import now roped-off as beyond “acceptable” discourse. The only national policy items that may be openly contested are:

* Tax rates
* Gun control
* The extent to which immigration will be increased
* Which and how quickly illegals will be be sanctified
* Which countries are most deserving of our military attentions
* What transfer payments to whom will most benefit blacks
* Which whites are racist

Little else comes immediately to mind. And little import is carried in these topics while our people are being dispossessed and demonized. Is there any conservative who actually cares about the capital gains tax rate for his replacement population? If so, have you ever attempted to mine your psyche for the reason why?

These ruminations were triggered in regard to one other policy item that is possibly permissible for public mastication: the minimum wage law. I had some thoughts after reading a Vox Day post of a 0Hedge post. This will be a post of a post of a post. Derivative trading that would make Wall Street teeth gnash with envy.

Zerohedge and other economic globalists don’t understand the real benefit of minimum-wage laws:

Most of our readers probably know what we think of minimum wages, but let us briefly recapitulate: there is neither a sensible economic, nor a sensible ethical argument supporting the idea.

Let us look at the economic side of things first: for one thing, the law of supply and demand is not magically suspended when it comes to the price of labor. Price it too high, and not the entire supply will be taken up. Rising unemployment inevitably results.

However, there is also a different way of formulating the argument: the price of labor must not exceed what the market can bear. In order to understand what this actually means, imagine just for the sake of argument a world without money. Such a world is not realistic of course, as without money prices the modern economy could not exist. However, what we want to get at is this: workers can ultimately only be paid with what is actually produced.

As Mises has pointed out, most so-called pro-labor legislation was only introduced after enough capital per worker was invested to make the payment of higher wages possible – usually, the market had already adjusted wages accordingly.

However, unskilled labor increasingly gets priced out of the market anyway, which is where the ethical argument comes in. If a worker cannot produce more than X amount of goods or services, it is not possible to pay him X+Y for his work. Under minimum wage legislation he is condemned to remain unemployed, even if he is willing to work for less.

In Switzerland, the unions have recently managed to get the demand for minimum wage legislation on one of the quarterly referendums in the country.

Vox Day Responds:

The purpose of the minimum-wage laws have nothing to do with socialism and everything to do with nationalism. This should be obvious by the at-first-glance outlandish proposal to raise the Swiss minimum wage to $25 per hour. But once you understand that Switzerland has learned from the example of the USA and the EU states and is battling to avoid being overrun by cheap-labor immigrants from Africa and Eastern Europe, and the brilliance of the political tactic becomes apparent.

The entire justification for importing tens of millions of Mexicans is the reduction of labor costs, thereby resulting in tremendous damage to the social fabric, the destruction of the middle class, and a permanent change in the political system. All of this can be avoided by raising the minimum wage to a level that ruins the value proposition of the immigrant worker to the large corporations.

As a general rule, the Swiss are among the sanest of nations. If you are asking if they have gone insane, that is a good reason to assume you are missing something. Americans who are interested in salvaging any vestige of traditional America should push hard for raising the minimum wage to at least $20 per hour.

I have and will argue with unassailable confidence that reduction of labor costs is a secondary rather than primary benefit to the business lobby from Init-great-tion. The primary benefit being the generation of more consumers, which generate additional revenue, which reflect succulent growth on income statements, which make stock prices levitate and shareholders ejaculate. Companies that achieve growth by cost cutting have dismal PE multiples. Companies that achieve growth through top-line expansion create battalions of paper billionaires. Growth. Always understand this is what drives cancer cells and corporations.

And as I have asked before, do Somalis buy more iPhones living in the Mog or the Minn? Do Mexicans purchase more appliances South of the border or North? The more people that be can migrated into consumer status, the better for business. And consuming requires disposable income. Income that can not be generated natively must be transferred. And no one transfers more income than the good ole Uese.

But to 0H and VD’s disagreement: Imagine what word of an American $20+ minimum wage would trigger across the world, though particularly in our hemisphere. Imagine the immediate impact on Central American peasantry of learning that the lowest possible wage in El Norte was $20/hour. Now imagine how many Amerinds can ride atop northbound Mexican trains. The incentive for risking life and apprehension to come here illegally would increase dramatically. And how would we offset this escalated valve pressure…with greater border security? Certainly we could just as certainly as we won’t. So they would swarm here by the more millions searching for their Gringan El Dorado.

And of course, some of them would find it. Many fast food/grocery store type businesses would happily betray their own to hire “responsible” adult Amerinds over callow American teens for the same price. Which would leave job prospects for the latter at practically nil. White kids would become the new illegals. Working off the books at sub-minimum wages to have any work at all. The youths would, of course, remain sanguine in their role as societal entropy generators.

And for the great waves of Mexicans who could not secure lucrative minimum wage positions? Do readers envision these people returning to the dusty destitution of their homelands, or remaining here safe and comfortable in burgeoning like-communities of fellow colonists–all subsidized in every manner by the despised and ever more distant gringos? Is it even close?

I am not wholly opposed to the minimum wage gambit in dealing with the migration problem. Though if used in no harmony with other regulatory and enforcement tools, it would be a magic bullet…put through our own brain pan.


11 thoughts on “For a Minimum Rage

  1. VD is right on the money with this statement: “The purpose of the minimum-wage laws have nothing to do with socialism and everything to do with nationalism.”

    Oz has had a national minimum wage far higher than many countries for some time:

    The national minimum wage is currently $16.37 per hour or $622.20 per 38 hour week.

    Casual employees covered by the national minimum wage also get at least a 24 per cent casual loading.

    For award and agreement free junior employees, the percentage scale in the Miscellaneous Award 2010 is applied to the national minimum wage.

    Such things were enshrined in law when we were a nation, rather than the economy we’ve become. The Right has pushed for a reduction in penalty rates, minimum wage and other workplace guarantees for the last decade or so. The Right are also big proponents of what is called “a big Australia”, by which they mean massive immigration rates. The Left are on board that project as well, the difference being the Left do it to undermine the racial and cultural basis for the erstwhile nation whereas the Right do it to undermine wage rates and increase consumption, as you point out.

    The other major factor driving massive immigration is the banking and finance sector along with the property market. Chinese investment, along with historically high immigration rates are driving property prices through the roof. The average house now in Sydney is far beyond the capacity of the majority of young couples to afford.

    Free trade, most of all, has undermined the nation. One cannot freely trade with nations whose minimum wages, weekly hours, and other workplace standards are far inferior to ours without a collapse of those standards it took decades, if not a century or more to achieve.

    The root of this anti-national policy by both sides of politics comes from the untethering of the nation from a distinctive racial/ethnic type which occurred by degrees with the dismantling of the White Australia policy. Today Australia is no more than an economy, maintained by Racial Vilification laws to ensure there is no rearguard action that might bring back the natural concept of nation.

    It’s absurd to think that a nation which defines itself by ideals rather than firmly rooted in a people will ever last long. But, the Right aren’t in it for long term, they are in it for short term profit. The Left are in it for one-world government.

    The fact that we do still hold to anachronistic attitudes and laws with regard minimum wage etc in the face of the overwhelming forces of Judeo-American bloodsucking practices is simply do to both sides shoring up their electorates until the final dismantling can be achieved.

  2. Now imagine how many Amerinds can ride atop northbound Mexican trains.

    Flotillas of Marias serving flatizzas. Mama mia!

  3. I understand your point and maybe I even agree. I already get paid at least two or three times what my incompetent wet back co-workers are paid by my pro-colonization employer. If monkeys could read, they’d be smarter than they are. There are swarms enough of them hanging on to whatever is heading north as we speak, but there are still lots of jobs that they simply cannot do that pay minimum wage right now, and there are white kids doing them. If the minimum wage is raised to twenty bucks an hour, my boss wouldn’t be able to hire as many monkeys and white kids correctly filling orders at crappie retail jobs might actually think about having kids of their own. Just a possibility however unlikely, but I’m a dreamer. (As a disclaimer, I have a kid who has a crappie retail job and a college degree.)

  4. The only way a $20 min wage could be good for nationalism, is it might give the natives something to fight for. Whites are not going to form gangs and PACs to win back the strawberry-picking or toilet-scrubbing or burger-flipping jobs. But if those jobs suddenly became worth $40,000/yr — and if the min.wage is $20/hr, you will NEED $40k just to eat in the new economy where inflated wages will inflate prices on everything — then maybe they would wake up and get serious about running the locusts the fuck outta here. Maybe. You also see a few black faces at anti-wetback rallies, because it was mostly black jobs that were taken over by the spicks. So you’d see some pushback from blacks, at the street-level and the Jesse Sharpton Coalition level. (Not that anyone cares about their struggle or needs their alliance)
    But, as a standalone act, raising the wage here would just be retarded. First, you’d have to get rid of the unnaturalized immigrants. All of them. Then you’d have to impose huge civil and criminal penalties for employing non-citizens. And right now, the political will is not there for any of that. If we could get rid of them, the wages would end up rising to market demands, as there are no scabs to haggle the wages down.
    As one of his commenters said, “Vox just trolled his own blog” with that idea.

  5. I like your term “Amerinds:” was it coined here by you? It robs those people of the hyphen they fought for (maybe a bit, at some point, maybe) and rips away any namesake determinism from them.

    The etymology behind ‘mestizo’ actually implies a base foundation of half- or mixed-White genes. ‘Mountain gnome’ is clunky and doesn’t really smear the high-caste Spaniards who happily earn their millions dominating that foul underclass. ‘Beaner’ and ‘wetback’ are more simple and to the point, but lose poignancy when those candidates are admitted directly into the Harvard undergrad student body.

    What is the best slur to diminish a descendant of the Incan/Mayan/Aztec trilogy of empires, so that I might confer maximum contempt and inspire the most tears into such a weakling? I like how “Amerinds” dances upon the threshold of PC thanks to the capitalization and as-yet unsullied reference to actual genetic heritage. Sort of like how the “ab – originals” were the founding stock of Australia, if only in some “ab – universe.”

  6. Phalluster: “What is the best slur to diminish a descendant of the Incan/Mayan/Aztec trilogy of empires”
    “mexican” — with a lowercase ‘m’, because regardless of what country they came from, they’re all just mexicans.

  7. Sorry for trolling, but as you know they come for the benefits not the wages.The attractant was established with the misinterpretation of the fourteenth amendment, not employment. Besides, if automation and kiosks replace my people, they are anti-human and evil. I wish white people would stop thinking of things like that. We put men on the moon without that shit. Hows that for optimal insanity?

  8. How about [Ed: let’s keep it vaguely peaceful] of . . . no, I better not write the name of the bastard here.

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