Mr. School Board Chairman, We Must Not Allow a Diversity Gap!

diversity gap?

The San Diego school system has a problem. The same problem that is pandemic across vast swaths of the planet. Only 23% of the SD public school students are white. It is a demographic infirmity that millions of immigrants have committed astounding acts of love to escape from. So many have fought so hard to come live in a white country–only to see the dreamer’s dream now slipping through brown fingers.

Though what is even worse than a mestizo desire left unfulfilled is that the San Diego student body does not look like America. And this will not stand. We do not allow demographically unrepresentative institutions in this country. And so it is with alarm that we report, San Diego has a diversity gap. The following article will presumably address the school system’s efforts to recruit more white students and therefore redress the imbalance. Read-on…

As the San Diego Unified School District strives to diversify its workforce to better reflect its student body, a new report emphasizes the striking absence of Latino educators in the classroom.

The increasingly diverse student population of California’s second-largest school system has been underrepresented among the ranks of teachers and management for years — a disparity that has long fueled complaints about a lack of cultural sensitivity. [white students down to 23%. Solution: more mestizos]

Now, as the district takes on these complicated matters of race and inclusion, it has shined a light on the demographic mismatch between students and educators.

A diversity report, which Superintendent Cindy Marten distributed to the school board last month, will inform efforts to change hiring policies in time to fill vacancies from a wave of potential teacher retirements expected under an incentive package offered to veteran educators this year.

Whites account for 23.5 percent of students and 67.6 percent of teachers and counselors. Whites make up little over 61 percent of top district leaders, nearly 58 percent of principals and program managers, the report shows. [the teachers figures look almost exactly like America. Perhaps there is a principle gap as well. Though one standard is very unlike another, when your head gets shoved in the feces, brother]

“It’s time to talk about this, and it’s time to finally do something about it,” Marten said. “You can’t get away with a teaching force that only holds one point of view anymore. It’s not just about color, it’s about multiple points of view.” [Impressively absurd pops and crackles. Contra generations of leftist doctrine, each member of a race (entirely separate from color) now is understood to share a monolithic point of view. I’m eager to advise the NAACP of this revelation]

Latinos account for 46 percent of students and 19 percent of teachers and counselors, 24 percent of principals and program managers and barely 14 percent of senior leadership.[Latinos are over represented in all students, teachers, and principals by the LLA standard.]

Blacks, who account for a smaller portion of the student population, are better represented in the workforce when it comes to management jobs but lacking in the teaching corps.

Blacks make up 10.3 percent of students, and 5.6 percent of teachers. Blacks make up about 11 percent of senior leadership and 10.6 percent of principals and program managers.

Asians are also proportionately represented in district leadership, but are underrepresented among both teachers and principals. Some 13.6 percent of students are Asian, compared to 6.5 percent of teachers and counselors 5.9 percent of principals and program managers and 13.9 percent of the district’s top leadership.

Board Vice President Marne Foster in October raised questions about the lack of diversity in the management appointments made by new Marten in the early months of her superintendency. Those concerns — shared by Assemblywoman Shirley Weber — have driven initiatives to recruit a workforce that better represents the ethnic and cultural diversity of students.

The school board went on to hold a forum to discuss the Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman case in Florida, and it suspended educators involved in a Halloween blackface event that seemed to underscore cultural insensitivity issues for some in the community. Subsequent management appointments from Marten have included a more diverse group of employees than her earlier hires.

Meanwhile, as the district prepares to hire a new crop of teachers in the coming years, the school board is looking to reshape the so-called “teacher pipeline” at local universities and colleges.

In her report, Marten notes that it is illegal for the district to give preferential treatment in hiring to anyone based on race and gender. [Oh but we can openly lust]

“However, there is nothing in the law which prevents us from focusing recruitment efforts on attracting ethnically diverse candidates, or from putting into place mechanisms to ensure inclusion of employees of diverse backgrounds in the district’s decision-making process,” she said in the report.

For those unfamiliar with the mechanism of this ridiculous We can’t discriminate against whites and definitely won’t hire them gambit…it’s as simple as these dolts imagine to be cunning: they only interview at colleges or job fairs that feature non-white majorities. Then with feigned guilelessness offer a shocked We would never! if it were suggested they violated the law. We gave the (uninterviewed) white candidates the exact same opportunity as our diversities.

But San Diego public schools isn’t the only institution of learning that is moving beyond mine shafts. Western Washington University has grown weary of trite euphemism. it wants whites off campus now.

“In the decades ahead, should we be as white as we are today, we will be relentlessly driven toward mediocrity; or, become a sad shadow of our current self.”

The zebra murderers had some ideas

The zebra murderers had some ideas

The logical premise is plain and, of course, has nothing to do with Looking Like America. The desired number of whites in any place or position where they are the majority is: LESS. This in contrast to where they are in the minority: MUCH LESS. And the absolute perfect number of whites is…zero.

It’s macabrely amazing how placidly we tolerate such bland eliminationist rhetoric and policies. They’re worth remembering whenever you hear the persistent pablum of non-white grievances. Remember their true gripe: you exist.


2 thoughts on “Mr. School Board Chairman, We Must Not Allow a Diversity Gap!

  1. ISTM that, with the student body at 26%, and the teachers at 65%, whites still make up 91% of San Diego – not exactly a dream come true!.

  2. Silly me, I thought their “gap panic” was aimed at boosting the white student population above that pathetic 23%. More whites (and Orientals) leads to higher test scores, which increases the schools’ status, which increases property values in the district, which increases property tax revenue.
    With a nearly-50% mexican student body, they might as well replace the white teachers with inferior mexicans. Those kids’ intelligence is already set in concrete, so it really doesn’t matter who teaches them.

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