Will Europe Call Her Children Home?


I periodically wonder to what extent Europeans are feeling the quiet desperation of national loss now so lurid in America. Whether they have yet considered the despair that loss will etch into the faces of their unborn grandchildren. That visceral shudder as cold fingers extend around the neck. And when the available real estate of flight has finally expired, that bright coppery fear arising with the realization there’s nowhere left to flee.

Millions washing ashore year after year…their offspring multitudinous mouths. Every new maw representing another tick of the clock. Another precious moment of finite lives spent laboring to feed, house, heal, and “educate” the eagerly oppressed. And eager they are. Despite being reliably advised of the vicious racism that awaits, they clamber and swarm for entry. They climb, swim, and dig to enter an American hellscape where microaggressions are thick as corpses in the Ganges. Where innocent EBT-Americans may at any moment suffer the bitter sting of a disapproving glance…none to offer solace but the silent walls of Section 8. Yet despite this ceaseless torment, they persevere. Countless prognathic profiles in courage.

And in the face of this deluge we offer hardly a cleared-throat of protest. Only grim resignation and horrified smiles. Smiles meant to tranquilize our own fractious will to live, while signaling our success at doing so to others. I would deploy a cliche about the Twilight Zone, though I would be many years late.

It’s great that we’re becoming despised minorities in our own countries. A real good thing! And tomorrow…tomorrow’s gonna be a real good day!

Here, despite our hateful murmurs of apologetic discontent, mexicans laugh at the border and engorge themselves at the taxpayer trough. Youths rampage from the moment they are ambulatory and commit violence with the same exacting standards by which they copulate. And everywhere the charge of “racist!” hangs heavy as a guillotine’s blade.

As a result almost none who wish to remain employed speak beyond a whisper. Complaints are lodged only in code. But to a confidante I have heard the same sentiment many times: “I’d move my family out of this multikult sanitarium tomorrow if there were only a place to take them. But where?”

As the swarm devours their future, the urgency of this question will become almost primal. And if any of our ancestral homelands rise from their haunches to provide an answer, then there may be a day when Europe calls her children home.

I think many will come to answer.


11 thoughts on “Will Europe Call Her Children Home?

  1. Not so sure Sinn Féin takes the Kakistocracy line on immigration. Not an expert, but you might want to check out the National Independent Party. Hannagan, what do you say?

    • The Czech VV party (1) was not a nationalist party in any sense whatsoever, implicit or explicit (it was the political front operation for a private security contractor), and (2) doesn’t exist anymore. I’m frankly stumped how it ever got on the map. The current coalition Dawn party, although run by a Jap, is somewhat more frankly nationalistic.

  2. Love the article, excellent blog. So true about America and Americans. ANY voice against immigration, discussion of black crime, or heaven forbid, anti-semitism, puts a person’s livelihood in jeapardy. It is that bad, I’m not exaggerating-

    The Twilight Zone: when I was very young, I watched re-runs of this with my father. The show scared the $hit out of me for some reason, in spite of the fact that I didn’t really understand it. Go figure, there was good reason to be afraid.

    Keiser! I’m here…. :-). So sorry about my basketball rant, that was pretty “unladylike” to say the least. But I stand by it; it’s true.

  3. And in the face of this deluge we offer hardly a cleared-throat of protest. Only grim resignation and horrified smiles.
    Well, some are resigned. Some are eager. And I ain’t smiling anymore. Europa is wherever we are. It’s time to dig in. Do your pushups. Join a boxing gym. Put in your range time so that weapons manipulation becomes second nature. Get some tactical (not tacticool) training. Gather your supplies. Steel your mind. The future belongs to those who show up.

  4. HI Rachel,

    Lovely to see you. I read the basketball rant with glee. Modern Heretic has a particular bee in his bonnet about Kosher sport and African Tree Hockey. Viewing it as a method of distraction. He may be correct, in the same way that movies misrepresent the group average of the black populous so too do sports offer a skewed impression that all these good young “teens” that the news likes to call them are future “affletes” etc. I tend to agree, glad you do too 🙂

  5. “Another precious moment of finite lives spent laboring to feed, house, heal, and “educate” the eagerly oppressed”

    Quite right, I made a similar comment on this article which disingeniously trys to confound the Irish by telling them that they have a new disease which came during the boom. That dasterdly boom created a glut of ghost estate housing and it would seem a genetic disorder too!


    My comments for expediency sake… (there are many that echo them in the article)

    “Get over this “I’m not racist but” nonsense facts are not “racist” and who cares about some label that is used to silence legitimate concerns. Here we see yet another example of a burden imposed on us by mass third world immigration while our own are forced to leave. The author of the article has the nerve to dissimulate and leave out the facts that this is a genetic disorder that affects black people and tries to associate it on an emotional level with the “boom” No it is immigration that has brought this issue and it is now our problem. Get your wallet out! Thank mass immigration and “diversity” for all these benefits.


    “no one mention the third world mass immigration elephant in the room. Be quiet don’t be “racist” even if it kills you or you end up treating another ethnic groups genetic diseases at your expense, your children don’t need to eat nice food after all they can cut down on these things so your taxes can treat others”

  6. Sports siphon off huge amounts of tribal energy. My Facebook is full of conservative white folks who devote (literally) hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of their lives to college football while their world is falling down around their ears.

  7. “And if any of our ancestral homelands rise from their haunches to provide an answer, then there may be a day when Europe calls her children home.”

    Any White American considering relocating to Europe should consider Ireland. We still resemble America of the 1950’s demographically speaking. A caveat of warning ensure that you have work or a business you can establish. The economy/employment prospects are not great here at the moment to say the least. Ireland is also very “Americanised” culturally speaking as television is mostly UK, Irish and American in origin with some Ozzie.

    I surly speak for the majority in saying that we would be glad of you and your work ethic. You might be glad of green fields, White faces and a conspicuous absence of the “crips and bloods”

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