EMPs: They Practically Sell Themselves


Sometimes we sound a grim note here at the Kakistocracy. Sometimes it seems our enemies, traitors, and their corps of beatific dupes have scaled to unassailable heights…our resistance merely forlorn gesture. A middle finger from our ancestors to their replacements. Though sometimes there are prospects for hope. A gamma-ray burst of hope carried on an Unha-3 rocket.

It has been recently speculated that North Korea has the operational capability to deliver an electro-magnetic pulse attack on America.  According to strategists, the weapon could reach the country through an unguarded approach from the south (surprise!) that has never been considered by Strategic Command. And it would be bigotry if they did.

Allegedly such an outburst over center mass would annihilate all unprotected circuitry across the country rendering practically every computer and device that is reliant on electronics as Mr. Ziegler would say…inoperative. Transportation, electricity, food, water, and medical services…Gone. It would be quite an inopportune moment to be on either a ventilator or an airplane. And of the latter, it is estimated that up to 7,000 total aircraft are in the air at any given time over America. Hundreds of thousands of people are aloft above the US at this moment. Theoretically all would descend simultaneously in a most infelicitous manner.

Some claim those passengers would be the lucky ones. As three-day food stores were promptly consumed, faucets remained dry, and authorities nonexistent, one could reasonably expect the tranquility of our diverse urban sinkholes to be…challenged. The veneer of civilization would have approximately the same duration as a pizza coupon. But that’s a bit optimistic. I’d expect riots by the third day. Complete anarchy 48 hours later. Militias, warlords, raiding parties, and semi-organized race wars the next week. Liberalism would decidedly not be on the right side of history. For there is no incubator of racism quite like the view of modernity defrocked to reveal the tumescent barbarism beneath.

So could the barest trappings of civilization be restored to the point of covering that veiny dark erection before the murderous money shot? Could destroyed equipment be replaced enough to keep the hordes in a semi-normal state of violence and discontent? That possibility doesn’t look promising either. As I understand (and that is a small extent indeed), transformers are what is critical to the operation of the power grid. And Extra High Voltage (EHV) transformers connecting the grids and sub-systems have been described as “the foundation of our modern society. They are akin to what aqueducts and roads were to the Roman Empire. Our society can’t operate without them.” Continuing to describe this equipment, “EHVs are one of the most technologically difficult things to manufacture….(they) play a unique role in the grid, because each one is custom-made for the respective grids they power. They are hand-built.” Reportedly, EHVs require 18 months to construct and only Germany and South Korea presently do so.  So we don’t have that going for us…which isn’t nice.

Though how likely are one of these firecrackers to actually blue-screen the system? If comparable to the Carrington Event…very. “Telegraph systems all over Europe and North America failed, in some cases giving telegraph operators electric shocks. Telegraph pylons threw sparks. Some telegraph systems continued to send and receive messages despite having been disconnected from their power supplies.” The impact on electrical circuits would presumably be even greater now than in 1859. And given how firmly spiked the American nose is into every foreign orifice, it’s somewhat amazing we don’t have more EMP rockets overhead than commuter aircraft.

So a natural or contrived gamma burst of sufficient intensity could send America back to Antebellum following a societal Grand Mal. It’s difficult to determine whether that’s a promise or threat. But hey Kim do me a solid and wait till I’m off the plane.


One thought on “EMPs: They Practically Sell Themselves

  1. Best visualized in the book One Second After. Basically everything stops except for the zombielike gangs of marauding cannibals after a month or two.

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