Vote Gwendolyn Ward Osbourne Chapman

My Motto is: Move the change forward…to one love.

MY PLATFORM is: To build and MAINtain a strong economic foundation for the purpose of familyhood and unity. To be created in our collective work and responsibility toward knowledge, wisdom, and love.

The reason I KNOW I am the best candidate for this mayoriatorial race: I have a perfect financial economic plan.

The United States spends over a TRILLION dollars a year on product made of industrial hemp. Mississippi is an algebracultural state. We have a consitushunal right to take that SAME product that the united state spend in China, United Kingdom, and other countries.

We can USE that money.

So when you go to the poe and vote, vote Wenward Osborne Chapman. Cause that product that cannabis is made of:

* Cotton
* Corn
* Petroleum
* All that you can name of

And the important things about it: If there to be a nuclear warfare this plant would dissolve radiation…and…repel it.

Vote Gwen Ward Osborne Chapman…for mayor. And let’s rise from the P-bottom…to the top.

Thank you.


3 thoughts on “Vote Gwendolyn Ward Osbourne Chapman

  1. From the power-bottoms to the tops, she’s got the gay constituency covered. And with her chinky eyes platform, I imagine the Asians are also on board. If only she could find a way to appeal to black voters…

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