White Privilege Explained



Obviously this is the appeal of an extraordinarily obtuse tail-wagger who loves her artificially inseminated virtue far more than her already long-suffering betrothed. Why can’t he understand how he’s oppressing those who torment him?

The response is most risible in its grasping.  The latinos probably have it so much worse.  I mean not so much worse as to induce voluntary repatriation–but really bad.  And most poignantly, they can never escape. And this is what engenders such justifiable hostility to the ceaseless procession of immigration re-form initiatives. Every piece of proposed legislation includes provisions to tranquilize Amerinds while gamboling in native habitats and transport them to American sugar caves where they would labor unto death. Escape from America is quite impossible–no matter how furiously heroic are ongoing latino attempts.

Morbidly curious about my own ill-perceived white privilege I located a bill-of-particulars. Here’s the top 10.

1. Because of white privilege, you’ll never have to worry about becoming the victim of law enforcement officers.


2. you’ll never have to know what it feels like to see your teenage son’s death being mocked.

Slain whites aren’t mocked, they are ignored. Mocking is a far higher tier of recognition. And one reserved only for recipients of perpetual news cycle coverage.

3. Because of white privilege, you’ll never have to inform your children of the harsh realities of systemic racism.

Any white parents who don’t inform their children of racial dangers are negligently putting them at risk. And people who don’t give a damn about their children’s future should be writing for National Review.

4. White privilege means you can be articulate and well spoken without people being “surprised.”

People are surprised by what is uncommon and less surprised by what is not.

5. Because of white privilege, you’ll never know what it’s like to have the following statistic looming over your head. (1/3 black males in prison)

This is a function of personal agency. Prisons don’t saunter down ghetto streets abducting future astronauts..

6. You can wear and act however you’d like without being labeled a thug, low life, gangster, etc.


7. White privilege allows you to speak on any particular subject without being the sole representative for your entire race.

Doesn’t appear to impede Messrs. Jackson or Sharpton.

8. White privilege means no one questions why you got that really great job; it’s assumed you were just highly qualified.

You get racial preferences and the stigma attached thereto, or you swim with the adults. Not both.

9. White privilege means not having to worry about your hair, skin color, or cultural accessories as the reason you didn’t get a job.

Agreed, western standards of personal appearance are one of the few remaining legacy privileges of our fathers having built this country.

10. White privilege means you don’t have to worry about being monitored in a store just because the hue of your skin is a bit darker than most.

Why might prudence demand increased attention to this skin hue?

To the ears of one who is privileged to fund the housing, education, feeding, and health care of the oppressed, these complaints sound petty enough to be confused for shtick. Yet they are repeated so sententiously that some proponents might actually be serious. And to them I’ll ask…Why would a people create a country that is not ideally suited to their particular talents and temperament?

It’s not a question I don’t know the answer to.


One thought on “White Privilege Explained

  1. The latinos probably have it so much worse. I mean not so much worse as to induce voluntary repatriation–but really bad.

    Indeed. No matter where we privileged whites go, non-whites will follow us. And stay there.

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