The Economy

I will to The Economy be true and faithful, and love all which he loves and shun all which he shuns.
–Republican Oath of Fealty

The Economy. Surely no man has ever felt such warmth from adoration as this titled gentry. Politicians leap prone in his presence, while those more demotic beseech him in prayer. He stands as a colossus astride the Earth. Men are only wisps flitting through brief lives. The cry of an infant soon the reaper’s wheeze. And all the while The Economy persists. Mere races of men and their paltry civilizations flower and then fail. But The Economy lives on. And through The Economy we live on. Our ephemeral lives leavened into eternity as bits on a balance sheet. The Economy is continuity. The Economy is our culture. The Economy is a conduit…to immortality.

I tremble at the possibility of having understated his importance to this life and the next. And I am not alone. A search of The Economy yields 2.9 billion results. The invocation of a competing deity generates a mere 357 million. It’s obvious to whom man should, and does, direct his supplications.

Thou shall have no gods before me

Thou shall have no gods before me

It was just yesterday afternoon that the Chairwoman of the Federal Reserve Board, which looks nothing like America, said that The Economy requires extraordinary support. One of the reasons of which being “there are simply not enough jobs to employ all those who are looking for work.” This is, we are reliably informed, why it is so critical to import whole tectonic plates of humanity into America so that they may fill these scarce employment opportunities. The Economy has too many people and too few jobs: it needs more people. For those who may find this strategy counterintuitive, there is a reason why they are monetary architects and you are not. But I’m not here to say you’re welcome. This is about The Economy.

And never suffer even the implication that the Swedes don’t appreciate it. In this video, the prime minister of that country states, “As we tend to live longer [a problem immigration will admittedly solve] and have low birth rates [it’s rumored that a certain activity will periodically result in pregnancy.  Perhaps attempt that long-shot before wholesale population replacement.] Sweden has to get its pension and welfare from people who come from other countries.”

There is plainly a means by which men this naïve become heads of state. Though I am uncertain of its precise mechanism. Yet what I am certain of is that observers from the full political spectrum can agree that there must be one of two reasons non-swedes are pouring into Sweden.

1) To marinate in the full panoply of welfare state GIBS at the Swedish taxpayer’s expense–while penetrating oblivious, indoctrinated blonds. Or
2) To come live in a cold alien land where they can labor through splintering spines to pay for the pensions and healthcare of their beloved hosts.

To my legions of liberal readers…please offer your opinion as to which scenario you find more likely. And if 2 is your choice, how will pensioners be paid by a diligent alien workforce that is over 50% idle? Presumably the people from other countries will be paying for Swedish benefits from the welfare checks funded by taxes on these same retirees. A devilish gambit indeed.

Though a gambit hardly restricted to Swedes. When America imports a pool of peasants to pretend to pay pensioners…it does so with panache.

First some figures…

Federal expenditures in America are $3.5 trillion annualized. The deficit is approximately $629 billion; and that is of course nothing to say of the debt, which is $17.5 trillion; which is of course nothing to say of total unfunded liabilities, which are $128.5 trillion. I wonder at what point the term “quadrillion” will enter the American lexicon. That would look like this: $1,000,000,000,000,000. Though I suppose the financial press could always fall back onto scientific notation to blunt the emotional edge and save printing costs.

Here are the big-ticket items. Everything else is peanuts.

● Social Security $822B
● Medicare/caid $778B
● Dept. of Offense $597B
● Welfare $339B
● Interest on the debt $250B
● Federal Retirements $232B

Quite chaffing really. Imagine your eviscerated paycheck. And know that all that is being purchased with it are welfare and wars… pensions and proctologists.  Of course if we had an actual social compact, one could feel serene in the knowledge that taxes were simply the cost of our civilization’s continuity.  We all take our turns to pay.  But that compact has been ground under heel.

For Americans, there is also the Swedish question to consider. Note those top two expense items: social security and medicare. We all know that foreigners flock to America for the opportunity to pay for the dotage of our retirees. That is understood. But for how long? How long before our diversifying political class and their wise latinas on the bench determine that asking people of color to fund the retirements and healthcare of their pale oppressors is both immoral and unconstitutional? How long before great swaths of the leviathan budget are transferred from SocSec and Medicare to Welfare and Medicaid?  How long before destitute seniors are moving in with their adult children as an inverted reprise of the present?

A great many boomers have made a Faustian bargain through the years. “You may dispossess our children, if you pledge to never deny our entitlements.” And though many are too busy tallying golf scores to realize it, the devil’s ledger draws short. That’s a pity. Faust at least received his mortal pleasures before going to Hell.


2 thoughts on “The Economy

  1. A Canadian friend actually said that: “They will pay my pension.” Not the slightest moral qualm or fleeting thought that this might not all work out as planned. Just 100% friendly, affable, white certainty.

    This was during a visit to my lovely global city and they observed, ahem, er, um, that our apparently world-famous Mexican immigrants seem to be … meso-American. I just looked at them. That’s right folks. That family (one of many) you see straggling endlessly from bus stop to bus stop pushing a stroller with two to three kids in tow is not Salma Hayek and Vicente Fox.

  2. You are correct, granting these New Swedes asylum, free housing, pocket change and access to all the Swedish girls they can rape has sadly not been enough to engender any good will towards their hosts. There can be only one culprit: Racism.

    Sweden has always been a nation of immigrants. Tolerant, secular, gender-equalitarian immigrants who built the country by the sweat of their dusky brows. Swedes owe these people everything.

    It is long past time for the Swedes to do some serious soul-searching and ask themselves what it is that they are doing that is preventing these industrious and resourceful people from being able to show their gratitude. Asking them to support progressive infidels in their Golden Years is a great plan, but more needs to be done. In the short term, a significant increase in immigration, transfer payments, and rape opportunities may help the situation. Longer term, more serious de-Swedification measures will likely be needed. There is no sense delaying the inevitable.

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