And Now a Word from Our Friends and Allies


A brief observation to carry into battle…

Internecine warfare between various pro-western factions whose interests should largely align is probably the most depressing phenomenon within the survivalist movement. Though probably the phenomenon most tedious, particularly among those still clinging to tendrils of respectability, is the compulsion to hedge their criticisms by adopting a favored non-white group and defending it as a beloved child. This is, obviously, a defensive ritual intended to inoculate against Hate indictments. Plainly these people don’t understand which side of history hate is on. Though as both a tactic and philosophy, it fails so egregiously that the neophytes should be disabused of the gambit as quickly as practicable.

If you want a place in this world for your people, you will be attacked. Describing your fellowship with others is as futile a defense as it is needless a distraction. It’s less than useless. How often does the AJC issue statements of fulsome affection for white Gentiles? Their slogan is: GLOBAL JEWISH ADVOCACY. And that’s where their interests begin and end. They leave it to Hollywood and the media to praise whites. There’s a lesson within this approach.

Though returning to some common deflections:

● Blacks aren’t the problem; it’s the Mexicans flowing over the border.
● Jews are peaceful dentists; it’s the Muslims who want us dead.
● Muslims are powerless; it’s hostile Jewish control of our government and media that spells our doom.
● Forget all that noise; it’s the innumerable Asians that will ultimately overcome us.
● None of these groups are an insurmountable problem; the world could live in peace were it not for barbaric black violence.
● And then of course there’s the Whiskey paradigm: We have met the beautiful blond enemy, and she Hates! Hates! Hates! us.

To the varying degrees of merit offered by these, each suffers in comparison to a more holistic perspective. All of these groups are vested in our dissolution. The vanquishing of the West offers something for everyone:

Blacks get a (temporary) first world lifestyle. Jews get gentile minorities. Muslims get an expansion of Dar Al Islam. Mestizos get Reconquista. Asians/Indians get HB-1 visas, tech jobs, and elite university slots. And of course The Rich get consumers and The Stupid get democrat voters.

There are no losers here. It’s a win-win-win-win-win-win-win situation!

Our only friends and allies…are us. We will survive or perish based on our own initiative and will to do the former. We can not expect, and will not receive, aid or comfort from any other quarter save our own people. As someone perhaps once said: We will hang together or we will assuredly hang separately.


3 thoughts on “And Now a Word from Our Friends and Allies

  1. Not to make this all about Whiskey, but for the love of Christ, I don’t see how anyone buys a word he says. Just on the face of it, his theories sound like a crock; but one of his “data points” that supposedly supports his case, is his claim that white women “sympathized” with O.J. during his trial — in ORANGE COUNTY, CA. This is the same Orange County that was home to the Goldman family and Nicole Brown’s family at the time. They all gave press conferences from O.C., and drove from O.C. to L.A. to sit in court every day. I didn’t live there, but can tell you that Socal women in general were awakened to the horrors of domestic violence because of that trial (Any man who has been locked up under the overreactive domestic violence laws, since that year, can thank the Negro race for that one). Anyway, there’s no way in Hell that prevailing sentiment among those O.C. white women — who just saw a blonde member of their group beheaded by a groid — took the wrong side of that fight.
    That single lie of his should basically invalidate anything else he has to say.

  2. the compulsion to hedge their criticisms by adopting a favored non-white group and defending it as a beloved child. This is, obviously, a defensive ritual intended to inoculate against Hate indictments.

    And to be fair, it’s not an entirely ineffectual ritual. If you’re knish or kugel of questionable quality to the discriminating Jewish palate, stamping your forehead with “parve” probably won’t keep you off a high, out-of-reach shelf, but it will keep you out of the dumpster.

    • Right, what is kryptonite to jewish interests? The desire that Whites (defined independent of jewish input) should separate politically from non-Whites. And the more peaceful the desired separation, the worse!

      Because Jared Taylor is such a separatist, he might as well be a serial killer with respect to his reputation. (Whereas a guy like John Derbyshire, who to my knowledge is a carbon copy of Taylor with respect to his sentiments, has not embraced separatism explicitly, and is therefore allowed still to swim in the mainstream.) But we shouldn;t overlook the financial angle: Jared taylor probably gets funding from like-minded jewish contributors that MacDonald would kill for.

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