Thanks Stupid

You do the fighting, we'll do the taking

You do the fighting, we’ll do the taking

Well that was quick. The EUS advises Ukrainians not too become overly attached to their strange boom sticks.

the interim government has set a deadline of Friday for turning in the illegal firearms that are now carried openly by so-called self-defense groups in Independence Square, the politically important plaza in the center of the capital.

I am no longer a young man. And I can remember a time when those same firearms in the hands of those same men was not considered illegal at all by the now-government. It was a period of history I like to call…February. I wonder why Ukrainian officials would want to disarm brave fighters in the face of both ongoing Russian discontent as well a history (well documented by Hollywood) of involuntary malnutrition. It seems so strange. What could it be…

Prime Minister Arseniy P. Yatsenyuk, who was a staunch supporter of the protesters but never condoned violent tactics, set the deadline for Friday, the day Ukraine is scheduled to sign the political articles of an association agreement with the European Union.

Are NYTs readers as obtuse as its writers must presume? I’m not interested in an answer. Never condoned violent tactics? I’m not disparaging them whatsoever, but by what tactics did he come to power? Alright, listen Times: I don’t condone indelicate racial discussion on this blog. But if it happens…what the hell can you do?

The order was seconded on Thursday by the French ambassador to Ukraine, Alain Rémy, who said the disarmament of the militias that helped overthrow the former government is a central requirement for the European Union to begin disbursing financial aid, along with the government fighting corruption.

I’m certain I don’t understand. The order was seconded by the French ambassador? Has the French ambassador formally approved the Israeli Samson option or the American moon base? So what does…wait…a central requirement for the European Union to begin disbursing financial aid. Ahh yes, he who pays the piper calls the tune.

Speaking of which, it’s unbecoming to release this information before public notice, though Prime Minister Yatsenyuk will soon be advised of other “central requirements” of EUS loans to be repaid from pensioner blood. The full schedule of tranches isn’t yet released, but certain other provisions seem obvious along with disarmament of the people.

* Public celebrations of homosexual pseudo marriages. These will feature flotillas of wholesome bug-chasers in assless chaps having their colon spelunked while tossing used condoms to children lining the procession.

* The importation of 10 million Africans to stimulate The Economy through necessitated construction of multiple incarceration and social welfare complexes. EUS loan proceeds will be expedited for this particular “central requirement.”

* Jewish comfort and satisfaction must take first priority. And any gentile in the media is a leper’s bell of anti-semitism.

Do all of these things to for your country, and one billion dollars will be yours. Trust us, we’re working directly from the book: To Serve Ukraine.


2 thoughts on “Thanks Stupid

  1. Eastern European countries, which hold the best prospect of having pro-white rule, need to become economically independent. If the EU has its way, they never will be. What the Eurocrats would like to see there twenty years from now is a population with near-zero birthrate struggling to support millions of fertile Third World parasites in their midst.

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