The Shape of the Curve


Predictions…I’ve made a few. But then again, too few to mention. The more a man predicts, the more foolish he seems to the future. And this is because the temptation to extrapolate the present forward is simply irresistible. It seems so obvious to trace the future’s trajectory along history’s arc. But there are always the inflection points, just beyond our range of perception. Most of these events percolate to the surface only to evaporate; some cause a wobble in the orbit, and an infinitesimal few alter a civilization’s course entirely.

I can predict these no more than any other. But we can observe certain themes that are coalescing within the West. Themes that could exert powerful gravity on the shape of the curve.

Alignment of Interests
And yes, Diversity

But before these are discussed, note the many flares of discontent that lend them credibility…

European anti-establishment parties: Golden Dawn, Jobbik, National Front, UKIP, True Finns, and the Freedom Parties in a Holland and Austria.

European Separation/Secession movements:
Scotland; Ukraine and the other former Russian satellites; Venice; Flemish/Walloon in Belgium; the North/South divide in Italy; and Spain with the Basques, Andalusia, and Catalonia.

American secession movements:
Jefferson, Western Maryland, Northern Colorado, Arizona, Michigan, and of course the only secession movement in the world that is categorically reprehensible: Dixie.

That all of these are emerging–or accumulating greater urgency–speaks far more to a vast, overarching dissatisfaction in the West than it does to regional particulars–even when their principles believe otherwise. There is a once dim, now increasingly acute, sensation of being boiled. And the frogs are beginning to want out of their pots. The majority of those sufficiently agitated are too inculcated in contemporary pieties to candidly express the causes of their discontent. Consciously or not, they know that certain reasons may be publicly offered and that others may not. They’ll parrot whatever sequence will grant an exit–they just want the hell out. Those in Europe may actually succeed if they are courageous and honest enough to identify the core issues beneath their raft of platitudinous complaints.

Of course those in America are simply rushing from a fore anchor to aft in trying to escape the ship. Altering your state will offer only marginal improvement in a constitutional framework stripped of the 10th Amendment. The Feds are your state government now.

And though not directly secession related,See if any of these scenes of dissatisfaction from Spain look familiar to our Ukrainian and Russian readers




A couple of quotes:
I’m here to fight for my children’s future.” To ourselves and our posterity.

For those who are in power we’re just numbers. They value money more than they value people.” I feel as though I’ve written on this topic before.

From the article: A housing bubble burst more than five years ago, forcing a 41-billion euro ($56 billion) bailout of the country’s banks, squeezing homeowners and throwing millions out of work.

Forced, we learn. No real human agency at work there. The government was simply “forced” to hand $56 billion to failed bankers. For those not aware banks do periodically fail, as is appropriate when underwriting practices result in full depletion of the capital position. Consumers (not to be confused with actual human beings) then take their business to another bank that didn’t fail. Though since circa 2008, when (exclusively large) bankers make winning bets, they profit and subsequently attend the Royal Ascot Racing Festival. However when they choose poorly, the government covers their losses and bonuses are slashed to $500,000. It’s the fisc/reward ratio.

But to return now to the themes mentioned earlier:

People are growing justifiably desperate to live under a state that represents them. One that exists as a steward for their welfare and that of their posterity. Whites did not form governments for the purpose of being turned into third class tax sheep. People are yearning for continuity of culture, people, and their civilization. They want to know their father’s inheritance and feel secure in the legacy bequeathed to their heirs. They want responsibility from their state and civic institutions. Corruption dissolves the bond between an institution and those it ostensibly serves, and hastens an environment toward the open warfare now at hand. They want accountability, knowing that fidelity will be rewarded and theft or treason will be punished. They want loyalty. My God what an archaic concept. Loyalty to the people they were hired to serve. Loyalty born not only of responsibility, but also fellowship. A loyalty of a man to his own, and not to corporate paymasters and alien interest groups.

They also want a government and institutions whose interests are aligned with theirs. It’s really rather remarkable how many people have heard the concept “Conflict of Interest” and have some vague sense of its meaning, but would be aghast at its logical application to whom we allow in power. As a general rule, those whose interests do not comport with yours will prove to be very poor stewards of your children’s future. This is why Crimeans want to be ruled by Russians, Israelis want to be ruled by jews, and anti-Semites want to be ruled by Gentiles. With each, there is at least the possibility of aligned interests.

And finally, there is one other coveted concept: Diversity. Actual diversity. People want a place that is particularly, peculiarly theirs. Where perhaps no where else is similar. They want a world of varied culture and custom; and they want a place in that world for their own. They want a world where Ugandans and Japanese can live freely in unique expression of the very distinct dispositions of those two peoples. And we have a right and responsibility to foster our own diversity, distinct from others. Africa is an enormous resource rich continent. Its people’s place is not in Ireland.

What people across the world do not want–what every sentient being without a corporate or government office is desperate to avoid–is a seamless global brownish-yellow monoculture. Seven billion indistinguishable tax paying consumers.

A world of diversity

A world of GovCorp diversity

This is the present path. Bend the curve.

Coda: Pat Buchanan published essentially the same thoughts exactly 10 minutes after I did–he plagerizes quickly. Here it is.


2 thoughts on “The Shape of the Curve

  1. I’ve repeated those last two paragraphs in less eloquent form for a long time but it’s still not enough to get that “R” brand off my forehead.

    The multi-cult thinks that inside every brown/black/red/yellow person is a white social democrat just aching to get out.

  2. The R-word is the stigmatisation of perfectly healthy behaviour and attitudes – conduct vital to the survival of our race being portrayed as pathological. “Racism” was the default position of virtually all whites until a few decades ago, and still is regarded as common sense among non-white races.

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