In Odium, Fraternitas pt1

It is said that a writer has achieved perfection, not when there is nothing left to add; but when there is nothing left to take away. By that measure, readers will find this series atrocious indeed. It is born of three considered perspectives regarding the affair in (the?) Ukraine. Originally intended as one piece, due to both expanding length and your host’s determination to commence drinking heavily within the hour, it will be serialized as time and attention become available.

The first element today from Alexander Dugin:A letter to the American people

We (Russians) distinguish between two different things: the American people and the American political elite. We sincerely love the first and we profoundly hate the second.

The American people has its own traditions, habits, values, ideals, options and beliefs that are their own. These grant to everybody the right to be different, to choose freely, to be what one wants to be and can be or become. It is wonderful feature. It gives strength and pride, self-esteem and assurance. We Russians admire that.

But the American political elite, above all on an international level, are and act quite contrary to these values. They insist on conformity and regard the American way of life as something universal and obligatory. They deny other people the right to difference, they impose on everybody the standards of so called “democracy”, “liberalism”, “human rights” and so on that have in many cases nothing to do with the set of values shared by the non-Western or simply not North-American society. It is an obvious contradiction with inner ideals and standards of America. Nationally the right to difference is assured, internationally it is denied. So we think that something is wrong with the American political elite and their double standards. Where habits became the norms and contradictions are taken for logic. We cannot understand it, nor can we accept it: it seems that the American political elite is not American at all.

So here is the contradiction: the American people are essentially good, but the American elite is essentially bad. What we feel regarding the American elite should not be applied to the American people and vise versa.

Mr. Dugin is making a category error here, though one assumed to be intentional as mild voltage to trigger unpleasant dissonance. Though to discard veiled meaning, just who does he imagine are “the American people?” Similarly, with our “admirable” sufferance to “grant everybody the right to be different.” Careful what pieties you applaud, Mr. Dugin. Else Russia may come into receipt of many specimens within our admirably different American menagerie. We have admirably different AIDS-chasing homosexuals parading pierced scrotums openly; an admirably different negro underclass who, in 300+ years, still can’t settle into a role of either predator or parasite; we have admirably different jew plutocrats who have settled into their millennial role quite nicely; and of more recent vintage an admirably different Mestizo invasion that has effectively annexed at least a quarter of the country; and of course it would be gauche to neglect our admirably different white business class, for whom no woman’s silken thighs may compare to the frisson of accumulating one more succulent dollar.

The challenge for Ukrainian politicians therefore was how to keep this contradictory society together always balancing between these two opposite parts. Each part demanded completely irreconcilable choices. The Westerners insisted on a European direction, Easterners and Southerners on a Russian one. All of the Presidents of the new Ukraine were unpopular, almost to the point of being hated precisely because they were absolutely unable to resolve this problem that had no solution at all. If you please one half of the population immediately you are hated by the other half. In this situation Westerners were more active and vigorous and partly succeeded in imposing their version of a pan-Ukrainian identity on all of the political space of the country – with the considerable help of Western Europe and above all the USA.

Western governments have thus far been able to balance the competing interests of their petri-dish populations quite ably in contrast. The key, as I have written before, is in the maintenance of sound, indelible principles. In our case: Take always from Whites; give always to non-whites.

Now we have approached the present crisis…The opposition received huge support from the Western countries – above all from the USA. The role of America in all these events was decisive and the will to overthrow a pro-Russian President was shown by American representatives to be firm and strong. Now the fact that snipers who killed most of victims in the rioting were not those of Yanukovitch is exposed. It is clear that they were part of the USA’s plan for revolution in the Ukraine and part of a plot to escalate the conflict.

Where will this lead? Logically Ukraine as it was during the 23 years of its history has ceased to exist. It is irreversible. Russia has integrated Crimea and declared herself the guarantor of the liberty of the freedom of choice of the East and South of Ukraine (Novorossia).

So in the near future there will be the creation of two (at least) independent political entities corresponding to the two identities mentioned earlier. The Western Ukraine with their pro-NATO position and at the same time a ultra-nationalist ideology and Novorossia with a pro-Russian (and pro-Eurasian) orientation (apparently without any ideology, just like Russia herself). The West of Ukraine will protest trying to keep hold over the East and South. It is impossible by democratic means so the nationalists will try to use violence. After a certain time the resistance of the East and South will grow and / or Russia will intervene.

Now here is what I would say to the American people. The American political elite has tried in this situation as well as in many others to make the Russians hate Americans. But it has failed. We hate the American political elite that brings death, terror, lies and bloodshed everywhere – in Serbia, in Afghanistan, in Iraq, in Libya, in Syria – and now in Ukraine. We hate the global oligarchy that has usurped America and uses her as its tool. We hate the double standard of their politics where they call “fascist” innocent citizens without any feature resembling fascist ideology and in the same breath deny the open Hitlerists and Bandera admirers the qualification of “Nazi” in the Ukraine. All that the American political elite speaks or creates (with small exceptions) is one big lie. And we hate that lie because the victims of this lie are not only ourselves, but also you the American people. You believe them, you vote for them. You have confidence in them. But they deceive and betray you.

Be with America, with real America, with your values and your people. Help yourselves and let us be what we are. But the American political elite makes the decisions instead of You. It lies to you, it dis-informs you. It shows faked pictures and falsely stages events with completely imagined explanations and idiotic commentary. They lie about us. And they lie about you. They give you a distorted image of yourself. The American political elite has stolen, perverted and counterfeited the American identity. And they make us hate you and they make you hate us.

This is my idea and suggestion: let us hate the American political elite together. Let us fight them for our identities – you for the American, us for the Russian, but the enemy is in both cases the same – the global oligarchy who rules the word using you and smashing us. Let us revolt. Let us resist. Together. Russians and Americans. We are the people. We are not their puppets.

In odium, fraternitas. And though his conclusions should strongly resonate with readers here, I strain fruitlessly to detect Mr. Dugin’s vision of what should logically constitute such terms as “American” and “Russian.” Perhaps he has articulated them elsewhere. But there is the (rebuttable) suspicion that his sensible prescriptions regarding national interests pertain exclusively to the state and not the nation. Is he sanguine about the future of a Russia that is minority white? Why bother about the future of a country denuded of your people? Should the French people give a damn about Haiti? If one embraces the ambition of a mixed Greater Eurasian Russia, then your fundamental conflict with the American multicult empire is exclusively one of territory rather than people. And that ground you so deeply cherish will be as cold going in as standing upon.


2 thoughts on “In Odium, Fraternitas pt1

  1. I don’t know what the story is with Dugin. If he really believes a “nation” is the collection of people located within a state’s jurisdiction at a given time, then we could be hearing a lot more from him in future. He may end up being promoted as the American media’s favourite Russian intellectual, perhaps getting professorships at prestigious US universities and a column in the New York Times.

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