Comment(s) of the Week

As previously threatened, this entry will inaugurate our practice of reiterating or ridiculing combox ruminations from the prior week.

Bleach noted…

One major problem is that liberalism has been the dominant position for so long, so many psychological conservatives support it reflexively because of that. When every authority you had in life reinforces the same message, conservatives will believe it, especially the dumber ones. That’s why we get always “yesterday’s liberalism” from mainstream, respectable conservatives. It takes a more adversarial or contrarian viewpoint to approach stage 4.

Yes to all. Conservatives are disposed to conserve. In this case, they conserve the apparatus of their demise. Ironically, if they are to remain it will be largely through the efforts and agitation of those who are least psychologically conservative. We are the radicals now.

Aaron quipped…

You know you’re on the outs when the terrible prog goddess History has you on her shit list.

Yes, but what a fickle bitch she is. Her right side so often open to the man who takes it.

Rob observed…

Watching conservatives going about their business is like watching a group of engineers at work who’ve been forbidden to acknowledge the existence of gravity. Not alone that – any suggestion that it exists is to be considered evil. Bridge collapses? Plane made of lead with no engine falls to earth? Don’t mention the G-word!

Remove your enemy’s only path to victory and all that remains is the mirth of watching him fall.

Also our forensic accountant, Mr. Hannagan, identified a few logical “irregularities” in Whiskeytown.

Finally, we re-welcome the arrival of old friends Scott and Phalluster.


2 thoughts on “Comment(s) of the Week

  1. That thing being scratched is hypnotic. I could watch it for hours with the right soundtrack.

    I was just searching back through your catalogue and found myself thinking about myself.

    It occurred to me, as it always does (and I’m a cunt for saying this, I am a cunt): vanity.

    Are we writing for a Truth or are we writing for ourselves? Are they one and the same?

    Tomorrow I will read this and cringe.

    Before I do read it I will have gone to the soccer to see one of mine play, edgy trying not to yell, scanning for coffee, thinking of Mass, scanning for hope.

    I suppose that writing doesn’t mean much but I have to note, neither does being a carcass for someone else’s war. Does dying for our own cause mean anything? Or dying for *my* cause?

    What do we want?

  2. What the hell is that thing!!?

    I envy him, so much; he looks so contented.

    (Just ignore Reg. He gets emotional at times.)

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