How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Immigration


Life is an echo. Sounds heard previously reflected through our own perspective. So it is with the topics discussed in these pages. Tribal warfare emerged from man’s own cradle, and will live until he does not. It matters not a whit whether a tribe accedes to recognize this–conflict is a component of man. As is love…and hate.

One will notice that discussions of this condition–insuperable from our nature–always return to fundamental themes. The same songs being sung in different keys: echoes from the past.

This musing led me to recall an old exchange from a few years ago that finally offered the perspective I had so sorely lacked.

As we know, All the world’s a stage. And all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances, and one man in his time plays many parts.

And this particular play was conducted in times forgotten within a blog combox. The lead role occupied by “RKU” a commenter widely rumored to be low IQ entrepreneur and former California gubernatorial candidate Ronald Keeva Unz.

On that day, RKU had appeared in his customary role exhorting the Mestizo avalanche cascading into California. He claimed to have vetted an array of statistical legerdemain–a skill in which he explained he was very *very* adept–and determined that California’s demographics were actually *very* favorable. And that all protestations to the contrary were simply born of ignorance and indolence. Though if any skeptics would like to leaf through his myriad spreadsheets and calculations, he could provide–if they could comprehend. Though ultimately it would be best to simply take his considered word–or not if they so chose.

Of course this triggered a fusillade of indignant queries asking how one could conclude “favorable” demographics from California’s petri-dish population. “RKU” remained strangely silent, though a delegate did appear to explain why we in the West should actually ride this nuke for all it’s worth…

“As the typically loquacious RKU has fallen strangely silent, please allow me to respond as his proxy: albeit one under the intoxicating effects of many glasses of fine California cabernet from grapes hand-picked by one of Juan Valdez’s seventeen offspring—in vino veritas.

California demographics are extremely favorable because we have a large and pliant mestizo peasant class to perform the menial tasks for which my atrophied body is ill-suited. Having long since diverted the majority of nutrients ingested through the surgically-attached feeding apparatus to system support for my neural processing appliance—that’s “brain” for you dummies—I require physical surrogates. My specifications are that they be low-IQ, as more intelligent populations have an unfortunate tendency to question my designs and are also generally unimpressed with the Fast and Furious film franchise.

Yet, they must also be capable of somewhat living within a turnkey civilization and be trainable for the tasks I deign to assign them. This obviously rules out blacks, and thus I am not an advocate for their importation.

And while the media and Hollywood have done great work, certain whites prove themselves to be insufficiently docile for these purposes and are, frankly, fractious to the point of being worthless to me as drones. They are however useful in maintaining and, as importantly, paying for the civilization in which I prefer to reside.

Yet they must not exist in numbers which would allow political self-determination. If given such free rein, they could try any number of deplorable ideas…cessation of immigration from the third-world, deportations, secure borders, hell maybe even a flirtation with the notion of having their own white countries! As I mentioned, deplorable.

So what we must have is a well-crafted dystopia featuring 1) a large and inevitably resentful mestizo labor class who provide the backs and the votes, 2) a smaller, eternally resentful, and imminently violent and parasitic black underclass who nonetheless also votes appropriately, and 3) a flock of politically powerless and criminally set-upon white sheep to pay for it all. The only question is proper balance. And yes, I’ve thought of that as well.

Some of you may recall my noting in another thread that I am happy to live in a 40% mestizo community. Not 20% and not 60%; 40%. I arrived at this preferred demographic using a complex set of proprietary algorithms which I could explain, but you would not understand. You see, I have a very *very* large brain; perhaps you have heard whispers of my renowned IQ—I assure you, the rumors are understated. So unless you want to spend some time reading dozens of medical reports confirming my cranial capacity and analyzing a huge database of PET scans and completed Sudoku puzzles, you’ll have to take my word for it—or not, as you so choose.

Though you may be asking yourselves how I intend to maintain the optimal 40% mestizo, 40% white, and 20% other demographic in light of the country’s dissolved borders and high invader fecundity. Well, that’s easy. Every evening, after Conchita has refilled my feeding tanks, I will place two fingertips to my right temple and begin to concentrate very *very* hard. My brain will subsequently begin to throb in a manner that emits force-wave radiation in a 360 degree arc from my person. This radiation will humanely sterilize the entire cohort of squatty 19 year old Latinas who would normally be pregnant with their third child. It will further cripple the range-finding capacity of Mexican coyotes, causing them to turn and transport their human cargo back to Guadalajara unharmed.

So you see, this hand-wringing is quite pointless. It’s all according to plan. One only needs sufficient IQ to comprehend.”

And that’s when I understood.


One thought on “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Immigration

  1. As far as the elites are concerned, you can’t have enough non-whites. They feel sure they’ll always be safe in their gated communities patrolled by dusky minimum-wage security guards. The plutocrats seem to have forgotten that most of their descendants will have regressed to the socio-economic mean within a few generations and will curse their forebears for the hell they have bequeathed to them.

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