A Nation of Genitals

Israel. On May 14, 1948, the modern state of Israel was formed when Ben-Gurion read the Israeli Declaration of Independence. Mr. Gurion was a man of genitals.

Shortly following this declaration, multiple Arab armies declared war and attacked the fledgling nation-state. But its defenders fought fiercely and won a truce to secure a homeland for their kind. And of those who bore arms and perished so that Israel may live…all possessed genitals.

Again and again and again men with genitals fought to defend their land and its people. In Sinai, the Six-Day, Yom Kippur, and the Lebanon Wars, brave patriots with packages returned home broken or in bags. For some unrecovered souls, only the scorpions were present to offer a silent eulogy.

Moshe Dayan
Golda Meir
Menachem Begin
Arial Sharon
and of course Benjamin Netanyahu

It is indisputable to say that every prominent Israeli leader and patriot has possessed genitals (of a sort.)

Every single one

Every single one

Israel is truly a proud nation of genitalia. And every person who has them is just as much an Israeli as the sons of those brave men who died in 1948. If your genitals are willing to work and assimilate or penetrate into ours, then you have a home here. You are an Israeli.

And it is within the spirit of this noble ideal that we find ourselves so bitter in lament. For there can be no honor in Israel’s reprehensible immigration policies that serve only to shun so many with genitals. Photos will portray the horror more than words ever could…

A shameful prophylactic

A shameful prophylactic

Genital detention facilities

Men detained in genital detention facilities

Proud new Israelis ready to put their genitalia to work.

Proud new Israelis ready to put their genitalia to work.

No they are not "infiltrators" Mr. Netanyahu.  Under our clothes, we're just like you.

No they are not “infiltrators” Mr. Netanyahu. Under the clothes, they’re just like you.

or perhaps slightly larger

…sort of

Some nations are for immigrants, some for a people, and some are for privates. Each has its own time and place. And Mr. Netanyahu, your time is now. Bare down this wall!


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