Some Principled Observations

Principles. Many express them…fewer understand…almost none abide. They are synonymous with neither virtue nor wisdom. Principles, from a behavioral standpoint, are persistent doctrines of conduct. But that is not the applied definition used in modern discourse.

Principle: (noun) An expedient of airy abstraction traipsing off trendy tongues.

Principles are now pretense. They are frivolous rationalizations. And it is important to ignore the stated and focus on the operative. One will further observe that as the rhetorical altitude of expressed “principles” increases, the farther removed from observable reality they become. In contrast, principles of a baser nature are often immediately verifiable, though rarely articulated by those who hold to them. For instance, a man who explained that his core principle is to accumulate as much wealth and women as humanly possible is very likely one who remains true to stated tenets. Would he steal from his own best friend and enthusiastically fuck his wife? If yes to both, then this is a man of principle indeed.

I did not say virtue. Though if honesty is considered to be one, who is more truthful: the lecher above or the epicene U.S. diplomatic or NGO operative who asserts that his sole aspiration is to advance democracy, freedom, and equality? Such comforting all-American terms those are. Who could oppose these core principles? Well if those so-called principles were restated accurately as “the continual advancement and consolidation of power by those who control the US government apparatus,” then we may find some red, white, and blue American patriots suffering a bit of dissonance from the principles in conflict.

But the most routinely ignored aspect of principles is their requirement of cross-spectrum consistency. A principle must have multiple applications to be one. If it does not then it is no principle at all, but rather a rhetorical smokescreen for theft, subversion, or attack. Perhaps the single man above tells his soon-to-be cucked friend that he is a principled believer in wife-swapping–but since he doesn’t have one presently he’ll just go ahead and indulge with yours now. Or as another fictional example, the large perpetually intrusive country that promotes democracy everywhere…while smashing the democracies it doesn’t like. In both cases, actions belie stated principles and reveal them as the transparent bullshit they are.

And because these ephemeral principles (to continually commit verbicide) are so routinely punctured by the very hands who hold them aloft, we can only watch in macabre amazement as the common man continues to hold them in esteem.

Yes, let's get on that

Yes, let’s get on that

Equality may be the most obviously ridiculous principle on present display. Whites are discriminated against openly in college admissions, and GovCorp hiring. They are attacked by marauding bands of youths with impunity and crushed by the legal system when they self-defend. There are battalions of diversity drones ensconced in every organization of any size; the sole function of whom is to displace white men. Laws require it. Asking what’s best for blacks or jews is a question of sober deliberations. Asking what’s best for whites is an outrage.

And of course there is equality’s little 80IQ corollary: anti-racism. Everyone knows the farce this is. Everyone but the apparently 90% of whites who profess not to. America is littered with hundreds, thousands of racist organizations by any objective application of the term. I, of course, expect this sort of snout-racing to the cheese in any multi-cult, polyglot, clusterfuck such as modern America. But what I don’t expect is for the host society to trammel itself with such absurd pretensions, which are plainly rejected by the encroaching hordes.

In short, we need to pull our luxurious principles down from the clouds and re-articulate more blue-collar ones that just may leave our children in possession of a civilized society.


One thought on “Some Principled Observations

  1. When it comes to liberal principles, there are two kinds of people who espouse them – those fools who believe what they are saying, and those who use them as a disguise to advance their own ethnic agenda.

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