Swedes Mistake Hand for Ham

Swedish men in traditional attire

Swedish men in traditional attire

Maskanah, Southern Sweden. A group of Swedish men in combat fatigues and balaclavas was horrified earlier today when one of their number, Ibn Al-Wuqtari, mistakenly severed a colleague’s hand during a Blodkorv, or “Blood Sausage,” cook-off. Afterwards, Mr. Al-Wuqtari could be heard ululating laments while others cleansed his traditional Swedish scimitar of infidel blood with their tongues. While plainly accidental, it is feared that publicity generated from this event will further fuel what is already a troubling rift between Northerners and Southerners that threatens to rupture Swedish society.

Northern Swedes

Northern Swedes

Southern Swedes

Southern Swedes

Much of the regional friction can attributed to dark nationalist sentiments resulting from Sweden’s granting of blanket asylum to all peoples of its heavily populated now southern province.

All Syrian Southern Swede asylum seekers who apply for asylum in Sweden will get it,” Annie Hoernblad, the spokeswoman for Sweden’s migration agency, told AFP.

The agency made this decision now because it believes the violence in Syria Southern Sweden will not end in the near future.

The decision, which will give refugees permanent resident status, is valid until further notice, added Hoernblad.

Until now, Sweden could only house refugees temporarily for three years, after each individual case was evaluated by the state.

The agency expects that the “vast majority of Syrian nationals Southern Swedes who today have provisional status will apply for permanent status,” said Hoernblad.

Those granted permanent status will also be allowed to bring their families to (Northern) Sweden.

The move came as the United Nations said the number of refugees fleeing the conflict in Syria Southern Sweden had passed two million, which the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Antonio Guterres, called “the great tragedy of this century”.

Swedish Migration Minister Tobias Billstroem called on other countries to recognize their duty to help the Syrian Southern Swedish people.

Sweden has a population of 9 million. Syria has a population of 22 million. What if half decided to avail themselves of this opportunity to decamp to more coolly generous climes? What would that leave of and for actual Swedes, Annie Hoernblad spokeswoman for Sweden’s migration agency?

This trait of resolute obliviousness is highly maladaptive. And it seems to manifest anywhere whites are largely shielded from the results of their pieties put into practice. They are like flightless birds evolved from an environment bereft of predators, with consequently no sense of peril. Well through your own persevering bigotless virtue, the predators are here now. And those shields are disintegrating.

Though perhaps the Northern Swedes can take some solace in the palliative of their Swedish kin, Barbara Specter.


2 thoughts on “Swedes Mistake Hand for Ham

  1. “Sweden has a population of 9 million. Syria has a population of 22 million. What if half decided to avail themselves of this opportunity to decamp to more coolly generous climes?”

    You’re forgetting something. It’s not just Syrians. Anyone from Morocco to Afghanistan can now turn up and avail himself of Sweden’s welfare El Dorado by pretending to be from Syria. People claiming refugee status don’t need documents, and more often than not they don’t have any.

  2. I’m pretty sure the refugee treaties stipulate that there’s no need for applicants to have travel documents or identification, which makes them the perfect instrument of white genocide. It’s easy to produce an excuse for not having any, as anyone who’s genuinely persecuted by his country’s government would probably be putting his life in danger by applying for a passport or identifying himself to border police as he leaves. I’ve seen several cases in the British media of “refugees” who lied about everything, including their country of origin, and whose deception was only discovered after they committed serious crimes like murder in Britain.

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