Does This Mean She’s Moving On?

Oh stop

Oh stop

Hillary Clinton. What man in the last twenty years hasn’t yearned to part those moistened thighs? Only one of which we can be certain. Though we turned attention to this microwaved beastie as a result of an article that appeared recently in Radix, Why we need Hillary. Therein the author, Jack Donovan, opined that Mrs. Clinton is destined for the White House, and not as a call girl. Furthermore, he believes this would be a positive event, as the harridan in Helmut Lang would fully, finally alert white men to the fact that the country is no longer theirs. That it is now, quite obviously, aligned against their interests in total.

I don’t find this thesis to be even worthy of hope. More likely, most men will exhale in relief to see Obama and Holder replaced by Hillary and, who Chastity Bono? Though this point isn’t the long shaft of my thrust into Clinton. Because as for her becoming president…The Hill ain’t going to give that thrill.

But let’s see what the political larks are warbling.

* George Bush (one of them): She’s got a national presence. And therefore the person with the national presence, who has got the ability to raise enough money to sustain an effort in a multiplicity of sites, has got a good chance to be nominated. I believe our candidate can beat her but it’s going to be a tough race.

* Jeremy Siegal: I predict that Hillary Clinton will take the Democratic nomination.

* Chris Lawrence: I think the easy prediction to make is that the Democratic nominee is almost certain to be Hillary Clinton.

* Karl Rove: The Democrats are going to choose a nominee. I believe it’s going to be her. That’s their business…But I think she’s going to be the nominee.

* Ann Coulter: I think it’s probably going to be Hillary for the Democrats.

* Dick Morris: I think what’s going to happen in the world is that Hillary’s going to be the next president.

Well perhaps I am wrong. But then all of the above quotes are from 2007, and I remain convinced that Clinton will not be elected president in 2008. And I am less ebullient on her prospects for 2016.


Like their equally gulled conservative counterparts, white liberals are gormless patsies…more loyal to their pieties than their posterity. They fastidiously go about setting a table just so only to watch hordes burst into the dining room devouring everything but the cutlery. And as their clean, hipster, liberal world is destroyed, they stand watching, their face a frozen rictus, knowing just knowing that it all surely must be for the best. They are a dead people slowly migrating from the coffee shop to the history museum.

Let’s ask white liberal Phyllis Kahn and her Somali “American” opponent Mohamud Noor.

A very tense night at a caucus site in Minneapolis where DFLer Mohamud Noor is challenging longtime DFL state Rep. Phyllis Kahn. The heat in one Minneapolis location resulted in police being called out. With 300 people at the Byan [sic] Coyle Center, a fight broke out and people rushed the stage. After the melee, the Minneapolis police shut down the caucus.

Capsule version: Minnesota Scandis import battalions of Somalis, who then immediately proceed to vote out and beat up said Scandis. This is how Africans express gratitude to their prog patrons. And who would be so foolish to expect otherwise? There is no small amount of schadenfreude to be enjoyed watching imbecilic liberals jettisoned the very moment their population importation succeeds. There will be many more Phyllis Kahns to follow as the realization languidly dawns that humans are not genetically re-wired upon crossing western borders.

It is this that dooms Clinton’s aspirations. She is white in a party that is starting to gallop free of them. Asians, Indians, Mestizos, Blacks, and jews: none will ultimately have a use for legacy enablers. The future is vibrant. And while white liberals remain idiots, their ascending rivals will find them decreasingly useful ones.

As for Hillary, I’m afraid this does mean she’s moving on.


2 thoughts on “Does This Mean She’s Moving On?

  1. The great “post-racial” utopia will in fact be a hyper-racial nightmare, with each group madly scrabbling for all the ethnic spoils it can get. I can’t believe any sane person could not see this coming, even liberals. At some level, they must know.

  2. She doesn’t look a day over 70!

    I’m morbidly curious to see what the adderal-B12-botox-fueled campaign of this daft old woman will look like. I think the liberal old guard might have another decade left in it before, say, Mayor De Blasio’s kids start muscling in on the action.

    Seriously, what will the old liberals do when that dam breaks?

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