Statue Unresponsive After Attack

The carnage continues. With soulless white brigands now having nearly extinguished the American black population, poaching sights have now been turned to innocent statuary.

The University of Mississippi said Friday that students could face criminal charges for placing a noose on a statue honoring the college’s first black student

So a cord was draped over a stone representation of a man who once attended college. Consider my interest fully piqued, sir.

Sigma Phi Epsilon, a social fraternity on campus, said in a statement that the men were a part of the group’s chapter at the university. The chapter, which said it told investigators about the role its members may have played in the vandalism, was suspended.

So if one placed a dunce hat atop, say a typically inert Rich Lowry, would he be considered to have been “vandalized?” And would the culprit’s social associates be punished for the “Episode?”

The university’s police department has been leading the investigation.

Investigation. Law enforcement levity, I suppose.

It was also unclear Friday what charges the men could face, but the F.B.I., which has been assisting the university, said earlier this week that the vandalism could bring federal charges.

FBI. Federal charges. A cord on a block of stone. Can’t leave something this grave in the hands of local hicks.

On Friday, an F.B.I. spokeswoman referred questions to the university.

Excuse me, do we have any information on the statue’s current condition or prospects for recovery?

The incident has emerged as a source of deep embarrassment for the university

Yes, one would hope so. The humiliation of even discussing this cipher event in sententious tones should be sufficient to remove all involved.

As ridiculous as this “Racist Episode” is, chills should follow the righteous sneer. You should all see with eagle-eyed clarity the present trajectory. It is a very short noose from draping textiles over an inanimate object, to related atrocities. Who wants to wager that racist remarks will never warrant an FBI investigation (excluding anti-white, natch)? What if these hurtful words were uttered over the Internet where their venom can be spread even more virulently? And what white public figures would stand athwart history when that first sortie is launched? Gratuitous prosecutions for “racism” are coming.

I just feel fortunate to still be at-large.


One thought on “Statue Unresponsive After Attack

  1. I’m not sure if they’ll ever be able to get around the basic provisions of the First Amendment to make “hate speech” a crime in itself. But they don’t have to. As things stand, anyone found guilty of it is swiftly deprived of his livelihood, and the vigilance of the SPLC will ensure he never sneaks his way back into worthwhile employment.

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