Never Forget

The Jewish people pride themselves on never forgetting. One event in particular seems to motivate this collective eidetic memory. It was the…umm…Holodomor?…no…Red Terror?…no. Ahh well, I never said my memory was so great. It will come to me, I’m sure. Anyway, it’s important we remember to Not Forget. That’s the key. Thus it was gratifying to read this article: One Country Saved Its Jews. Were They Just Better People? The surprising truth about Denmark in the Holocaust.

Therein, we are told that:

When they got wind of German plans in September 1943, the Danish government resigned, and no politician agreed to serve in a collaborationist government with the Germans thereafter. After the roundups of Jews were announced, leading Danish politicians of different parties issued a joint statement declaring, “The Danish Jews are an integral part of the people, and therefore all the people are deeply affected by the measures taken, which are seen as a violation of the Danish sense of justice.

When, in October 1943, the Gestapo came to round up the 7,500 Jews of Copenhagen, the Danish police did not help them to smash down the doors. The churches read letters of protest to their congregations. Neighbors helped families to flee to villages on the Baltic coast, where local people gave them shelter in churches, basements, and holiday houses and local fishermen loaded up their boats and landed them safely in neutral Sweden.

Never Forget

The nation (Denmark) was imagined in civic terms rather than ethnic terms. What mattered was a shared commitment to democracy and law, not a common race or religion. We can see this in the fact that Danish citizens did not defend several hundred communists who were interned and deported by the Danish government for denouncing the Danish monarchy and supporting the Hitler-Stalin pact. The Danes did nothing to defend their own communists, but they did stand up for the Jews.

And how else may virtue be defined than by proposition whites whose loyalty is to jews?

So obviously Jews feel an eternal debt to the Danes. As a result,Copenhagen is rotten with Gratitude Museums. So what’s the Hebrew word for “Thank You?” ANTI-SEMITE!

Denmark’s government has brought in a ban on the religious slaughter of animals for the production of halal and kosher meat, after years of campaigning from welfare activists.

The change to the law, announced last week and effective as of yesterday, has been called “anti-Semitism” by Jewish leaders. Commenting on the change, Israel’s deputy minister of religious services Rabbi Eli Ben Dahan told the Jewish Daily Forward: “European anti-Semitism is showing its true colours across Europe, and is even intensifying in the government institutions.

Showing its true colors. That’s an apt theme. One to Never Forget.


2 thoughts on “Never Forget

  1. Never Forget!

    You can voluntarily donate 1,000 Red Shield stamps every day for 70 years and the one day you can only manage to give 999 you’ll immediately be declared an anti-semite, Amalek, he who must perish.
    The routine response will be mass media hysteria leading to harassment, boycotts and persecution you will face the eternal wrath of the entire international community until that goal is reached, whether in this generation or the next 100, by hook or by crook they will avenge such a slight.

    The only lesson future generations can learn is to not to ever give an inch in the first place.

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