Of Courage and Constraint

When feeling intrepid I occasionally don a virtual pith hat and Martini-Henry for a brief eSafari into the unmapped bush of worldstarhiphop.com. Among majestic scenes of great resource aggregating females lumbering past their lean and feral male suitors are sometimes videos of a highly illustrative nature. I’ll share two recently bagged specimens.

The first will leave any sufferers of Kathisophobia in a state of pleasant tranquility. Though I had to turn away twice to prevent an embarrassing swoon. In it, two young Russians haul their scrawny bodies and enormous testicles to the top (and beyond) of some uncompleted tower that appears to peak just short of Saturn. See if you can watch it with dry palms.

And then realize that it is precisely this impulse, this flouting of mortality for the simple sake of doing, that has impelled our civilization forward into the seas and space. As the attached comment thread reiterated into triple digits: Only white ppl dat crazy. That’s right. And our craziness put machines on Mars, diseases in the history book, cars in the driveway, free food down your gullet…and an Internet to complain about it all. That video was about the courage of two crazy white kids. A courage without social constraints.

Contrast that with the next video. In it some apparently uncomplimentary exchange occurs between another pair of white kids and two young youths. The latter escalate by posturing forward and emitting the high-pitched indignities that are the well-known prelude to a youth attack. The whites neither launch preemptively nor even take a defensive stance. And the inevitable: one is knocked out and the other is punched multiple times in the face…and just takes it. Not a pale fist is thrown. See if you can watch it with an ecumenical spirit.

So why is one pair of kids ballsy enough to tango in the stratosphere and another too cowardly to even defend themselves? Because cowardice has nothing to do with it.

Whites are bound by no social constraints on daredevil stunts. But in dealing with the minorities that comprise 90% of the world’s population, their shackles fall heavy indeed. They are intensely socialized against taking their own side and, for those unconvinced, law enforcement stands ready to issue hate crime indictments. And of course the media will deliriously mine any newly discovered vein of racism, disintegrating their career prospects and possibly even inducing renunciation by their own parents. Through it all, they may be assured that no one will publicly stand beside them. So they take the beating. Sometimes worse.

And this will last exactly as long as our maladaptive multicult opium dream. But if it ends…if we have an afterwards, there will be an invigoratingly adaptive re-socialization. Whites will begin defending themselves and their loved ones with extreme prejudice. And when that day comes, those Russian kids will be begging for tips on how to conquer their fears.


One thought on “Of Courage and Constraint

  1. Just brilliant, well said.

    Ive been pointing this out lately to anyone within range: These “daredevils” are ALWAYS White. Are you familiar with the “People Are Awesome!” vids on Youtube? Compilations of derri g do, stunts and amazing feats, 99% WHITE PEOPLE.

    Should really be called “White People Are Awesome”. If that guy who dropped from space to Earth had been black instead of a White, Hetero Male from….Austria..we’d still be hearing about it today!

    I recently saw some MMA from South Africa: EVERYONE, fighters, trainers,crowd, ref, etc was White! Except for the ring announcer who was a black American doing a White voice!

    Your first link took me to an audio rather than a vid, but Ive seen the clip I think.

    Here’s a recent UK TV doc about freeclimbing:

    Don’t Look Down (2014) Description :

    Documentary exploring one of the world’s most dangerous and terrifying new crazes – urban free-climbing – in which bold practitioners scale cranes and buildings without safety equipment and hang hundreds of feet above the ground, one slip from certain death. The film follows 23-year-old James Kingston as he tackles radio towers in Southampton, before travelling to the spiritual home of urban free-climbing – Ukraine – where he teams up with the infamous daredevil Mustang Wanted to push himself further than ever, culminating in Mustang’s latest death-defying stunt on Moscow bridge in Kiev..


    As for nigs , they’re soon going to have to learn to hide away that blackitude, and realise that “respec'” has to be earned.

    Nice writing.

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