Racism’s Scant Ubiquity

Look over there...a pumpkin!

Look over there…a pumpkin!

If eyes are keen and attention focused, one will notice that liberals are prone to panning for racism.  Which is understandable given its discovery about 80 years ago as a rare and valuable commodity.  Since this time, peoples of all shapes and colors have scrambled into western countries (where the element is found exclusively) in hopes of obtaining an enriching sample for themselves.  Though as geologists have warned for decades, careless strip mining has fouled the environment, and the deepest veins now lie fallow.  This has necessitated innovative extraction techniques, with many liberals now queuing months to deploy the Scanning Transmission Electron Holography Microscope in hopes of detecting ever more minute traces.  Demand vastly exceeds supply, with mere shavings now worth more than Sheldon Adelson.

Everyone wants some of their own. But alas, we have entered the age of peak racism.  It is now a legacy resource, with quantities insufficient to power the modern Economy.  So we spirit away our precious last stores–now hidden in deep underground bunkers.  Their whereabouts revealed to none but the Senate Committee on Homeland Security, their transgendered dominatrices…and the rest of the entire world. Jewish racists, black racists, and mestizo racists. Racism, racism everywhere…but not a thought to think.

mark shea3

Sin index: Racism or Gluttony worse?

Which brings us around, very far around, to a blogger we recently visited. A gentleman as rotund as orotund. An erudite theologian devoted to disseminating Christ’s timeless words; hardly a man susceptible to the whimsy of contemporary social fashion. He devoted many bytes to something called the “Dark Enlightenment,” soberly describing how this movement does not comport with the Ten Commandments and other biblical injunctions. Some samples of his considerations from a single thread:

Because the suckers who are falling for it are fleeing PC and glomming on to pride and racialism as their hope

DE is for racialism and the sin of pride

make clear their obsession with race and pride

is what gives away the racialism that drives them

this stuff really is about racialism and the inculcation of pride.

various other fringe types who have in common only racialism

they are proud racialist heretics who hol (sic) both the faith and most of the human race in contempt.

Opposition to racialism from an actual Cathedra (sic) in an actual Cathedral. In fact, the Real Cathedral!

watch racists twist themselves into a pretzel trying to pretend they aren’t racist.

it is despised by the racialists elitists of DE, who likewise despise the Church’s teaching on equality.

Racialists care.

elitist racialist kooks might indeed behave in ways elitist racialist kooks have behaved in the past

they are racialists brimming with the sin of pride.

You know, the ritual invocation “Kumbayah” in justification for soft-pedaling this racialist bullshit makes every thing just perfect.

these boutique racist weirdo (sic) have constructed for themselves a suffociating (sic) hothouse of ideology

A sort of Calvinized racialism.

what they are is arrogant racialists who hold common decency and the Church’s teaching in contempt

racialist pride can be a tad dangerous

your obsession with racism and the sin of pride

the attraction of DE is that that it claims to liberate us from the chillblains of PC by giving us the cancer of pride and racialism.

the heart of DE is racialism and pride.

the core of it is racialism and pride

the core issue is racialism and pride.

You think it’s a bad idea to fight racialism and the sin of pride?

the kooks show up in droves to sing the praises of racialism

So you disagree that DE is basically driven by racialism and pride?

what great liars and racialists they are

I do think that racialism and pride are very serious sins

That’s even more mentions of racialism than in the entire bible.  Plainly this is a topic that animates Mr. Shea.  He is categorically opposed to all forms of racialism wherever they may lurk.  And so when asked why he has not explored the vast orchard of “minority” racialism with its deliciously low hanging fruit…well, he’ll be asking the questions here.  And that question is:  Are you a racist?!

And this is why there are fewer genuine “anti-racists” than women in Lindsey Graham’s bedroom.  Like excited children, they alight in a field of orange while scanning and pointing…”There’s a pumpkin!”


8 thoughts on “Racism’s Scant Ubiquity

  1. Good show. On the blogroll, when I get to it.

    ‘White supremacist’ is kind of played out at this point. Whites, even the supremacist ones, tend to be an amiable lot who would frankly just settle for an all-white trailer park from which to launch the Fourth Reich. I suppose ‘racialist’ will have to do until we can think up something suitably bone-chilling.

    Shea is, of course, a Catholic convert from evangelical Christianity living in whiter-than-white Washington state.

    Sailer banned you?

  2. Glad to see that you finally have a blog. If it’s as incisive and entertaining as your various comments around the web have been, I’m sure you’ll get a whole lot of traffic.

    Mazel Tov…. or something

  3. By the way, I take it the bean theme recalls Tyler Cowen’s famous dietary advice to America’s disappearing whites?

    Warning to America: Flatulence will get you nowhere.

  4. Glad to see you covering this difficult issues of racism. Our Vice President addressed this so eloquently just the other day when he said “These guys never go away. Hatred never, never goes away…”.

    Only by embracing those of different colors can we ever hope to break through the hate that lives in the dark hearts of white men.

    • Pfffft! ahahahahahahahahaha!

      “Only by embracing those of different colors can we ever hope to break through the hate that lives in the dark hearts of white men.”

      Yes, as the great Reverend Jeremiah Wright is wont to say “GodDAMN AMERICA! GODDAMN YOU DIRTY,EVIL,SICK WHITE MONKEYS! GODDAMN YOU! GODDAMN YOU ALL!”.

      Thus endeth the lesson.

      Let us now reflect on this message of love that is strangely worded exactly like a message of “hate” when it comes from the mouths of those evil white racists,all twisted and perverted,with the races switched around, as those deceptive chalky devils often do.

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